Levels by Clara, Masha & Spongebob


Walkthrough by DJ Full


Note: There is another walkthrough available by G&D productions – you can find it HERE


BEFORE YOU PLAY THIS GAME, it's recommended to play "Wessely's Last Will", as "Jerusalem Project" is its direct sequel.





1. This is a quite big levelset with many leveljumps back and forth. Don't panic if You don't get something the first time You visit a level.

2. Secrets:

- keep in mind You often don't have a second chance to retrieve a missed pickup

- it may happen you will need one item many levels after You collect it. Check various items and various combinations.

4. Save/load error: very rarely, if You save the game during placing a puzzle in its hole and reload this particular savegame, it may happen the engine does not recall which pickup Lara was to place. And You are doomed.

5. Exit/launch bug: very often, if You save tha game during placing a puzzle in its hole, quit/launch the game and reload this particular savegame, it might occur that the pickup is lost as well.

6. Points 4 and 5 usually occur without further complications. But sometimes Lara gets teleported (check Ruby puzzle hole in Herod's Temple) and sometimes the game crashes completely (see Temple Mount Key in The Wailing Wall).

7. Ladder glitch: sometimes, especially in the last level, ladders get glitchy if You hang with Your legs free too close to the corner. Sometimes this happens even if You are not in the corner.

8. You can roll out of crawlspaces without turning around. Hold Jump + Forwards in order to do so.

9. The game is based on TREP. So TRNG New Sound Engine does NOT work here. If someone saves/loads the progress during a dialogue/monologue, he/she is likely to miss some phrases that might not be important at all, however they may contain a crucial hint. So it's recommended to NEVER save/load until a sound is complete. All in all, such events most often happen when no danger is approaching, so You're very unlikely to die in such moments.

10. Lifebar is NOT refilled at leveljumps, so better conserve medikits by conserving Yourself.

11. Duck in order to grab some pickups.





1. Super swing (required in some points, and many players still don't know this move exists):

- grab a rope

- tap sprint once for Lara to rapidly gain speed and put her legs back on the rope

- wait until she swings backwards

- hold sprint and wait until she swings forwards

- release sprint / hit jump

This way, Lara is able to reach shelves that are higher than the rope itself (compare 7th secret in "Jungle Fever" or rope swing secret in "Green Base", or another rope secret in "UUB 2" - You HAD to play at least one of these)


2. Crawlspace rollout (many players still don't know about this one either):

- approach a crawlspace edge

- roll out with jump


3. Torch:

- blocks/pushables (You can't push anything on the same square a torch is dropped onto)

- causes "flame ghosts" (You need to dispose of an unnecessary torch in the water wherever You can)


4. Do not shoot at everything that moves. This is a quite realistic game.





Al-Ashkar                               3

Jerusalem 2011                    1

Church                                    1

Yad Vashem                          1

Wailing Wall                           2

Jerusalem 70 AD (I)              6

Herod's Temple                     1

Jerusalem 70 AD (II) 4

The Temple Mount                0

The Cherubs are Calling      1



Many thanks to Scottie and Clara for making me unstuck in Herod's Temple.

Many thanks for the builders for allowing me to write all the following.

Many thanks for Herod for building a temple and giving Masha a lot of inspiration.


Let's do it.





Talk with Zip. Head to the entrance in front of You and take the right stairs. Step on the balcony and - following the left wall - reach the first door on Your left. It seems to be a texture only, however it's not. Push it open and jump on the table for two big medis and Koran (the first secret). Now go around the balcony to find the door the camera showed You in the very beginning, and enter the apartment. Rana greets You and asks You to sign the document allowing You to explore desert caves and use weapons there. Do it with a pen lying on the cabinet next to Rana's desk. Keep in mind what she has said about the carpet hanging on the wall. Quitting, get the large medi from the cabinet. Go downstairs. The exit is now open, but You may want to use the side switches to see a foundain in the pool before You leave. In the vestibule, get some flares from here-you-get-served desk and exit. Turn right and enter the other door leading into the same house You have just left. From the following corridor, grab another large medi. Get out of the house.

Mosquee Key

You need a key for that gate nearby. Go left and right at the well. Approach the far gate made of metal bars and pull the lever next to it. The gate opens, letting You in a small garden, and there's Your key lying on the ground. It's called Flowery Star. Get it and put in the Mosquee gate lock. The door opens and lets You in.

The Mosquee

Open one of the doors. I'd like to write "If You have a compulsion, open both", but unfortunately You can open only one in this version of the game (from the word "unfortunately" You can guess it's ME having such compulsions ). There is a guy sitting at the edge. Before You walk towards him, get a healing herb from Your left (a small medi). Then, You have two options: either push the column in order to watch a brutal yet epic work of Sponge showing the guy falling 70 metres down to end his life on the bottom of the sandy pit below, or do NOT scare off the guy and he will help You later. You choose. In the first case, You get another star-shaped key at once. In the second, You will be back here and get it anyway, so I will describe this latter way only. The pit the grey man is sitting above is actually a way out of some other place, so there's no need for You to descend down there now. Go back and spot a crawlspace near the mosquee entrance. Crawl in and roll out of the crawlspace (You can do it in this game). Shatter the carpet (YES! SHATTER THE CARPET!) and throw the switch to open the well. Well done - now You can get in and land in the water. There's a herb in here. Get on the waterfall and slide downstream, into the cave.

45 degrees to go

Get two more herbs from the bottom and stand on the water lily. Use the flat rocks to jump on the top of the slope. Shoot the rock on Your right and the stone is unlocked to roll down the slope and smash the underwater door open. Watching for the spike pits, slide back into the water. Turn two star-shaped switches behind the door. The chamber on the top of the slope is unlocked, but don't go there yet. First, You need a key from the underwater maze.

The maze

Proceed through the nearby corridor and resurface before You dive into the labyrinth. It's filled with blocks raising after You swim over them. This helps You not to swim through the same corridor twice. Or is it only my feeling? Also, there is a secret inside, but it is accessible only after getting the key. The easiest way to obtain the Ornate Star is to dive from the air pocket to the very bottom of the middle corridor, follow it to the very end, then swim over a cubical block and turn left at the small air pocket to finish the path in a 3x3 pool. Grab the item and the door near the twin switches open. Also, the secret is now accessible. You can't exit the maze the same way You entered it. Swim into the newly open corridor and, on the following junctions, turn right, right, ahead, ahead, ahead, left. Swim into the golden light and grab the Golden Rose (2nd secret) from there. Take a breath (there is some air above You), exit the golden room through the portal and follow the right wall until You reach a junction. Swim ahead and do a quick left/right combo on the next one to approach a high opening on Your right. Go through and swim diagonally left to find the initial air pocket. You are out.

To the shrine

Remember the doors on the top of the 45-degree slope? Go there and hop on the block behind them, actually being a part of the floor. A huge door is in front of You. Here, I was scared I am missing a key, but don't worry - one of them is already placed, it only looks like missing from the distance. Place the Ornate Star and the door raises to let You in the chamber with an opening in the rock. Hop through this crack to find Yourself among the desert rocks. You need two keys to open the door of the nearby shrine.

