Lara Croft at Mirror’s Edge (Demo)

Level by David Lanaria

Walkthrough by manarch2

Right at the start, run and jump down two ledges, run onto the left blue ramp and jump over the fence. Run onto the next ramp and jump up to the roof, sprint to the zip line, grab it and get to the other side. Run and jump up, get on the ramp and jump to the next roof, turn slightly left and jump on the highest part of the left roof. Grab another zip line, get to the end, run and jump over the gap and reach the door. Open it, run up the ramp right of you and in the next room get into the NE corner. Jump and grab the crevice, climb into the crawlspace. Drop out at its end, shoot two soldiers and run up through the corridor. Open another door. Either kill the three soldiers or run away from them, run up the left ramp, jump to the roof ahead, turn right and jump down to the next roof. Climb up the highest boxes and jump over the fence. Follow to the red tiles and jump to the lower roof, head W and run and jump up to the next roof, heading left. Shoot or ignore two more soldiers, sprint N and to the ramp. Run-jump over it to the far walkway. Head up the long ramp and climb the right hand ladder at the end. On top are four more soldiers – killing them is really unnecessary as when you sprint to the far N end of the roof and jump to the helicopter the level ends.