Temple of Gods

Level by Levelzentrum (March, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] The zip file I have just contained a PRJ file. I used the level editor to make a tut1l.tom file and then built the level tut1.tr4 to play. [End note]

Slide down a slope as the door opens before you. At the end go left up a ramp. You can shoot an empty vase for practice. At the top of the next ramp, go left and jump the gap to grab a crawl space. Crawl in and get the Hand of Orion. Drop back down and go up the ramps again. At the top, go right to use the Hand of Orion and a gate opens above you during a flyby. Go to the right and up a ramp. Shoot another vase and notice the opening above it. Climb the wall and get into that opening. Follow the tunnel and generally follow the path, watching out for spike pits, to a room with three coffins and three vases. Shoot the vases and pick up flares. Enter the crawl space in the south-east corner. At the end is a room with many firetraps. Work you way among them towards the east end of the room. You pass some water on the way so dive in and pick up a large medipack. At the back of the room, use the floor switch and get a cut scene of a gate opening. To the south you can pick up revolver ammo. Return through the room and the tunnel back to the first open gate.

The open gate is too high to reach. So climb the opposite climbable wall and near the top, back flip, roll, and grab the ledge and pull up. Enter the room and pull back a statue out of the way so you can proceed. Enter and kill two scorpions. Enter a wider area and kill a blue ninja. Shoot the two vases for the revolver and revolver ammo. Go forward and get a short flyby of the area ahead. Before dealing with the columns, look north for an opening that you cannot reach. Then go south to climb into an opening there. In the room at the end, go to the left and pick up the Hand of Sirius. To the right is a deadly fire pit. Exit back to the columns room. Jump to the south-east column for Uzi’s. Jump west to a column for Uzi ammo. Jump over to the ledge above the gate and pick up the shotgun. Jump north-east to a column for shotgun shells. Face west to an opening. You can climb the ladder to the bottom but I found nothing. Enter the opening and follow the tunnel and pick up shotgun shells. Jump over the spike pit and kill a scorpion. At the end pick up shotgun shells and climb the south wall. Drop down at the end and you are back at the start. Jump the columns again but this time, go the column in the south-west corner and face west at a crawl space. Get into the crawl space and on the other side, follow a tunnel and slide into a room with a closed door. Pick up Uzi ammo on your left. There is an opening there to return back to the column room later.

Go to the north wall and use the Hand of Sirius to open the door. Enter and go north for a small medipack. Go west and pick Cartouche Piece 1 and Cartouche Piece 2 from the pedestals. Go north and get a cut scene of a dark opening. I think that this is the first place you went to use the switch. Enter the north room and kill a blue ninja. Get into the water hole and swim to pull up in a large pool. On the east ledge you can pick up a small medipack. Go south to make the Ba Cartouche and use it to open the gate under the water. Swim inside to another pool and pull up. Climb the pole to back flip into another room. Use the floor switch and get a cut scene of the columns room flooded and the gate under the ledge is open. Back down into the water and swim to the end. Go through the Cartouche room back to the Hand of Sirius room. Go to south-east corner and climb. Pull up into an alcove. Climb the west wall and shimmy to the right into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel and climb blocks and eventually drop in to the tunnel next to the flooded columns room.

Dive into the water and swim into the open gate at the west wall. Follow the tunnel to pull up into a room. Pick up two revolver ammo from the floor. Kill two scorpions and avoid the mummy and enter the next room. Shoot a vase in the south-east for a large medipack. Get into the bottom rooms and kill a blue ninja. Go to south-east corner for an opening. Get down into the room. The vases here contain nothing. Go to the east wall and pick up an Eye Piece. The underwater gate is now open. Swim in and at the end swim up. Notice a branch in the tunnel for later. First go straight up into a room. Go to the back of the room for the other Eye Piece and a large medipack. Now go back into the water and take the tunnel branch. Pull up into a large cave area. Go east and enter the doorway. Go to the north-east corner for revolver ammo. Drop into the room below to kill two blue ninjas and pick up revolver ammo. Use the floor switch and the door opens above you. Kill another blue ninja and pick up a large medipack from a block. Enter the open gate and follow a tunnel to another room with holes in the floor. Go around the floor and attract two scorpions to kill. Safety drop or climb down into the room below. Shoot then vases but they contain nothing. Approach the gateway and kill a blue ninja. Create the Eye of Horus and use it to open the gateway. Enter the room and get a long flyway of the place as the level ends.