Level Builder: Townsieboy
Walkthrough by: Nina Croft

When the level loads, turn left and pick up shotgun shells. Proceed to the next door and press the button to open it. Go through a big room with burners and pool, and in the next corridor kill two panthers. Turn left into the hallway, then left again at the intersection, and follow it to a pedestal with SMP. Return to the intersection, go left, kill one panther and pick up the SHOTGUN from the ground. Return to the main corridor which is now on your left. Follow it to the next intersection. There is nothing on the left. So make a U-turn to the right and find a ladder. Climb up and drop to the right. Carefully approach the alcove in the corner. Time your run through the slamming doors and pick up the GUARDIAN KEY. Return to the ladder, climb back into the corridor and proceed through a doorway in NW corner.

There is nothing in the pool below, so run jump across to the central pillar, where you can see four receptacles. So, three more Keys to find. From there run jump to grab the doorway on the right, pull up and follow the hallway to another room. Climb up, kill one panther and jump into the pool. Swim through a long twisted tunnel at the bottom of the pool and follow it to an alcove where you'll find the second GUARDIAN KEY. Return back to the surface before Lara drowns. Now one pillar in the corner is raised, so you can climb up from the water. Return to the pool and jump onto the nearest grey pillar. From the other edge of it, stand jump to grab the slanted pillar ahead. Pull up, slide and jump to the other side of the pool. Go through the passage on the right to another room.

When you enter, you can kill two panthers on the opposite edge from safety. For now, you cannot climb the opposite ledge, so go into the doorway to the left. Find a button that changes the geometry back in the room. Also, in an alcove near the button you'll find a high opening. Climb into it and drop on the other side to find a SECRET: shotgun shells and SMP. Return to the main room and go left, to the other side where you could not reach earlier. Pick up the third GUARDIAN KEY along with an LMP. Return all the way back to the room with four receptacles.

Jump around the central pillar and on the other side run jump to grab the edge of the doorway S. Pull up and get your shotgun ready. Kill one big mummy in the hallway and enter the room with slopes. In the far right corner you'll find more shotgun shells. Now climb onto the lowest block and pull up onto the slanted block next to it. Slide just a bit and jump onto the higher ledge. Run jump to grab the block in the opposite corner, and use the rocks to climb onto the wide ledge with pillars. Use blocks in the middle of the ledge to get to the top. Once there, go right and jump onto the next block. From there jump to grab the highest block. Find the fourth GUARDIAN KEY there and make your way back to the ground without breaking all bones of Lara. Return to the room with receptacles and use four keys to open the closed gate. Jump to grab the doorway of it and proceed through a corridor to another area.

With your shotgun first kill one Atlantean centaur that starts shooting at you, and two mummies lurking around. If you go around the wall opposite the entrance, you'll meet another centaur, so kill it along the way. Now you need to find two items that open the pyramid. To the right of the pyramid entrance, there is a flat spot on the pyramid slope. Jump onto that spot, and jump up to the next. Follow the obvious route by jumping from one flat spot to the other. On the last and highest flat spot, turn NE and run jump onto the block with the first GOLDEN VRAEUS. From there, slide to land on a pillar sticking out of the pyramid side. Run jump to grab the pillar ahead, then jump to the next, until you reach the ledge above the entrance. Press a button here to change the geometry back in the room with four receptacles. Go back there and claim the second GOLDEN VRAEUS. Return to the pyramid and open it.

When you enter the pyramid, pick up Shotgun shells from the ground. Inside the pyramid, the door will close behind Lara. Kill two centaurs and one mummy. Take the GOLDEN VRAEUS from one dead centaur and enter the corridor opposite the entrance. Use the Vraeus in the receptacle on the left of the door to open it and enter the next room. Pick up the Ankh from pedestal to finish the level.