Qualopec's Scion

Levels by townsieboy

Walkthrough by manarch2

Level 1 – Tomb of Qualopec (v.2.0)
Secrets: 1

First select this level from the menu so that the two levels are linked.
A flyby shows you a temple. Parts of it you could know from the first version. Pick up the Torch right of you, light it on the left hand wall torch and light the opposite wall torch. The W door opens so head through. Kill a raptor, run on the breakable tile in the middle of the chamber. Drop into the hole to find a Little Medikit, then climb back out. Run up the W ramp a bit, turn and run back, then run left/right to escape two boulders. Get back up now (if you want a secret later, take the Torch with) and find a Broken Beetle on top of the ramp. The W door opens so head through and get in the next room, a boulder follows so sprint and run left/right again. Shoot two raptors and note three gem receptacles. There are two ways to go, the N passage leads to a gap, jump down and get into the right passage.

SECRET: Take the Torch with you into this corridor to light a right wall torch to open the door opposite to the corridor. Inside, find a Little Medikit, 2x Normal and once Wideshot Shotgun Ammo.

Run over more breakable tiles and get the first Horseman’s Gem at the end. Look for a left high opening and climb up, see a flyby and jump up into the room. Jump in the pool, swim left and climb the ramp when the fire behind you go out, then backflip with a mid-air turn to the block and run-jump with holding Action to the balcony. Get out and find the second Horseman’s Gem, then slide down the ramp, then up the blocks and to the room with the receptacles. Shoot another four raptors. Now go into the S room. Jump down and find a Crowbar near the structure, then climb up the block and the block on the other side of the room. Get up the top ledge and pry the Golden Star off the wall. Turn and use it in the opposite receptacle. The room gets flooded and you can swim over to the third Horseman’s Gem. Take it and return to the receptacle room, place all gems and three succeeding doors open. Enter the new room and watch out for falling stones coming from the ceiling. Run into the opposite opening and find yourself in a now closed area. Go into the left corridor, still watching out for stones, and climb the right hand block. Jump over the slope, to the corner platform, then into the right alcove. Climb to the top of the waterfall, then run to the other side, turn and grab the edge, climb up and run to the other side of the area to end this level.

Level 2 – Qualopecs Valley
Secrets: 0

Slide down the slopes and get into the cave.
Run right and follow the passage. Climb the stair and slide down to see a cutscene. Kill two raptors afterwards and go behind the right pillar to gain Uzi Ammo. Turn, climb the ledge and find Flares far W. Jump to the S ledge, pick up a Little Medikit near the plants and push the W button. Jump back over the river, go W and jump to the building’s top with a Shotgun on a pedestal, take it and drop W. Push the button and run over the bridge, jump to the other side and enter the building. Find Normal Shotgun Ammo here and drop out on the floor at the end. Shoot the T-Rex with a single shot while he attacks, and furthermore five raptors. Jump in the pool to find Normal Shotgun Ammo. Get out and head to the second valley, located W. Jump into the SW pool, swim to the end and climb out. Kill a raptor and push the S button, then head back. Run to the NW building, climb up here, turn right and run-jump to the rope, use it to get to the other side. Pick up Normal Shotgun Ammo and push the button. Head back, the river is now dry and the waterfall is too, so jump into the just revealed passage to end this level. If you want you can climb up all the way back and find Normal Shotgun Ammo in the dryed river, but that’s not really needed.