1st Shrine Key - the Demifrog

Enter the next cave. Soon, the passage splits up. Take the right one and find Yourself on the edge. A flyby shows You the mighty Demifrog appear. You can't kill it - You just need to descend down there and get back with a key. There are several ways of descending without a health loss. The simpliest one is to slide backwards and grab the end of the slope to the left of the closest (and shortest) pillar. And drop on the lower ledge. From here, jump S into the alcove and (killing a bat in the meantime) slide down completely. The pink leads You between the bottom pillars. Avoiding the Demifrog, grab the key from the green cave (some more bats guard it). If You did not kill the grey guy earlier in the mosquee, he'll kill the Demifrog (although it takes him so much time that You are very unlikely to see it happen). If he does not show up, simply hide in the place where You have found the key and kill all the bats (probably 7 - but I am not sure if I count right) from here, sticking close to the surrounding rock (the shockwave can't hit You there). Climb the ladder. Killing one more bat, follow the swingpole to find another shelf. Go along the shelf to the end. Look right to spot two more swingpoles. Pass this sequence and land on the next rock. Grab the ladder on Your right and pull up. Next point is the shelf in front of You - hop to grab its ledge and pull up on it. Keep turning right to check another ladder, kill a bat, slide down a slope and swing another pole to get thrown onto yet another shelf. Go through a crawlspace on Your left and jump on the rock beneath a ladder leading back upwards. Grab it and backflip (optionally with a midair roll) on the top shelf. If You look around, You can spot a secret - a Golden Rose. One more jump and You get it. From now on, You may think secrets are quite easy in this game - and I can assure You THEY ARE NOT. So keep Your mind open, as playing with open eyes will NOT be enough! Get back on the ladder, shimmy around the corner and backflip with midair roll to grab a crevice. Shimmy left, land on a platform and hop back into the place the whole Demifrog part has started in.

2nd Shrine Key - over the abyss / encrypted

Follow the remaining part of the corridor. Use the swingpoles and ropes to swing across the sandy pit. Super swing is NOT advisable when You reach the last rope and want to land on the opposite shelf... but there is an easier, and more profitting way to get there. Instead of aiming in the far cave, super swing to the shelf where the bush grows. Turn right to spot a herb on the corner rock. While a single running jump onto is enough to get there, the way back is a bit more difficult. Via two standable, triangular parts of the rocks, reach the third one, diamond-shaped. Runjump over the next (flat) part to slide down the next slope and bounce off it to return to the bush shelf. Pull up on the one above it. Face the hanging shelf on Your left. Hop on the one under it and make the final (banana) runjump to land next to the opening You saw from the ropes. Pull up into the crawlspace, kill some more bats while following the next corridor and enter the crypt to eliminate two more. There is a receptacle near the bars. If You killed the grey guy earlier, You probably already have the Progenitors Star, so You can skip the whole following Church part, as You don't need it. However, in such case I anyway recommend to visit that place, just because it is awesomely designed. Look around for a switch on the wall. Press it and watch a piece of ceiling becoming a piece of floor. Through the fresh opening, reach the... storage??? There is nothing inside, as well as in the following chapel, so You can proceed into the bell tower. Ignore the ladder and the bell above You - just climb on the box and kick the grate to make the way out. If You don't have the Progenitors Star, exit through the crawlspace to revisit the settlement. Go inside the mosquee and notice the grey guy has gone (probably, he's still fighting the Demifrog). Push the box to get the Progenitor's Star from it and go back through the chapel to place it in the receptacle near the fallen block. The bars are removed and You can get the second Shrine Key from the sarcophagus. And a large medi from behind it.

Getting back/Placing the keys

There are two ways: either again through the settlement, the well and the 45-degree slope, or another one, not yet described - and this is why I'll do it now. Go back through the last cave and use the less harming way (I think there are several of them) to slide down into the sandy pit. Swing over the spikes in order to get back to the 45-degree ruins and, once again, follow it to its top. Reach the place surrounded by rock and hop right to find Yourself at the shrine door. Place the keys and get in to realize You are in sudden need to find three Energy Crystals. Call Zip and he says he's landed in the sandy pit. Go there, approach the helicopter and the final trigger throws You into the mighty city of Jerusalem.



Welcoming committee


Here You are - slowly expanding as the initial camera sequence flies closer and closer to Lara, standing at the edge of the roof. She descends and off You go to explore the city. In the very beginning, You get warned about the guy on the balcony. No, not that one at the other end of the zipline. Yes, I also have been thinking this is him (for over two weeks), but actually that one is a U.S. soldier protecting the Jewish quarter, and the real threat is hidden on his right, on another balcony: probably a kind of frightened man who shoots everyone that moves because - as Zip assumes - "he has something to hide". And he really does, so keep it in mind - but before You get rid of him, You need to be aware of two optional pickups:


1. Getting the shotgun


Descend down the nearby ladder and open the door. Step into the corridor and follow it turning left until You reach the button. Press it and enter the lockup. Here, You can find the shotgun, 12 additional red shells for it... btw, there is no blue ammo at all, in the whole game, so I will refer to normal shells simply as "shells" (same for the future... or past [as You will find it in the past] crossbow - it has neither poison, nor explosive arrows to find)... also a large medi, a small one and some flares in the lockup. Pick them up. Now You can get out (don't forget to close the door behind You) and back on the initial roof.


2. Finding the 2nd secret


You may wish to grab the hanger, but this way You will miss a secret. I'm sorry for this - it was my idea You won't have a ride. So any complains must be addressed to me, not the authors. To get the 2nd Golden Rose, sprint through the gap in the fence onto a nearby roof. Slide down, grab the edge, shimmy left as far as You can (but NOT around the corner!), pull up and bounce off, rolling in midair and curving the rest of the jump right, in order to land on a balcony, right next to the flowery item. Get it and jump out of the balcony, aiming at some higher part of the pavement, for not to scratch Yourself (remember, lifebar is NOT refilled at leveljumps!).


Flat Key / Bottle of Kosher Wine


Go W, between the houses. Spot a sign "Alone on the walls". Copy this info and paste into Your memory. Remember the man on the balcony? You need to prepare Yourself - visit the market part under the far S arches for some shells, flares and a small medi. Now climb the awning near the enemy balcony and shoot the guy - the just acquired shotgun would do the best. Search the body to find a Flat Key. No, not that the key is flat (I thought so at first). It will give You an access to a certain flat. Remember the sign? Yep. Before You go there, find a pushable cupboard near the recently climbed awning, shoot the fragile glass and pull it once or twice... actually, You can move it over the whole level... to reveal a Bottle of Kosher Wine. You can drink it, but nothing happens in such case.


The Flat


Get to the "Alone on the walls" sign, follow the passage behind it and go over the bridge to see a keyhole. Yes - put the Flat Key in it and the flat is open. Break in and rob the terrorist! He has a shatter chest with some revolver bullets, and a medikit on the table... he was very unwise not to take it with himself if he wanted to fight people. Now Lara can get the item for herself. But what is even more strange, there is a revolver behind the double doors and under another pushable cupboard with some shatter-at-first glass on it. Get the weapon and You can see a static cam hint. It means You have one pickup, and need to find another one to lower these indicated bars. If one pickup is a revolver, the other combinable must be the laser sight. But at first, You will get the first Energy Crystal. Find a switch, press it and go through the open window.


The Blue Energy Crystal / Prayer note - "Show me" part


Shatter another one and jump in. Follow the next passage to find a double doors. Push them open and proceed a bit further to reach a pool room. There is a trapdoor inside. Open it and jump into the sewer. Proceed almost to the end, killing rats, until You see a crawlspace. Get in, to the end of the channel and SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE TURNING THE VALVE. Now turn the valve and get the hell out of here! The water is pouring into the sewers, so You have little time to escape with Your life. If You manage to reach the main sewer before everything is flooded, a sink will not suck You back into the crawlspace and You will survive. Swim back into the pool (now filled with water) and throw the underwater lever to access the Blue Energy Crystal and the first fragment of the Prayer Note. Get them both, and a large medi behind the shatter window. Nothing more to do here - leave and talk to Zip. He suggests sticking the prayer into the Wailing Wall. But You need the second part of it first. And don't forget the laser sight - we're after it now.


Keb'up to go!


Safety drop and proceed through a dark passage nearby, fighting two bats. Keep the same direction to find a big, empty square with some alcoves in the distant wall. Two small on its both sides contain goodies - a large medi and revolver ammo. To get them both, use shelves with plants. Going here, You have probably noticed a red writing "Keb'up to go!". This is a kind of hint - You really need to go up from there. Grab the awning and shimmy left to the very end. Pull up, bounce off, slide down the opposite awning, bounce off it as well, curve the jump left and grab the terrace ledge. Get on. Jump over the fence to grab another, distant ledge. Pull up, swing a polerope on Your right and curve left to land on the final terrace. See the bars? Yeah, those are from that camera hint You got after picking up the revolver. To lower them, break the window on Your left and get the Laser Sight... btw, there are also some shells, flares and revolver ammo. The just lowered bars uncover a Holy Sepulchre Gate Key. Will be very useful in the next level. Grab it and jump over the railing to finish this part.


