Digital Insanity

Level by TanteiSakana

Walkthrough by manarch2

Strange Rooms

Starting in a room with greenish computer textures and a number 1. Climb the block behind you and run-jump to the right block, picking up a Little Medikit. Slide down to the next area, number 2.

Some Platforming

You are at the top ledge of a large room. Follow the walkway and drop on a block at the end. Jump to the next one and then to the left, higher one. Jump to the exit alcove and save as stated. Run through the passage, turn right and up the ramp the camera changes, jump over the spikes after the ramp and enter a big room. Either slide down to the stairs and thereon climb up the ladder, or run-jump directly to the top. A rolling blade starts to work. It will roll away, follow the platforms, save as stated and slide.

Guardhouse Key

Jump to the platform while sliding, climb up and run-jump to the wall platform to gain the Guardhouse Key. Slide down to the end now after jumping back, then jump the slope sequence and at the end to the central platform.

To the Floor

You can see some Automatic Pistol Ammo – just as in “Great Wall Madness” – on an invisible ledge, but you can’t get it. Follow the platforms to a rolling blade, jump when it comes nearer and run and jump down the walkway, then go left to escape it. Slide down the slope at the passage’s end. There are three doors and a keyhole nearby each.


Use the key on number 1, opposite of the slope, and don’t get to the central or the thing written on that tiles will happen. Follow the passage and save as stated. First, we make a little detour for a secret (no, not yet that one you saw in the camera while entering this room). Jump into the water, swim left, right, right and to the middle. Find a little tunnel with the Silver Dragon inside. Swim back to the boat, drive around two corners to find a passage. At the end there is a room with many “Live” and “Die” tiles, you have to drive the boat so far that you can jump out onto the first “Live” one (best: on the left side) but don’t be slower (you can be drifted back) or far (either die because of hitting the low wall or can’t jump out). After having success run-jump to the next “Live” tile. Jump to the right one, climb the ladder. Turn right and run-jump to the walkway, climb up, when you face the death tiles shimmy on the ledge to overcome them, and climb up on the live tiles, pick up the Rusty Key. For getting the next secret, we have to make another detour. Shimmy back left or right of the death tiles, look to the opposite side, down, and see an opening where you should save. Jump there with full health, follow the passage and climb the blocks. Drop a little, then run-jump to the top of the water room and to the ledge with the Jade Dragon. Take a deep dive into the water.
If you didn’t go for the secret, simply jump to the ladder, drop down and jump over the life tiles in the water passage.
Either way, swim to the entrance of this room again and climb out, follow the passage to the room with the three doors.


Insert the Rusty Key in the keyhole number 2 and enter the passage, follow to its end and save as stated. You are in a room with a pool deep down you can fall into and get out, on the near wall of the pool, if you dive down behind you, is a passage right with a Little Medikit at the end. There is also a ladder to get back up. Now, on the top, jump to the first of three bouncing pads, proceed by pressing forward and so you get up the next two bouncers. At the end bounce to the ledge and slide down the left slopes. You will find another live/die room here. Jump to the right hand safe block, turn and jump with a grab to the next, climb, turn and jump to the last one before jumping to the exit ledge. Save, slide down and jump with a right curve to the ledge with the zip line. Use it to get into an opening. Follow the passage and drop down the blocks, save as stated and better walk, not run through the room (but I didn’t find a gap until the secret path). On the left side there is a K3 Key. For the Gold Secret turn right and walk until Lara stops at a gap, press Backwards once and run-jump to the ledge with the Gold Dragon. Either jump back or follow the other path around the central death tiles until you get out of this room again (start with a jump over the right little gap). Jump back up the blocks and dive into the water (if not done yet, get the aforementioned Little Medikit) and climb up the long ladder. Get to the key room again.


Insert the K3 into the keyhole number 3. Slide down the ramp behind the door and land underwater. Swim two times right into a little tunnel for a Little Medikit. Swim into the opposite chamber and pull the underwater lever, swim back to the airhole and restore the air bar, swim back down, now left and follow the passage around, then swim up, get air and climb out of the water on the opposite wall. Climb the right block. Now climb up this room, either jumping over gaps or climbing blocks (it’s not hard at all) and approach the Little Medikit to end this level.