BtB 2011 - Ghost of Profesor Belshazzar

Level by Yoav

Walkthrough by D&G Productions

As this version of the level is actually the Beta version, not everything is changed and you may find some shortcuts and other errors. We will only write down the intended routes.

The Tunnel Key.

Go out NE to the Main square, go N to those crates and take a left (W) onto the track and take a right around the glass wall. Open the double doors and follow the passage down, to the right in an alcove is Revolver ammo. Proceed to a small garden, in the SE corner is a button, this will open the trapdoor in the garden. Go down and S, right and left to come to the crate you saw from the other side, pull it once. Turn right and go down the rest of the passage to find Secret #1, the Revolver. Go back, and keep going right to come to the spot where the crate was before, pick up the Tunnel Key. Climb out S to the square.

The Crowbar.

Head over to that stack of crates; pull the one NW away to find a lever, throw the lever to raise a platform in the hole NE (the one you just came out off). Go to the E wall and spot a short passage to a pipe with a valve, use that valve to open the greenhouse section to the right of you. Go in there and pull the crate out to the square, just one time when you reach the door and then place it under the lamp left of the greenhouse door (once N). Climb the crate and take the cleverly hidden Crowbar from the top of the lamp.

The Fuse.

Get down and move the crate all the way onto the platform NE, hop onto the crate and open the doors. Make your way N to the back wall of this small machine room and open the crowbar door, get the Fuse inside and return to the square.

A Bundle of Keys.

Go S and left into the greenhouse section where you got that crate from. Just inside go right (S) into the small passage and take a right, up the ladder and open the crowbar door. You’re on the first floor of the dark cave. Go E to the other end and take a right down the stairs, a dark grim room with bright plants. Between the plants in the SE corner is a Bundle of Keys. Open the doors NW and step out.

The Greenhouse Key. 

To the N is a hole in the ground, get in and S is a small fence with a lock on it. Use the Keys to open the door and go in. Follow through, up the ladder and look in the right hand wall for an alcove with the Greenhouse Key. Go NW, climb up N and open the doors to get back to the first floor. Go N and down the ladder, out N and take a right (E) to the greenhouses.

The Greenhouses, Belshazzar’s Book.

In the far SE corner is a large tree and on the back of the fence is a lock, use the Greenhouse Key there. The nearest greenhouse opens up; on the back of the block is a lever to open another greenhouse, the one NW of where you are now. Inside you can use the Fuse to open the last greenhouse N and that’s where you’ll find Belshazzar’s Book between the plants on the higher floor. Go out and W to get back to the square.

To the Tunnel, the Wheel.

Go S into the building and take a right, pull the table once and hop over it to get the Flares. Go up the stairs there and follow the passage to the right. When you go down some steps, there’s an opening to the left. Go crawl in and use that crowbar lever to the left. A platform rises where we go now. Crawl back out and go to the higher part of the passage to grab the ceiling. Swing to the S and left around to that platform. Open the crowbar door to find Secret #2, a Medipack.

Get out, down to the floor and open the near by doors S, follow in to a large Hall. Go left and around that blue wall to get a Medipack from the balcony there. Head back and go W to the large window and collect the Revolver ammo there. Now open the door S with the Tunnel Key. Careful, there’s a deep drop off.

Jump SW around the corner to the ledge and then S onto the roof, go left and jump around the corner. Shoot the window, get inside and go down that ladder to the ground floor. Go S and to the right are some doors you can push open, follow through to get the Wheel.

Get back out and go N into a large cave, follow through this dark cave and up some steps. Jump over to the roof and go down the opening, dropping into the water. Swim along this cave to get to the Tunnel.

Loading Docks, Platform Puzzle.

Follow through and as soon as you reach the steps (around the corner), turn around and look up for a jump lever. Run and jump to activate it, it will open a door at the loading docks. Turn around and go up to the loading docks, NE and up the stairs to where the door opened, turn the valve wheel and a platform will raise in the trench outside. Go down the stairs and down into the opening in the floor in front of the stairs. Look N for the first lever (#1), use it to raise another platform. Climb out and go S, into the trench there and use the second lever (#2) in the N end, in front of the doors. Get out of the trench and find another raised platform in the W end of the trench. Jump over it and use the lever (#3) there and the platform next to you goes down. Use the lever (#4) and go to the doors in the trench, open then up and in the end is the last lever (#5) Climb out and find 6th raised platform S, climb up into the alcove and onto the low wall there. Look up (face E) and jump to use the jump lever, raising another platform in a room we go to in a bit.

The Door Key.