Holy Sepulchre Keykeeper


That key You have obtained is to use inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Apparently, You have no way to access the church itself. You need to go to the Keykeeper. Near the kebab shop, there is a scaffolding. Climb it. Use the following scaffoldings, jump over a slope and climb a ladder to spot a switch on Your right. Actually, a doorbell. Press it. Ding-dong! Have a quick conversation, during which You will outrageously lie to the Keykeeper, and he will trust You without any suspicions. Get a medi from his bathroom, and the Church of Holy Sepulchre Key from the table in the corner. Bingo! You're ready for the next level.




Exit the flat, descend to the very ground and follow the closest passage, killing a bat before You see some light. You're at the church gates. Another bat follows You in here. Kill it. Climb the scaffolding for some flares, go back on the ground and place the key. You can enter.




The main goal of this level is to find 4 stations of Via Dolorosa and put their numbers in a correct order to get the code for a keypad. Order of visiting chapels is free. After the last one, You will get a hint allowing You to arrange numbers of found stations. You can find the Basilica plan in the centre of it. It is a hint, and also a real 2D plan. However, the place is a bit rearranged (comparing to the real one), with the whole floor added - so the Catholicon is not on the ground floor anymore, and there is no passage surrounding it. So if You want to find the original place in the net, You can't refer to its plan. This would be simply too easy.


Via Dolorosa: Station II


The closest chapel contains some flares and a pushblock. You need to pull it twice and go around it. Light a flare to see the first number.


Via Dolorosa: Station IX


The remaining stations require using Holy Sepulchre Gate Key. If You don't have it, go back to previous level and refer to "Keb'up to go!" and/or "The Flat" chapters. If You have already found it, find a small altar (Armenian shrine) with a book slot and go upstairs. Here's the gate. Open it. Don't panic! It requires some time to react, so the game is NOT locked up. Climb the ladder. With revolver or shotgun, shoot a glass case behind You, on the ceiling. A rope unfolds. Swing on the next balcony (super swing recommended [if You have problems, see playing tips in the beginning]). Jump over the railing to slide down to the windows. Shatter one of them (if You are obsessive, destroy both). Go around the Holy Sepulchre to find a jumpswitch at the very end. Press it and the camera shows You what to do. Doing the timed run, it's better to stick close to the left wall, as collision of the objects may delay You in other cases. Climb the ladder and backflip on the second floor before the trapdoor shuts.


Before You proceed, turn around and light a flare. An invisible ledge appears in front of You. Use it to get on the Holy Sepulchre roof and take the Cross from it (a secret). Descend on the lower floor and find a large medi there, behind the railings. Save, as jumping on the surrounding  arcades may cost You Lara's life, and hop there. And through the railings separating the arcades from the surrounding corridor. There's no other choice than to repeat the timed run to get through the trapdoor.


You're in the Catholicon. Yes, this is that mentioned chapel that was moved far upwards in the ingame version. Imagine thousands of pilgrims climbing that ladder in real! Turn around and light a flare. Aha! A mystic platform is here! Jump on it, and on the Holy Sepulchre dome. That cross is actually a pickup - so pick it up! Descend on the... roof (???) and check the railings below the dome for a large medi. SAVE, as the surrounding octagonal arcades have a very difficult collision and this is why You're likely to fall at the first try - You need to aim at the middle of the object. Jump on the base of these arcades, and over the railings. Do the timed run once again to re-enter the Catholicon. Get the torch from the pedestal, light it downstairs and set the brass pot on fire. The door opens, but ignore it for now. It's faster to shoot the iconostases now... and think about the Keykeeper. What will he say when he sees his church destroyed next day he visits it??? Get the medi and some flares from the alcoves.


Via Dolorosa: Station V


Hop on the pushable block. Jump over the fence, and the next one to access the ledge behind the third one (in case of difficulty, You can shatter its fragment). Go along this shelf to throw a switch. A painting is open and You get another diary entry. Push the only available block towards the ledge, hop on this cube and use it to get back to the Catholicon. Forget the torch and go through the door You have opened with lighting it. Behind a short stairs, there is a bell. Ring it to call the priest. He opens a door somewhere beneath You an he'll keep helping You from now on. Going back, shatter a vase for some shells. Go downstairs (same staircase You lit the torch in), throwing a switch to open the exit leading out to the Calvary. Turn right to spot another switch. Press it and another rope shows up. Swing it through the arcades for another lever. Pull it and a gate is raised. Press the switch near the ladder to open the trapdoor. This floor is complete - get down! Check the just open gate to move the case out of its square and reveal station V.


Via Dolorosa: Station VIII


You have already done everything to unlock it, with that lever near the bell. The painting is in the adjacent chapel - just go there, hop inside for a medi and get the final number. Alrighty, then. Now You need to arrange those numbers.


 The Code


Before You get down and talk to the priest, You need the Pad Room Key to access the keypad. Go downstairs leading to the corridor surrounding the Chapel of Adam. Enter the arched portal that You have not visited yet. Save the game and escape down the slope when a rollingball chases You. Hide somewhere on the side. Underground, kill four bats and get the key from the pedestal. Save again, as there is another rollingball triggered as soon as You step behind the arch on the slope letting You out. It's better to roll on its square and sprint back into the basement. When the boulder is away, go up the ramp and talk to the priest in the main hall. He gives You a note with order of chapels. Refer to the building plan to assign the numbers to their corresponding places, and put them in the correct order: 5982. Go to the keypad lock room (behind the door the priest has once opened), place the key to access the keypad, type the code and the trapdoor opens. Get some shells and hop in.




The rules are quite simple: three stones in a row and You win. However, You must never use the same stone twice in a row. If You lose, the ghost will get Your soul, mwahahahahahah... Start with the stone in the middle. Move it towards the ghost. After this particular choice, You are very unlikely to lose. Anyway, pull the NE one and the S one and You win the Yellow Energy Crystal. And the second part of the Prayer Note. Combine both and get out of here. In the above chamber, find some flares in a shatter chest.


A thing to remember


Go around the Holy Sepulchre and find another door on the ground floor. There is some revolver ammo in a shatter urn. And a closed trapdoor. Copy/paste it into Your memory. For now, the level is finished. Exit the basilica through the main door.





 Just go ahead and left, and You'll jump to...





Approach the sign. It points You to all available levels. If You want to have all secrets collected, I recommend You to follow the sign to Yad Vashem - a Holocaust memorial.





Get A Bunch of White Roses from the pedestal and place the flowers in the concentration camp memorial hall (at the edge of the raised flower area, facing the back wall). This opens the projector room - enter and watch the Auschwitz presentation. This is a poetry, so it requires patience. After it is finished, You can enter the last part of the main corridor and pick up the Torah secret. The museum is about to close, so get back to the exit and leave the place.





Go under the arched portal and left. Spot the stairs and follow them to the top for a large medi. Remember what Zip has suggested You? Go downstairs, climb the chair next to the Wall and stick the combined Prayer Note into it. The prayer says "Show me the right way", and it is answered - a door on the top of the nearby ramp opens. Before You go up there, check a narrow dead end behind the ramp. Kill a rat and get a Wooden Handle from there. Will be combined later with a Shovel to make a Spade. Now follow the ramp to the top. And even further. On the top of the Wall, fix a green pot, raise a block and push the blue vase on it. Lower the block. Move blue and brown vases according to texture hints on the ground. And the door will open. Inside the room, spikes prevent You from obtaining the last Crystal. Never mind - move the altar away and open the trapdoor to find a spear-deactivating lever in the accessed hole. Pull it and the Purple Energy Crystal is Yours. You have them all - get back to Zip and fly to Al-Kashkar to put them where they belong!





Well... Put them where they belong and fly to the past!



