Under the Moon Clouds in Angkor Wat

Level by: Franco Bula

Walkthrough by: Nina Croft

NOTE: The Statistics say that there are 6 secrets in this level, but actually, there are only 3 secrets, and the Statistics will always show that you found 0 secrets of 6.

When the level loads, pick up Flares from the floor straight ahead. Then go into the room to the left, and turn right when you enter. Follow the twisted hallway to the room with a pool. Go around the pool, and climb the stairs. From there, climb the lowest ledge, and jump to the next. Run jump to the long ledge next to the one you're standing on, and enter the hallway with big vases. The hallway leads to two side rooms with closed doors, so remember this place, as you will return here later. For now, shoot to break the second vase from the left, and use the lever hidden behind it to open the door above the pool. Drop near the pool and go up the stairs and through the door you've just opened.

In a big courtyard turn right and kill two birds. Notice one closed red door on the right, and another closed door in the left corner. Turn right and go between two pillars into the passage. Jump over the pit into one of the windows with skulls and again jump over the pit into the big room ahead. The gate ahead is closed for now. Also, there are three lion statues inside this room, two on the left and one on the right. Push/pull the statue on the right so it stands directly opposite the first statue, between two small white vases. This will open the door outside. Return to the big courtyard; the door in the corner is open now, straight ahead. Go there and enter the room with sloped pillars. Pick up the Shotgun straight ahead, and find a switch on the right (it is a wooden brownish thing on the wall near the window). Use it to open one gate back at the beginning near the shootable vase. There is a secret beyond that gate, but you will go there later, anyway.

Now slide down the slope on the left and jump onto the first pillar. Run jump to land on the long pillar ahead, sliding backwards. Grab, pull up and bounce off the slope, twist and grab the edge of the next sloped pillar. Move to the left side of the pillar, pull up, slide and jump off onto the next pillar. Finally, bounce off that pillar onto the ledge in the middle of the room. You can see from here two openings in the wall ahead and more slopes to the left. But you will get there later. From this pillar you can safety drop to the bottom of the pit, with 10-20 % of health loss. Down in the pit you will find a passage with stairs and climbable wall plants. Go up and pull up inside the room behind that red door in the courtyard. Near the tunnel window you will find a lever on the wall, so use it to open one translucent door elsewhere.

Go out into the courtyard and kill two soldiers. One of them will drop the first Indian Key, make sure to get it, get shotgun shells from the other guy, and then go back to the door in the corner. Again jump across the slopes back to the ledge near two openings. This time do not drop but slide down the sloped block on the big ledge, and jump on the next sloped pillar. Jump off and grab the edge of the tall flat pillar. Pull up and turn around. Run jump into the left opening and grab. Don't pull up, but shimmy to the right towards the smaller opening. Pull up and follow the tunnel to the first Secret Gem. Return to the opening and shimmy back to the left opening. Finally, go through and down the stairs.

Translucent door is half open, enough for Lara to enter the hallway with decorated pillars. Go left and behind the second pillar on the right, find a vase. Stand beside it and pick it up, you will need it soon. Then follow the hallway with pillars and enter another corridor on the left. Kill a dog here, In a high window in this corridor there is something you need. Find a movable block (in the base of the pillar closest to the door). Push/pull this block under that window, climb up and claim the second Indian Key. If you want the secret, push/pull the block in front of the red vase in the right corner. Then use it to jump inside an opening and crawl to the second Secret Gem.

Now return to the translucent door via corridor with pillars, and this time go through the other opening towards the next courtyard. Along the way, in the room on the left, you will find more shotgun ammo in a shootable vase. In the next courtyard you will find two closed gates, and a tunnel straight ahead. Up the stairs, in a side room straight ahead, you will find an SMP. When you approach the gate on the left from entrance, it will open. Inside you can use one Indian Key in the keyhole. This will open the second gate, and release a dog. Go there, and use the second Key, to open the gate back in the room with pushable lions. Return to the big courtyard (the gate in the room with decorated pillars is now open), and once again, go to the room with movable lion statues. Inside the room with waterfalls you will find a big ring on the wall. Use the Vase you found here, to open the gate back near the beginning of the level. So, go back to the big courtyard, and return to the room with the pool. Once again climb the ledges where you found the first shootable vase. If you want the last secret, go first through the gate on the left. Drop down several ledges and pick up some flares. Drop into the tunnel below and follow it to the third Seret Gem. Return up to the left gate, then go to the other gate and drop into the tunnel. Watch out from the falling blocks and drop into the lowest tunnel to end the level.

Secrets: 3
Kills: 6
Key Items: 3