Get down and go all the way N along the tracks. To the right around the corner of the tree is a switch. Use it and go back to the S, to the right are glass windows, shoot the cracked one and go in, find the open gate SW. Go N through this large hall and spot that platform you raised with the jump lever. Proceed to the room N and left around the corner is another lever on the wall, this will open a door above.

Go back to the large hall and up those stairs, look for the chandelier SW and jump onto it with Ctrl, jump S and then onto the balcony W to get the Door Key.

The Red Plug.

Jump back over the chandeliers to get to the op of the stairs and open the double doors. Follow through and jump from the arch to the chandelier, then to the next arch. Enter the door W you opened with the lever below and get the Red Plug.

Get out and jump to the floor E, go down the steps in the end (E) and when you see the door, turn around and climb up N to get Secret #3, a Medipack. Get down and open the door with the Key.

The Dragon.

On the landing next to the stairs are 2 Medipacks, then go down to a underground labyrinth. Pick up the Flares, climb up W through the opening and meet the Dragon.

First deal with 2 nasty bugs and then go close to the Dragon sidejump left and right while shooting (the Revolver will kill her quick). In the NW corner of the area is a block with a valve wheel on it. That will open the trapdoor in the ground somewhere near the white arch. 

Labyrinth, the Heart.

Get down and just follow to the right where possible to get to the Heart. Turn around, first right, straight across to the N and a right again, first left and into the tiled passage NE. In the end of the tiled hall are doors, step out and you are back at the start. Go left to the square and S into the building.

The Lab, the Artificial Valve.

Go straight into the passage S and left to the dark cave. Then go to the E side and find a receptacle for the red plug on the right hand wall. Follow in to come to a Lab, look up and left and spot something on the lamppost up there. Go NE over the ground floor and up the stairs there, up more stairs to the roof and find a hole in the floor N. Get down into the room below and use the crowbar lever on the floor S. A platform will rise outside under that lamppost. Climb back up to the roof.

Go down the first stairs and out to the stairs E, turn S and jump to the ledge, jump the ledges around to the W side to grab the Artificial Valve from the lamp post, combine that with the Heart to get Belshazzar’s Artificial Heart.

The Book Key, open Belshazzar’s Book.  

Jump back to the block S and safety drop down to land on the stairs near the exit and get back to the dark cave, go NW and left into the shortcut passage towards the greenhouse section. Go up the ladder W to get to the first floor, go E over the bridge and this time left to the staircase. Climb onto the balcony there and face N at that stand to place Belshazzar’s Artificial Heart. Go further down the stairs and from the gap in the wall you can see another door opened in the dark cave. Go back up the stairs, to the W over the bridge and just safety drop from the side there. Go E and into the newly opened door, the  Key for Book lies hidden on the lamppost. Get it and combine it with the book to open it.

Using Belshazzar’s Magic Book.

Get out, go NW through the shortcut passage to the greenhouse section, out W to the square. Go NW, follow the tracks into a tunnel. Take a left, down the ramps and open the door down there with the Wheel. Inside you can place the Book on the stand and the door upstairs opens up. Go back up to the tracks and into the passage N. Go through the big door.

Belshazzar’s Airship, Clearing the Way.

Shoot the Crow and spot the Airship docked up here. Go up the black ramp W and jump over the fence W. Follow the walkway and take the first right, at the end, on the fence is a button. This button will open a door below. Go back and right, down to a storeroom. Take the third crate and move it all the way into the square SE, under the chapel and then out against the E wall, climb up and up again to the terminal. Go left and go to the button (#1) against the N wall. The first door of the labyrinth will open up. Turn around and go straight S up a small ramp to a window, shoot it and drop down.

The Terminal Labyrinth.

Go SE and into the large opening E, to the left is some Revolver ammo. Follow the tunnel around the corner and pick up the Lasersight. At the end of this passage is the labyrinth. Just before you enter and to the left is another button (#2) you should use.

Go in, straight to the end and left to find another button (#3) in the right hand side. Turn back and take the new open door on the left (N); follow (keep left where possible) and come to the next button (#4). Go back and all the way to the E end of this section, up the higher floor on the right and shoot the window on the left. Go in and look up at the ladder, shoot (revolver/sight) at least the window opposite the ladder and climb up. Back flip and go look for the next button (#5) on a block (N  behind the ladder).

Back down the ladder to the last button (#6) on the N wall (NW corner) and open the double doors N, go through and into the open door NW, follow through to the terminal. Go up to the Airship, jump out N and head down the stairs, open the doors and slide down….

End of the level.