City of Gods

Level by Levelzentrum (March, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note 1] I used the room editor to load the stadt.prj project. I then saved the file as catacomb.wad and created catacomb.tr4 to play the level. I used the normal script files and selected Catacombs as a new game. [End note 1]

[Note 2] There is a very bad problem in the file. After one point if you have to reload, the cut scene bars appear at the top and bottom of the screen. You are then stuck and cannot continue with the game. This point will be noted in the following text. [End note 2]

Start by going to the south wall to press a large button. Go east into the open door and turn left to press another large button. You get a cut scene of a door rising. Turn around and go south through a tunnel into another room.  Notice a door needing two items to the west. Go south into the door you opened. Inside go east and pick up the crossbow, Pharos Knot, and crossbow explosive ammo from the floor to the left side. Continue east and enter a room with a pool. Destroy the two skeletons and notice a closed door in the south wall. Dive into the pool and swim into a hole in the north-west corner. Follow the underwater tunnel and pull up into a room with a pole. Climb the pole and back flip at the top into another room. Go east to pick up grenade normal ammo. Enter the doorway to the east and turn south. Look to the west for a column and push it into the room. Hop on the ledge to the north to pick up the Uzi’s. Go south to kill a skeleton and press a large button on the south wall. You get a cut scene of a door raising somewhere.

Exit this room and go south into a dark hallway. Use a flare and go left to pick up the grenade gun and grenade flash ammo. Return and go into the doorway to the east and get a flyby of the area. Go north and climb on a block to monkey swing over the water.  Enter the room to destroy the skeleton. Pick up shotgun shells from the floor. In the window pick up a large medipack and a crowbar. Go back south and pick up Uzi ammo near the exit of this room. Go north to the end of the hallway. Turn left and go west into a room. Kill a mummy and pick up a shotgun from the south-east window. Enter the south-west door and go up the ramp. Go to the middle bridge to the east wall and use the Pharos Knot and the door below opens. Drop into the water below and climb up into the doorway. Run down the tunnel to another room with a pool. Notice a receptacle on the west wall. Swim to the south side and pull to a floor lever. Use it and an underwater door opens in the east side of the pool. There is still a closed door to the west side. Dive in and follow the underwater tunnel and pull up to a ledge in a room. Go to the north-east corner to pick up a Horseman's Gem. Go to the south-east corner to pick up another Horseman's Gem. Dive in and swim back to the north for steps to exit the water. Go through the north tunnel and then to the east tunnel. At the end, enter the earlier room with the closed door and use the Horsemen's Gems to open it. Enter a rather dark room and go west to find a room with more light. Go to the north-west corner and climb the ladder on the wall.

Pull up and then go east and then south to find the revolver on the floor. Go further south to find revolver ammo. Go west, south, and west again to a wall. In two alcoves you find the laser sight and a small medipack. Then go east and south to an area with more columns. Keep going and find revolver ammo in a south-east corner. Go west and climb down a ladder and pick up flares. Follow the cave to the end and get a flyby of where to go next. Get into the open area and go to pick up the Pharos Pillar. You get a cut scene of the other underwater door. Kill three skeletons that attack. Go to the south-west corner of the outside area and see some bones on a tile with a black circle. Save the game here. Shoot the bones and get a cut scene of the wall opening where you got the Pharos Pillar. [Note] If you die after this point and have to reload you will be stuck in a cut scene format. However you have to shoot the bones to continue. Just try not to die after this point. [End note] Go there and use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a door opening. Go back to the cave, up the ladder, and in a general north direction towards the entrance hole. Get down and go through the rooms to the east and exit the door. Turn right and enter the open door, get into the tunnel and run down to a pool. Enter the door to the south and go to the next pool. Turn west and use the Pharos Pillar to open the underwater door beneath you. Dive in and follow the tunnel to another pool room.

Pull up and climb a block to the south. Jump and grab the west wall and shimmy to the open door in the north-west corner. Go up a ramp and at the top slide down backwards. At the bottom, grab, pull up, back flip, roll, and grab the column behind you. Jump to the center structure to pick up the Music Scroll. Work you way down the columns to a tunnel in the north-west. Go down the tunnel and be careful of spike pits. At the end go west and push a tower back one tile. Go right and west again to use a floor lever. Return to the first tunnel to see that a tile has dropped to reveal another tunnel. Go north to an alcove and pick up crossbow explosive ammo. Go north and go left to pull back a tower. Return and loop right to climb a block. Use a floor lever and go to the tunnel behind the tower you pulled. Pick up a large medipack and go to the north-west where another tile has dropped. Follow the tunnel to a ledge overlooking an area with two skeletons. Go to the north-east corner and climb a ladder. At the top enter a room and use sloped pillars to get into a tunnel in the north-east upper corner. Follow to a room and pick up a large medipack from the center block. Do not use the right floor lever as it opens the door to a tunnel of beetles. Use the left floor lever and follow down the tunnel to a large room. Use the Music Scroll and get a cut scene of the far door opening as the level ends. You actually start the level again but you are stuck because of the noted bug.