JERUSALEM - OLD CITY, 70 AD (residential district)


Watch the initial "carpet flyby". Ask the villager who built that temple on the hill. He says it's Herod, but he's lying. Masha did it. Go S for a healing herb (a small medi equivalent) in a grassy place where a sheep is actually having a meal.


Going essential


In the bazaar to the W from here, find a Carrot, and right behind the adjacent wall (follow it to find the opening) - a Bag of Sand. Well... You have everything You need to enter the temple. But not so fast - don't You wanna explore? There are three secrets to find. Also - even though You will revisit this level later, some puzzles are already available to solve.


1st Silver Hemisphere


Leave the "patio". On Your left, there is a domed roof (the shortest one). Climb it and hop on the following arched bridge. Jump on the next rooftop and grab a Golden Rose from the nearby shelf. Get back on the last roof and do a swan dive above the distant railing. Pick up the Trapdoor Key from its pedestal. Climb the plants to access the upper bridge. Hop on the nearest dome, run across the bridge and press the lever behind the large dome. A camera tells You it's not the only one switch You need to find in order to open a certain gate. Yes, it's a combo secret. But don't mind it's second part now - it will be faster to hunt it later.


Get on the ground and below the arched bridge (the one You jumped for the rose from). Find a door on Your left and throw a lever switch there. Behind the open door, You'll find a keyhole. Insert the Trapdoor Key to access the room on the top of the ladder. Climb in for the Mystery Key. This is for a keylock near the carpet - go back to the starting point and behind the arcades to find the right spot. Place the key and go inside. Pull a switch to open another trapdoor and climb on the roof for flares. Go back into the room and open the trapdoor to get into the basement corridor. At it's end, the soundtrack changes. Rule of the mystery puzzle: one flipmap per one move of a vase (no matter how long). There is no common way to solve this. But You also can't get stuck. You have to place all 4 vases on marked squares (no matter which vase on which square). When You're finished, You get the Silver Hemisphere. The outside torch riddle is now available.


Some more levers


Get outside and reach the pillars by the far wall. From the pedestals, pick up a large medi equivalent (probably a cup of ancient drink) and Rules of this puzzle. Before You start solving it, check the nearby ladder to get on the roof. Follow the domes to find a switch in the corner and throw it to raise a trapdoor on the other side of the nearby gap. Use this as a platform to get across. Hop in the inner alcove and throw the last switch. The red gate finally opens. It's quite far away, so I recommend to solve the fire riddle first. From the trapdoor, jump on the SW pillar and SAVE.


2nd Silver Hemisphere


Generally, standing on a square with a torch lits a torch on it, and all torches distant two squares from this one if they are not burning. Same extinguishes adjacent torches if they are on fire, but keeps the central one burning. If You are mistaken, it's better for You to start from scratch than to fix the wrong order (second option is rather a masochism). And this is why I told You to save.


Note from Moderator:  In lieu of DJ's video, refer to José's diagram below.  When I used this diagram, two pots remained unlit, so I did some moving around at the S end of the field until all pots were finally lit.  If this should also happen to you, step on the first three squares noted on the diagram, then experiment at the S end as I did.




Some more secrets


Go back to the carpet and further in the same direction. Face the stairs. On the N roof, there is a large medi. Take it and, once again, climb the dome, hop on the arched portal and the following rooftop. The wall beneath the open red gate is a ladder - grab it to access the room behind it, and the next Golden Rose. Descend to the ground and approach the temple stairs. Don't follow them yet, but go W to find a Magic Lamp in a small sandy area. There's a Ginnie inside. Scratch the lamp (You need to find some open space for it to work properly) to witness a funny conversation between Lara and the ancient ghost, who gives her a medikit. Climb the first part of the stairs. From the place they curve right in, spot an opening in the SW arcades. Hop in for another Golden Rose.


Into the temple


Safety drop into the pool to find A Pail of Water. Even though looking insignificant, this is the most important pickup of this level. And not the last pail You will take care about. There's a hand in the wall nearby. This is an intended way of getting out of here later, so remember it. Follow the pathway, ignoring the arcades on Your right and watching the wall on Your left to spot a wall switch. Press it to raise a nearby block. Throw the lever switch at the end of the pathway to see a flyby sequence explaining what You are supposed to do in the sliding floor challenge.


Now You have two options.


INTENDED WAY: Climb the raised block, follow the rooftops into the house on one of them and pick up the Bronze Ball (a key to way out of this part of the level). Get back to the lever triggering the challenge. The guy on the wall helps You - follow his instructions to pass the trap and land on the central altar.


SHORTCUT: Throw the challenge switch, follow the rooftops, ignore the Bronze Ball house but jump on the pedestal containing a plant, keep running to jump/grab/pull up on the wall surrounding the challenge zone, run towards the altar and hop on the floor tile distant from the central altar 2 squares. Bounce off the sliding floor and curve the last jump left to land next to the elemental slot.


Note from Moderator:  Tom has described a much simpler way to conquer this timed run.  Ready the Bag of Sand so you won't have to fumble for it later.  Stand facing the playing field and push the floor lever.  Run forward and slightly to your right, and at the entrance jump 45 degrees to your right so that you land on the two arrows pointed to your right.  Jump off the second arrow to land on an arrow that will again turn you to the right and cause you to bump against a wall.  The wall lowers upon contact.  Save your game here.  Reverse roll in the alcove, turn slightly to your right and take a running jump out of the alcove, landing to the right of the spike trap.  Immediately jump forward with a left curve and quickly apply the Bag of Sand.  Jump back the way you came to exit this area.


Use A Bag of Sand on the altar and the temple is open. Now follow the arrows pointing towards the guy on the wall, in order to reach the surrounding row of raising (but now hidden) blocks. Follow it E to reach a huge arch with metal bars. Behind the ivy, there's the preultimate Golden Rose in this level. Take it and, again, You have two options:


EITHER: Use the already described shortcut to get out of this area. Between the temple and the stairs leading to it, find two closed red doors. Between them, a high crawlspace is hidden, and the last Golden Rose is inside. Grab it.


OR (recommended): Use the Bronze Ball in the remembered slot (the one mentioned in the beginning of this chapter) and take the last Golden Rose without backtracking.


Everything is finished in this level... but for now only - You will be back here in a matter of hours. Climb the temple stairs and talk to Osias - The Highest Priest Of The Holiest Of Holies. This is where You are heading now... unfortunately, without any weapon.





This level is a skill and stealth one. I mean when You see an impassable flyby sequence with several Herod's henchmen or tigers slicing Lara into kebab, it's not a bug, but a way to tell You there is either another way around, or a method to unlock the path. As You are thrown into the "deep past", You are supposed to talk with some magical creatures - just like in case of Ginnie from the previous level. However, outside the temple, the world "stands on the ground" much more than here. So You can expect to meet more surreally creative puzzles here. Thus, You need to open Your mind.




Climb over the blocks. You'll understand their purpose later. DON'T approach the henchmen - this will trigger the first "death flyby", with tigers being let out of their cage and killing Lara. You need something to get rid of them. Go downstairs and open the door. The accessed corridor leads to the music room. From there, pick up the Lute. You can use it for the tigers to fall asleep, as many times as You wish. Go back and approach the cage to see it work.


The Horse


The tigers fall asleep for 30 seconds - and You will find it not enough if You don't plan what You do. Enter the cage. Climb the closest wooden platform and do a sequence of jumps to reach the last one. Here, the tigers should wake up, so play the lute again. Pull the jumpswitch. On Your way to the open door, pick up the medikit near the pool. BTW: You still have A Bottle of Kosher Wine - You can stop in the pool (neither tigers nor henchmen can follow You here) and drink it. After You're finished, You can refill the bottle with water... and witness a miracle when the water changes back into wine. Enter the stable and the door shuts behind You. You have some time now. Walk to the horse and give it a carrot to "ignite" it (Yes! It's TifaNazah's modified jeep and You can ride it!). If You don't have a carrot, pull the lever and go to the previous level for a while to retrieve the missing vegetable. In case of troubles, see "Going essential" chapter. With the horse, You can run over both Herod's henchmen. Ride downstairs (past the music room) and up the ramp (it collapses behind You to create an alternative way up). The whole new part of the level is unlocked - off You go to explore it!


