Level by Salzferkel

Walkthrough by manarch2

You start this level sliding down a ramp, seeing a currently impossible to reach jumpswitch while dropping on the second slope. Jump over the spike gap and land in a dark ambient room.

ďDeath shall come on swift wings to them who touch the tombs of the pharaos.Ē

Kill a bat, pick up a Little Medikit to your right. Turn around and climb up the SE block, crawl in the left hand passage and use the floor lever at the end to distract the spikes in the gap you jumped over. Get back to the ramp and jump it up to land in the gap. Turn left and crawl in the next room with two burners. Avoid them at first and get Flares at the end of the corridor, then jump into the pool and get Normal Shotgun Ammo and the Shotgun. Get out and notice two reach-in switches where the fires come out - time the grab on the burner near the pool, then grab in the hole in the second fire, it wasnít possible for me to not get in flames, so just sprint and dive in the pool. A door is open now so climb out and get through it. There are several levers in this passage but donít use them yet, drop down the ledge to the lava pool and hang on the edge, drop and crawl in the passage - at the end you will find the Hand of Orion. Get through the passage and climb out in the fire room, get through the door again and this time have a look at the levers. The levers raise the trapdoors to reach the other side of the lava pool, but you donít need to raise all of them - only two, to be exact, as you can jump over a one-square gap.

Turn to the left wall and use the two levers (first the left, then the right one), turn right and run-jump over the trapdoors to reach the safe corridor. Have a look at the flyby -two doors open. Donít get in the left (S) room yet - this could make you completely stuck. Enter the right (N) room. There are many pickups in this room in the different trenches, Medikits, Flares and Uzi Ammo. But to progress you have to drop into the trench right ahead of you, between the first and second ramp counting from the left. Find and use a jumpswitch here to raise a block for later, then exit this room and go to the junction again. Now head through the S door and enter a pool room. Kill a harpy and a crocodile in the pool, then jump into the water and find a crowbar under the entrance. Swim to the other side and find a timed underwater ceiling switch (only usable one time, so save!). Use it, swim back to the entrance, climb out and start jumping the pillars that formerly were deadly because of the flames.

Jump up to the top, then you enter a room with many deadly tiles (the faces), jump over them and shoot the left vase to get a Torch. The right vase contains a jackal so you donít have to shoot it. Light the Torch, jump back to the other side of the room and light the wall torch too, then jump back with the torch, throw in in the right passage and get the Cartouche Piece from the pedestal. A bunch of scarabeus attacks you, the beasts are immortal, so jump in the right tunnel, grab the Torch and sprint. When you see a left hand alcove run into it, itís a timed tile so quickly head to the passageís end and jump up the block before it lowers again, throw the Torch away on the top and kill a ninja. Take the Torch again and jump on the raised block, go to the corner and light the bowl. A fire wraith appears - jump down to the ramps and sprint tinto the S pool room, dive in the pool. The wraith eventually vanishes, climb out and get into the ramp room again.

Go upstairs - the three doors are open now, but some deadly door traps have activated. Get through the left or right trap, avoid another knife and go right around the corner, then sprint down the middle ramp, avoid the door trap and jump to the left or right ramp as a boulder chases you. Get back up, crawl under the spike ball and avoid another blade trap, then enter a new room. In the rear part of it open the sarcophagus to get the second Cartouche Piece, pick up another Shotgun (if you have it, that means more ammo) and leave this room again, get back to the ramp area. While standing on the middle ramp turn left and drop on a bridge with two illegal slopes, you can jump back up through being embed in them. Turn left and jump into the alcove, then down. Use the crowbar to open a door somewhere else, then open the trapdoor from the E. Enter the cellar, climb up a near ledge and another one to find the Uzis and Uzi Ammo. Kill a bat and get down, then head to the passageís end (not yet the passage with knifes) and climb up to use a lever here.

Get back, to the circle blade traps and do sprint-jumps to get through them safely. Climb the left ladder at the end to reach the junction again. A new W door is open so head through, on the first square turn and jump back to the right passage as another boulder gets down. Return after surviving and head up the ramp, when the fire is out jump up and use the jumpswitch. Further up the ramp you reach a new room. Pick up the Crowbar - not really necessary but it shows you what to do. Open the N door with the crowbar and pull the pedestal out and to the S tile, a block lowers. Combine the two Cartouche Pieces to form the Ba Cartouche and place it to open the door. Slide down the ramp inside to land in the starting area. First of all re-climb the SE block, get to the room with the lever and open the door using the Crowbar to get the Revolver. Now head back and jump over the ramp at the start again. The second ramp is replaced by high steps, so climb up and use the jumpswitch you saw at the very beginning to make a rope appear and open a door in the last room. But the slope ďreturnsĒ - jump over the again deadly spike gap and then, in the hall, to the rope. Swing and jump SW and reach the alcove. Avoid another blade trap, find the Lasersight in this room and use the floor lever in this room.

Get back in the last hall, combine Revolver and Lasersight to shoot two diamonds in the lion heads on the S wall. A NW block raises, jump on it to place the Hand of Orion. Behind you a trapdoor has opened, jump in the pool, approach the door and it opens. You arrive back at the pool room with the timed switch, swim to the opposite wall and another door is open here. In the mini maze swim left and climb out to reach a big hall. Approach the lever carefully - some spikes appear. Get in the right hand hole and use the lever to distract them. Upstairs again, use the floor lever to open another door in the mini maze. Dive back in it and swim ahead and left. Climb out, head left and pick up and light the Torch. Return, go left, avoid the blade and go right, light another pedestal, get on and eventually find a reach-in switch to open a door. Return all the way to the entrance of this room, pass the fire pedestal and go right to reach the door. Go to the far W wall of this area and find a jumpswitch, then return to the door trap. Get through and find Uzi Ammo in a right passage. Now work your way NW through the maze to find another door trap. Get through, ahead, left and head to the open door to end this level.