Cage Key / Meat


"Park" the horse near the second arched storage, behind the temple corner. Push the wheelbarrow away from its square to reveal and pick up the Cage Key. Throw the jumpswitch where the pathway ends, to unlock the door. Behind it, on Your right, there is an alcove containing a wall switch. Press it to raise the next door, but ignore it for now - this one will be useful as a quick way back of some other place. Instead, find a wooden, pushable box in the third storage and place it below meat. Climb the box and hop upwards for Lara to get some protein-rich food. No, it's not for her.


Meeting the Griffin


Go back to an ornate block in the wall, to which Lara's attention was drawn when you first rode into this area.  Push the block inside, and onto the marked square. Now You can use it as a base for an upwards jump to grab a jumpswitch. Get a herb from the sarcophagus and move the block two squares in order to throw another jumpswitch. This raises a block and allows You to climb the whole stack. Curving the running jump right, grab the ledge of the opposite stone and pull up. Timing the spikes, hop on the ledge, bounce off to grab the ladder and climb it to talk to the Griffin. The evil chickens have stolen its egg and if You get it, You will receive some help from the creature. Hop over the wall the Griffin is floating above. Open the door behind You (just in case) and the one on the other end of the passage. Hop on the staircase and into the alcove to the left of the door that let You in. Press a switch in there and go downstairs, watching out for falling ceiling. Throwing the last switch has opened the gate, so keep Your lute ready in case if the tigers found the way to reach You. Pick up the Chicken Egg and a large medi (You may need to duck in order to take the latter thing).


The Bull and the Chicken


Place the Cage Key in the slot near the stable. The cage opens and You can go in. Watch out for the spikes, they have collision larger than 1 square! Grab the left side of the platform (this way You won't wake up the bull too early) and pull up. Walk to the opposite edge and tap backwards once. The bull wakes up and You're almost ready for a jump... almost. It's highly recommended to play the lute here and SAVE the game. Throw the jumpswitch and the spikes are gone. Lure the bull in front of the door (leading to the hen-cote). Wait until he charges and jump sideways in a proper moment to avoid its attack. SAVE if You did it without a scratch. The tigers should be awake now, and it's very likely for the bull to be stuck in the chicken-cote door, so You're endangered. You must lure the bull away of the entrance before the tigers catch You! WARNING! Playing the lute is NOT recommended here - the bull works according to Murphy's laws and most often, it gets un-buggy when You can't block its attack. Enter the cote and climb the sloped beams to land on a safe height. SAVE. Now make a deal with the most distant hen: her own egg for the Griffin's one. Drop down. Play the lute, SAVE the game and get out of here. Use the bull to throw the switch in the metal barrier separating You from the remaining part of the corridor surrounding the temple.


Getting rid of the animals


Run into the new part of the temple and throw a switch near the empty cage. This opens it. Lure the bull and the tigers in, and make sure You lock the whole six in. This is difficult, but managable with some patience and strategy (most of strategy involves patience).


The Lion / Preparing the bath


On the right of the cage You have locked the animals in, there is another cage, with a lion inside. Open it and put the Meat in the bowl. The lion gets up, and - apparently - off a certain item. While the lion is feasting, pick it up. It's a Ruby. Exit the cage (the lion won't follow, so don't mind it) and find the pool with four switches. All of them are timed, some shorter, some longer, so You need to pull them in the correct order, and it is E, W, N, S. Osias appears and lights some fire to make the bath more comfortable. Of course You will use this fire as well, but where's Your torch?


The Torch


The Griffin will give You one for its missing egg. Go back to its tower and get it. Light it with the torch Osias has recently lit and ignite two candles near the temple entrance. Now throw the switch far to the right of this gate to access the last part of the surrounding corridor and find a great medi by the kiosk. Place the Ruby in the lock. The door opens and You can enter what is, IMO, the highest priest's house. Light his fireplace to get the Courtyard Key, find another grand medi near the cupboard and finally put the key in the temple door keyhole to get inside.


The courtyard


See the henchmen? If they see You, the second "death flyby" will activate. So You have to shrink vertically. I mean, crawl. Follow the broken floor to go past the guards. When You're in an isolated corner, You're safe. Pull up on the top of the wall and kick the gong to start the party! This gets rid of the guards and opens the next courtyard.


Higher than the highest priest


Here, another bunch of Herod's henchmen is guarding the Holiest of Holies. Go behind its right wall and climb the closest ladder until You're stopped by a crack. Grab it and shimmy along to find a crawlspace with a Column Key inside. Get it, go back on the ladder and backflip with midroll to grab the ledge of the middle shelf. Pull up and climb the same ladder to the very top. Backflip with a midroll, grab/pull up and have a Golden Rose. Hang, shimmy left and use the ladder to descend - carefully! The ladder trick fails below the crevice! One more time, backflip with a midroll to land on the lowest shelf. Place the key and a block hides, allowing You to jump on the next pillar (You can SAVE/LOAD to disable the camera and have a better look). From here, You can either go up, or down.


 Up: The Holiest of Holies Key 1


Hop on the adjacent pillar. Backflip, bounce off the slope, grab the ladder and climb it. Backflip with midroll to bounce off another slope, and slide (or bounce, as this is faster) into the opening. Go through the raised door, into the tower. A camera shows You a crawlspace. Time the opening/shutting door and use the sandy ramp to reach the shelf. A block next to You needs to be raised. Grab the crack above the floor, shimmy around the corners and backflip on the opposite shelf. Hop in the crawlspace indicated earlier by the cam. Behind the opening, slide/bounce off a slope to land in the alcove with a switch. Throw it and watch the baddies entering. As You have a possibility to get some fresh air, walk to the open bars and climb on the protruding stone on Your right. Here, throw another switch and  hop in the unlocked opening on Your left. Get on the block You have raised recently. This launches the swinging baddy sequence. You can't kill him, so climb the blocks and escape him, swinging over the pit to land on the stone surrounded by railings. Grab a medi, throw a switch and swing across again. The door on Your right is open and You can obtain the first Key to the Holiest of Holies. Go back to the pit and exit through the door to land on a shelf. Hang and descend to the ground with help of a ladder.


Down: The Holiest of Holies Key 2


From the same pillar Your quest for the 1st key has started, either grab a crack and shimmy around the corners or hop on the adjacent column, roll, release and grab the same crack (the second option is faster). Hop on the balcony and press the switch to access the corridor. A constant sequence of running jumps, all of them landed on raised tiles, will open the door at the end of this passage. Exit, go left (along the other part of the balcony) and spot a ladder. Climb it, backflip, perform another bouncing sequence and press the next switch to access the room with the last key. Pick the item up and press the button to get out. Land on the same shelf You land after acquiring the 1st key.




No matter which order You got the recent keys in, a ceiling will fall after You are done with both. Descend to the ground using the same ladder as previously and pick up the ceiling fragment. It's called a "Stone". The right spot to use it is next to two other stones nearby. Throw the piece in order to distract the guards. Now You can easily place the keys in their slots... unless You don't alert the remaining henchmen (this happens if You step on the plant pedestal or any square on the left of it).


A new quest


Enter the vestibule and spot an empty table, and another one next to it, containing some bread. You need to bake Yours and sacrifice it in order to reach The Holiest of Holies. Get the Silver Ball from the opposite pedestal (it will allow You to access the industrial district, where You can make some flour). For now, You can't do anything else here, so exit the Holiest of Holies, go left around it and throw a switch next to the exit to open it, what makes Your way back to the residential level much shorter than You thought it will be.



JERUSALEM - OLD CITY, 70 AD (residential district) II


The place for Silver Balls is right beneath the Trapdoor Key balcony. Get there, place the puzzles and unlock the finish trigger.



JERUSALEM - OLD CITY, 70 AD (industrial district)


A bread shall be baked. In this level, You can mill some flour and mix it with water to make the dough. 4 Pyramid Keys will allow You to get back to the residential area. Generally, You can explore parts of the level in any order. But the first thing I will suggest is constructing the crossbow.


The Crossbow


Crossbows are made of some wooden sticks and a wire. Go across the bridge and pick up a herb from the oasis. Another one is in the small grassy yard to the W of here. On the other bank of the oasis, enter the stable and pull some Horsehair out of one horse's tail. A special animation kicks in. Go on the other bank and follow the right wall to find the well owner. Talk with him. He will give You something if You fix his well. You will do it later. Enter the barn and kick a wheel standing next to the wall. It breaks. Pick up its part and combine it with Horsehair to make a crossbow.


The break in


Throw a nearby switch to deactivate spikes on the other side of the barn and - as follows - unlock another lever. Pull it to raise a block in the house. Enter it (without the housewife's permission) and climb on the first floor. Up there, shatter a chest for some more arrows and exit through the closest portal. On Your right, there is a secret Golden Rose - You need to jump over the railing and land on the lowest domed roof to find it. Jump over the next railing and shatter another chest for 10 more crossbow ammo. Leave this rooftop and go back on the first floor. This time, exit through the opposite portal than for the first time and destroy a barrel in front of the door. Enter the side roof garden and throw a switch to access another flat. From there, get a Pyramid Key (one of four). Now get back to the owner and fix his well.


Well done


Break the well lock (You can target it with the crossbow), hang on the inner ladder and safety drop to the bottom. Pick up the pail. Spot a moveable piece of rock and push it inside the wall until You reveal a passage. Following it, kill (or ignore) a scorpion. Kick a boulder at the end of the corridor and watch it break the seal on the wall to flood the room. Now You can dive and throw the underwater lever in order to deactivate spikes. They guard the dry switch no more, so get on the bank and throw it. This opens the underwater trapdoors (and dries the above room). Jump through one of them to find another switch beneath. Pull it to open the side door in the well. Get out of the water and throw the spike switch once again to flood everything for a while. SAVE the game.


Swim into the newly accessed room and resurface in a small air pocket. Inside, there is a Golden Rose for You. It's guarded by a cherub (one of many in Jerusalem), and it's a fire one, so escape it to the water as soon as You obtain the secret. Now You can dry this level again (move the spike switch again) and move the corner pillar out. This closes the side door forever (so if You hoped to retrieve the secret later, You can forget it and reload the progress). Place the column under the rope and climb it to put the Pail back on its right place. Now the well owner is happy and he gives You something. He places it on the grass next to the well. Before You see what it is, I recommend You to solve another puzzle - as this is simply faster than retrieving the reward now. To get out of the well, You must flood everything again (with the spike switch) and swim through the channel to reach the river.


The Forch Puzzle


I mean, You're about to use a torch in a forge. Follow the opposite channel ending in a pool. Get out and ahead, then left, upstairs and turn around. See those two misplaced vases? Make some symmetry and a trapdoor will rise in the W wing of the building (same floor), allowing You to press a switch. Do it to extinguish the fireplace and get Map Part 2 from it. Another cherub will appear and chase You. Throwing the last switch has also lowered a block in the opposite wing (still same floor), revealing some torches. Get one of them and light it with any flame available. Return to the ground floor, drop the torch near the E forge entrance and hop in the water to get rid of the cherub. Dry Yourself and enter the forge with the torch in Your hand. Light three candles and pick up Map Part 1 from the revealed pedestal (this one is not guarded by anyone). Combine both pieces to form a Riddle Map.


The House Key / First underwater door


Before You use it, shatter a chest in the corner for a medi, go on the opposite side of the pool and enter the ground part of the W wing in order to obtain some arrows from another destructible chest, shoot a grate above the fireplace and crawl in for a Golden Rose. Now You can exit through the patio and place the Riddle Map on its pedestal. This gets rid of certain spikes, but watch out! The spikes assigned to wrong levers are still active! Referring to the map, pull the appropriate switches to spawn two Stone Discs. A camera shows You where to use them. For the last time, go upstairs and place those discs in their slots to acquire another Pyramid Key and a House Key. The latter pickup, placed in the slot beneath You, will give You an access to the first lever switch, which, as soon as You throw it and exit the alcove it is hidden in, triggers a flyby showing You the first river door close. Two more to go.


The Well Key


Go back to the well owner and check what he has given You. It's a Well Key. Follow the wall of the nearby building (the one You have entered via double doors) to find the slot. Place the key access the second river door control switch. Throw it. Exiting the backyard, You will watch another underwater door close.


House of the Highest Council


Behind the well, there is a building You can enter via double doors. Push them open to find some arrows. If You are missing a torch, You can also find some here. Light it with the lamp burning next to the oasis. Remember the building with arcades, the one on the opposite bank? Now visit its last unexplored row of arcades (the closest to You), light the candles and... nothing happens. You need to follow the corridor into the empty hall with two pillars. The left one is pushable - move it away from its square to reveal a wall switch. Press it and a camera shows You an opening door on the other end of the arcades. Pass through it. Upstairs, keep going through chambers until You are in the last one, with a jumpswitch below the arch (a cam gives You a hint). Throw it to lower a block in the previous room. Go behind this cube, get the Pyramid Key and throw a switch behind the fragile chest to spawn the Oasis Key on the pot in the last jumpswitch room. Also, there is a secret behind the painted door. Go through, watching out for the shutting/opening PRIVATE gate, to know who lives in this ancient flat... the High Council! Seems our dear builder trio are time travellers as well! Grab the rose, find some flares inside the shatter chest and exit. Optionally, You can break the kettle above the fireplace in the previous room to release a cherub. Escaping the angel into the water, shatter the barrel at the bottom. This reveals 10 more arrows. Obtain them and get on the bank to place the Oasis Key in the slot. A door next to the pool opens and You can throw a switch inside the "control room 3". Just like in all other cases like this, exit the corridor to watch a flyby.


The Mill


When all three underwater doors are locked, the water level will rise in the river and it will turn the mill on. The entrance is near the place You started the game in - go there, open the door and spot a box full of grain. Move it on the lowered raisingblock and raise it on the second floor with the rope. Go upstairs and move the box on the trapdoor. Throw a floor switch to move the cog away, for it not to "block the fall verticalness". Pull the wall switch to release the box and fit it in the grindstone. Again, join both cogs and watch them mill the grain to form some flour. Drop on the ground floor and, watching out not to get minced by the grindstone, pick up the Flour. The last Pyramid Key appears on the nearby basket - collect it and mix the Flour with A pail of water. You will get the dough, ready for baking. The "oven" is in residential district, but You need to do something to get out of here, don't You?


Getting out


Find a torch and light four wall torches to make the floor transparent and lower the bars. Slots for Pyramid Keys are now accessible - place all 4 to access corresponding pushable vases. Pull 4 ropes to bring the vases on the "surface" and move them on tiles marked the same way as those these vases were standing on before they were teleported. This reveals some "ice cherubs", for them to vanish them in flames and open the Golden Ball lockup. Pick up the item. The slot for it is right on the other side of the red grate the ball was next to. Go around it an place the item to open the final door. Step on the finish trigger...



JERUSALEM - OLD CITY, 70 AD (residential district) III


 ...and watch the Romans destroying the temple! Quickly! You don't have time! Enter the non-visited house (the one which once had a grand medikit on its roof) and bake the bread in the "oven"! Carry it to the temple...





...and into The Holiest of Holies (watch out for the falling stones!). Osias is forced to evacuate, but he manages to seal the Ark of the Covenant beneath the place. And he gives You the Bible - the one the Holy Sepulchre priest was missing... or rather "will be" missing. Some kind of a blessing throws You back to the future...





...where, after receiving some hints from Zip, You are supposed to place the Bible on the Armenian Shrine altar. The Priest shows up and he is very grateful - he gives You his Ancient Sword. It's a crowbar. You can use it in...





Whoah! That's a lot of finish triggers within 10 minutes, isn't it? And it's not the end. Even though Fax the Smithy's flat is in the level You are actually in, it's faster to go ahead and left, through...





...where You need to pass the arched portal and go left, into the second one to the left of the green lock in order to switch back to...





...where, after going around the initial ladder and sticking to the right wall, You end up right next to the smithy's forge. Believe me, this is a faster way than getting lost in the bazaar corners.


J. Fax's forge


Break in with help of the Ancient Sword. Get some flares from a shatter. Stepping on a raised, white-mosaiced piece of floor triggers a trap. You have to solve it counterclockwise. Without hesitating, reach the next raised square and wait until a big flame appears and fades out. Run on the following tile and repeat this one more time. A block is raised. Open the ceiling trapdoor with the nearby switch and climb on the 1st floor. The switch on the wall closes the trapdoor, so simply ignore it. Take a medikit out of the destructible vase, and Mr Fax's Safety Plug from smithy's desk. Remember the green lock in The Wailing Wall level? That's it.





Robbing J. Fax's apartment


Plug the plug into the slot to open the trapdoor. Climb on the terrace and shoot Mr Fax's personal guard. See the slope? Stand 1 square away from it, turn around and backflip to bounce off it, curving the jump right to land on the roof. Climb another sloped (but anyway walkable) piece behind You and jump over the railing to find Yourself at smithy's apartment door. Go inside and attempt to search his nightstand. Even though Mr Fax gets alarmed, his dog seems to be friendly... what is more, You find two Handfuls of Shekels. Give the wine to the owner and the just robbed smithy becomes Your friend. Not only he's not mad at You, but he even gives You an access to his balcony, where The Star of David is hidden. Take it and go back on the lowest terrace. From here, You can jump on two platforms, each of them containing a pickup: the closer one - a bunch of flares, the distant one - a large medikit. Safety drop and give the first Handful of Shekels to the poor man. As a reward, he gives You a key to the nearby door. Place it in the lock and finally reach the long awaited corridor behind the Wall. From here, You can go either left or right (no matter where first), to retrieve two Temple Mount keys.


Left: The Chapel


Go left. The soldiers are harmless... but they will go harmful as soon as You break into the Temple Mount Key 1 lockup - so I recommend to take precautions - draw a revolver and kill them all. Continue to the very end of the corridor, until You spot a metal crate. This is a pushable. Move it a bit and use it to climb the upper balcony. Notice a crawlspace on the other side of the corridor and get in. Crawling, ignore the first opening on the left if You want to get a secret (if You want to get this particular pickup, this opening is intended to work as a way out). From the dead end of the passage... well... do passages have dead ends?


Anyway... pick up some more flares and enter the second opening. There's another pushable - move it and open the revealed trapdoor. Hop in the hole. Lol... A TechnoEgyptians tribute?! Electric sparks tell You that the whole grate at the bottom is deadly. What is more, timed flame emitters make the things rather difficult. You have to bounce off the opposite slopes, curving jumps in the right moment until You time all fire. Next grate is not connected to the electricity, so it's safe to walk on it. Go to the very end of the corridor, passing an automatic door, climb the ladder and pick up the Crescent Moon from the next passage... yes, I think this IS a passage indeed. With the previous one, I had some doubt. But this one has two ends, even though the far one is sealed by a window... Now, if You found the Cross in the Holy Sepulchre and The Star of David in Mr Fax's apartment, You have all religious artifacts of this city - the Catholic, the Jew and the Muslim one. Open the trapdoor and drop out of here. You are in a small chapel, and so named key is lying on the pedestal next to the altar. Pick it up and raise a block with a switch behind the bookcase. Hop on the block, and into the crawlspace that led You in - now for it to lead You out. Roll back on the street.


Still left: Temple Mount Key 1


Go back, passing by the garden, and enter the chapel on Your left (use the recently found Chapel Key). If You did not kill the guards earlier, they get alerted now. Break the glass barrier, open the trapdoor above the metal case, climb through it on the above floor and get a torch from there (it's in a shatter chest). Bring it to the ground and light it, and the candle next to the case. A moving flame breaks the case and the first Temple Mount Key is Yours.


Right: Pete the Bomber


Go talk to the distant guy. For a Handful of Shekels, he gives You a bomb. Plant it at the far end of the corridor, by the rocks. Some metal bars open and You can get access the detonator to blast a hole in the wall. Lara seems to be a bit shocked, but don't worry - she is alive. Enter the freshly made hole and retrieve a Shovel from the following garden behind the double doors. Combine it with the Wooden Handle from the other side of the fence to have a Spade. Will be used in the next level, The Temple Mount. Exiting, Zip tells You Pete is tweaking with a switch next to a non-visited chapel door. Apparently, the bomber succeeds, so You can explore this place after him.


Still right: Yet another chapel and Temple Mount Key 2


Approach the chapel. Apparently, Pete has found nothing interesting in there, so he won't sell it to You. Now it's Your turn to get it for free. Anyway, You don't have money anymore, so You have no other choice. Enter the chapel and bounce off a slope to grab a crack in the wall. Shimmy to the end and around the corner. Pull up and throw a switch. A platform is lowered, with a timed flame burning on it. Wait until the fire is about to go out, jump on the platform (land on its right side) and turn left to take a run-up. Jump to the other switch and press it - now the bars on the other side of the chapel are raised. One more run through the fire and You can grab the uncovered ledge. Pull up for a Minaret Key. It's supposed to open the Minaret, so go to the Minaret. It's right in front of the Temple Mount gates. Inside, You will spot a timed switch. Don't worry - You have a lot of time to tap backwards with curving right (I mean with pressing left), turn right a bit to have the right side of the stone behind You, backflip on this stone, bounce off the lowest slope, land on a platform, walk to its edge and hop on the second platform to finally jump sideways, on the trapdoor... about to lose its horizontal position! Press the switch to open the upper bars and quickly evacuate on the next platform! From here, jump on the last one, and into the opening. Grab a medikit. Kill the guard on the minaret balcony and go around the tower to find the second Temple Mount Key. Go down the platforms and outside.


Entering the Dome Square


Place both keys on both sides of the Dome Square gates, which, after doing so, are raised open. Wait - this is the last point of this game You can retrieve missing secrets from this level in. If You proceed behind these gates, there is no return. Are You sure You want to continue?





So this is it. Somewhere beneath this mosquee, lies a complicated net of caverns that will probably lead You to the Ark of the Covenant... or to inevitable death. But how to descend in there? This is what this level is about.


Into the Mosquee


Even if You took the torch from the Wailing Wall into the Temple Mount, it vanishes from Lara's hand. This is because two different people were doing the previous level and the present one. Don't worry - a torch is easily retrievable. First, go right and shatter the door. There is a case containing the Dome of the Rock Key, and it's also a destructible one - however, not by Lara. A Roman skeleton (probably a penancing soul of the guy who ordered to destroy Herod's temple) is guarding the place. And he is the one supposed to destroy the case. Make him attack Lara while she is standing next to it. The case falls apart and You can get the key. Run away from here and don't mind the skelly - his soul is trapped in the chamber, so he won't follow. Place the key in the lock near the Dome of the Rock door. Before You go inside, check the other corner of the square, for a torch in a lockup (push the double doors to find it). Light it with a candle in front of the entrance and step in.




Take Your shoes off and put them to Your backpack. Light the candles to raise a block. Climb it and throw a jumpswitch to raise the next cube. This one allows You to pull another jumpswitch, what results in activating a double-cube block. Hop on it, and on a pillar. From here, reach a crawlspace with the first Stone Disc. Safety drop and go back on the corner pillar. Do a STANDING jump to swing the pole and land on the next pillar. Grab the rope, turn right and swing to the alcove for the second Stone Disc. Safety drop. Repeat all the way on the rope and this time don't turn but reach the third pillar. From here, grab the ladder (warning! a buggy one) and shimmy around its corner WITH YOUR LEGS ON THE LADDER, AS THIS IS A BUGGY ONE AND OTHERWISE IT WON'T WORK. Backflip (with midroll) into a cage to retrieve the third Stone Disc.


Repeat all the way on the rope and the third pillar. Do a RUNNING jump to swing another piece of the same pole as previously and land on the fourth pillar. Spot a switch and hop on the cage to throw it. Timed run! Hop back on the fourth pillar and on the raised trapdoor. Don't stop but hop on the ledge containing the last Stone Disc. From a shatter chest, get some bullets, and use the ladder to reduce damage while safety dropping. On the ground, place all 4 discs in their slots and a trapdoor in the Rock opens, letting You into a cave.


Cave prologue


Take the boots on. Use the spade to dig through the soil and reveal a corridor. Get some more bullets from a fragile vase and proceed towards the light. Look up - there's a ball switch hanging below the ceiling. Aim at it with the crossbow or with the revolver (You can try a shotgun and tell me if it is also possible here - however, I never managed to succeed). Destroy the ball and the cave entrance opens. Go downstairs and be aware that...





The Labyrinth


Continue downstairs until You are stopped by the wall. Kick it apart and crawl in the opening. Go left and kill a rattlesnake. Behind it lies a pack of flares. Go the opposite way and, in a larger chamber, kill 2 more snakes. Find a banana, use the spade on the rock to reveal a turn switch and open the labyrinth doors with it. Confusing, isn't it? Open the monkey cage - the baboon will lead You. After several hundred meters of turning, You will see some ruins among the rocks. Watching out for a falling ceiling, kill another rattlesnake and find a medikit by the skeleton. In one of the ceiling openings, there is a ladder - climb it on the second floor for some shells and a torch. Throw the latter through the opening and follow it. Pick the torch up and light it with the corner flame. Set the wooden blockade on fire to unlock the path (watch for another part of ceiling falling when the path is being cleared). Follow the accessed corridor (You can kill another snake), watching out for a boulder, until You reach a slope.


Slide down, grab a ladder to avoid some more rollingballs, and - about two seconds later - release it and jump away to evade another stone. When the threat rolls away, pick up a small medi and some flares. Climb the slope again and grab the familiar ladder once again. Get to the top for a Golden Rose. Descend back onto the slope and follow the corridor until You see another boulder. Use a crowbar to push this rock off its ledge. It rolls down and breaks some more rocks at the bottom of the slope. Follow.


Stoning II


Down there, give a banana to another monkey (or is it the same one?). The baboon opens a door for You. Behind it, it stops to be comfy - a lava cave is owned by a fire cobra! Just like in most cases of meeting MUTANT enemies, there is no simple way to kill it - thus, You have to use something heavy. A flyby shows You a boulder falling on a marked tile, what raises a block for a short time. The plan is: climb the ladder (a buggy one, so get Your legs on it), shimmy around, backflip with midroll, slide/bounce off a slope, bounce off the next one WITHOUT sliding, run through a shelf to jump on the ladder (the wooden one), climb it a bit to avoid firebolts, shimmy around the corner, backflip with midroll, kill a snake on Your left, runjump on its shelf to push the boulder, backflip with another twist to land on the previous shelf, and do two more jumps - the first one onto the trigger square (a block raises), the second one with Your weapon drawn in order to kill a snake and hide in its alcove. After You wait until the cobra is stoned, You can follow the slope the boulders has fallen through. At the hidden block, go left and jump on a standable part of the slope. Next, hop on the rock the snake was once standing... standing (???) on. The switch above the lava should be accessible now - pull it to open the way out and platform into the opening (the last jump needs to be done perfectly for You not to fall into the lava).


More caves


This time, there's no labyrinth - the only pitchfork is in the very beginning (hop through the crack on the right for some flares, a medipack and - a crucial thing - another bunch of dynamite sticks (You need to pull a skeleton off it in order to pick it up). Hop back into the corridor and follow it to the edge of the pit. Kick a column and it falls to create a bridge. Go on the other side, ignoring the camera for now. Grab another skeleton's medi and, watching out for a vertical spiky trap, follow down the ruined stairs to face a solid wall. This one looks suspiciously modern. You need some dynamite to blow it up - if You missed the last bomb, check the beginning of this chapter. Plant the explosive and a baboon gives You a torch. You can light it several steps behind, in the corridor. Burn the fuse and do one of three things:


- hide behind the baboon stone


- escape down the slope and hide behind a corner


- do as in the second dash and climb the staircase (the most difficult option).


The wall blasts open and the place gets flooded. Before You leave the corridor, follow the side underwater crawlspace near the last portal for glasses of a skeleton indicated by the camera on the edge of the pit. You can resurface in this hole (now flooded), but there's no way out - so swim backwards. And through the just created opening in the ex-solid wall.


The base


Above the hole You used to swim into the cave, there is a shelf. Get on it to dry Yourself and hop on the ledge on Your right. From here, jump diagonally on the next rock and on the following one. Pull up on a slope, slide down and bounce off it to grab a ladder. Climb it and do a running jump to land on a concrete platform. Kill a worker and get some revolver bullets from the top of the huge metal container. Go across the bridge and throw a switch on the rock above it. This opens a trapdoor in the roof. Return on the bridge and look in the water. Beneath the surface, in the corner of the ruined temple, a shatter vase is placed. Destroy it! Hop behind the railing to safety drop through the trapdoor, into the base. Find some shells, also some revolver bullets awaiting You on the shelf, and remember a control panel near the following, glassy passage. Use this corridor to proceed into the second room. Find a medi on the desk and approach the distant cabinets. After a quite alarming sound, wait a minute for a soldier to disarm the mines a Dynamite is attached to, and pick up the bomb. There's also a Storeroom Key on the other shelf. Take it and enter the toilet. Whoah! Open a ceiling trapdoor above You and get out before You suffocate! Catch some fresh air and pull a jumpswitch above the trapdoor. This turns the ventilation on. Crawl into the vents and shatter a grate at the end. Near the edge, draw the revolver, target the enemy in the lockup with the laser sight and kill him. Roll out and use the Storeroom Key in the keylock, to access the shelves and find a Crane Control on them. Take it to the control panel in the first room of the base. Used, it makes a crane above You switch its position. Through the open trapdoor in the second room, drop into the water.


Herod's Temple revisited


Pick up the Holiest of Holies Key from the vase (the one shattered from the above). Swim to the other corner for Ancient Scroll and combine it with Glasses to make Ancient Scroll with Glasses. Plant the Dynamite on the barrel surrounded with mines.




Go back on the crane roof (follow the same way as previously) and hop on the crates next to it. Get on the hanging container and swing two ropes, the last one to get on the other crane. Pick up the detonator and unfold a net bridge with the floor... or in this case, rather a roof switch. Follow the bridge across the waters, and hop on the cage shelf (should be open - if it's not, You are missing a bomb and You need to search the base for it). Before You use the detonator, visit the side shelf on Your left, for a medikit (a rattlesnake is guarding it). Hop back on the cage platform and push the detonator to reveal the passage.


The Holiest of Holies


Swim through and get out in a dry corridor. Push the block into the corridor. Move it further to reveal a keyhole. Put the Holiest of Holies Key in it "and take Your shoes off, as the ground You will step on is sacred". Move the block below a switch on the wall. Pull it to access the Ark of the Covenant Key. Metal bars are lowered and You can descend into the storage. Yeah, I know, the "storage" is not an appropriate word here... Here it is, the Ark of the Covenant, inside an octagonal cage, guarded by lots of Cherubs frozen in midair... Go around it and place the key in the lock on the other side. A mysterious Jewish priest appears (was he frozen as well?). I'll recommend You to save the game and simply open the Ark before You talk to him. This allows You to watch the bad ending - IMO, much more epic than the good one, heheh... Reload and give the Ancient Scroll with Glasses to the priest. Unfortunately, I can't translate what he is singing. The only word I can understand is "Israel". I'd like some Jewish friend (Yoav?) to help me here. Watch the final cutscene and take the final pickup...




This is just the final flyby, with all secrets You have found appearing on Lara's table. I bet You didn't find them all at the first try. But I also believe this is not the last time You play this game.