Fighting Horus


Level by Lakota


Walkthrough by dmdibl (David Dibble)


Horus in this level is no longer invulnerable, but will prove a tough and powerful opponent. Enjoy the attractive objects and design.




Start in an intriguing tomb. Shoot chests on either side in the middle of the room to get shotgun wideshot shells and crossbow explosive ammo. Go forward into the next room, where suddenly a demigod comes alive and starts firing. Run up to him as quickly as possible, crouch, and shoot him with pistols. As long as Lara is crouching near him his blue bolts go over her head. Keep shooting until he drops. It appears that Lara needs two artifacts to open this door that he was guarding.


Go down the ramp in the middle of the room, and come to four chests. Shoot them to get shotgun wideshot shells and large medipack. The next room has a helpful air column. Lara can drop into it to land softly below. (But better, Lara can jump from below and sail up in the air column all the way back to the ledges.) Drop down to the water room platforms. There are two ways for Lara to go, north or south—the doubled passages join up inside, so don't be confused by four doorways.


Jump to the north. Go inside and find two more chests, shoot them for crossbow explosive ammo. Lara instinctively notices a dark block in the middle south wall, and pulls it out. Go into the room and from a pedestal get Secret #1, shotgun shells and large medipack. Come out, go around the hole in the wide area to the far wall, and push open a sarcophagus to get large medipack and crossbow.


Take a ramp down in the middle of the room, but go slowly at a doorway as an ahmet rushes out. Explosive ammo isn't effective against ahmets, but if Lara backs up the beast won't follow her up the ramp, so she can keep shooting him with pistols to get rid of him. Go to the back of the room, shoot two more chests to get small medipack and crossbow explosive ammo.


Hang and drop into the hole in the floor. Go south to a room with four rams. Lara muses that she should try to light high standing torches with a crossbow. I assumed explosive ammo. Aim high, fire a crossbow explosive bolt, two flames ignite, and a door goes up. First go to sarcophagi on either side, push the lids aside to get crossbow explosive ammo and laser sight. Then go through a door in the south.


Open a sarcophagus ahead for more crossbow explosive ammo. I suppose we should remember that the title of the adventure is “Fighting Horus.” Go east into a room where it looks like there will be a three-element puzzle. In the NE corner take a torch from a skeleton, light it on a wall torch. Drop the torch for now.


Go down a ramp in the middle of the room. As Lara advances a demigod appears, so draw pistols and run up close to him to use the crouch trick, keep firing until he drops. Get a large medipack from a pedestal in front, and crossbow explosive ammo from a pedestal in back.


Go north, a helpful pictorial shows this is the water element. Get past swinging flames and into the last room. One Water jug on the left has a bluish tinge, pick it up. Lara now has a holder for water, so on the way out be sure to fill the jug at a little pool of water. Return to the central area with the recumbent ram.


Go east, and a helpful pictorial shows this is the earth element. Go through, jump up to find squishing blocks. Time them, make standing jumps through. That done, shoot chests on either side and get large medipack and crossbow explosive ammo. Go to a hole ahead, drop down to get a Bag of Sand. Return to the central area.


Go south, through pounding pillars, using sprint to get under the second. A helpful pictorial shows this is the fire element. Drop down in a hole, go forward, dramatic music cues Lara to draw her pistols. Run forward toward a demigod that appears, crouch in front of him, and fire until he drops. In front of a graphic pick up the Oil Jar. Return to the central area.


Now go up the wide ramp to the three-element puzzle. Save the game in case Lara makes a mistake in placement. Facing east toward a metal gate, place water in the scale to the left, place bag of sand in the scale to the right, and place oil from the jar in the center, where a pictorial shows fire. Collect the lit torch and light oil in the center. The metal gate goes up. Drop the torch where Lara can find it.


Go forward, shoot a chest, pick up a large medipack. Go north past a line of rams. When Lara gets to a dramatic room, a slow camera focuses on a glowing artifact on a far pedestal. Lara wants to go back south a little ways. As soon as the camera takes over, go west into a doorway. Go down a slope to a sarcophagus and get large medipack and shotgun wideshot shells. Turn around, take a doorway on the left. Go down this slope and...another demigod. Lara knows the routine. After he falls go into an end room with chain, and pull the chain once. A camera shows pillars moving inward in the artifact room.


There isn't anything at the bottom of that pillar room, so retrace Lara's route, taking slopes back up. Go to the deep room, and jump across pillars to the far ledge. From a pedestal take Ra Cartouche. The music indicates success. Jump back across pillars, go between the line of rams, and right (W) to the three-element area. Lara may want to take the torch back with her, but not just yet.


Return to a seated statue and start to go right, and find that an ahmet is running toward Lara. Turn around and run back to the three-element room. Ahmets hate ramps (it's too long a story to tell here). While standing on the wide ramp, Lara shoots the ahmet with pistols. It will run away. Lara jumps up on flat stones, and the ahmet returns to where Lara can shoot him better. When he gets too close, Lara hops back down on the ramp.


When it explodes, Lara retrieves the torch, and exits. Go between four rams and into a narrow passageway. The torch illuminates walls, and reveals a push block on the left. Drop the torch on the next tile. Push the block in until a passageway is revealed to the right. Just to be sure, try pushing the block farther in. An opening left appears, jump down there, and next to a skeleton pick up Secret #2, small medipack and shotgun wideshot shells.


Hop up into the upper passage, take the left route and around a corner push a block forward. Roll, go left and left, back to where the lit torch is. See that a push block is in the main passage. Push it forward until Lara say, “I need a block to get out of here! Let's check it out.” Hit “Esc,” and ignore her comment (the benefits of carrying a lit torch). Push the block forward about four squares until Lara can jump on it to pull out of the hole.


Go south, up the ramp and continue, taking either left or right passageway ahead, and come back out on the water room. Jump to the opposite side of the room and into either south opening there. Hear a beast ahead. The next room has one of those serpent head things, and it isn't any more affected by explosive ammo than the ahmet was. There is enough space in this room for Lara to side flip back and forth, continually shooting with pistols. Finally the thing explodes by pieces.


Lara gets to a water area (there is nothing in the water). This looks like what it is, a timed run over pillars before they catch fire. Do a running jump/grab to the first pillar, catching toward the right edge. Angle left, do a short-takeoff jump to a side pillar (left side to give more room for following jumps), keep running and jump to the next, and run jump to the last pillar in the middle. Lara lands on its far edge. Here she makes a standing jump/grab to pull up on the far end of the room.


Shoot the chests on both sides to get shotgun wideshot shells. Use the reach-in switch in the middle of the south wall, for a long camera shot showing a trapdoor opening at the other end of this area. Go back there and drop down. Come out on a push block puzzle. There is a small pedestal Lara comes to that is a map for the placement (more on that in a moment). On a farther pedestal get shotgun wideshot shells. Dive in the north middle pool to the bottom, take a hole farther down, swim east to where Lara can pull out of the water. A middle pedestal has Secret #3, shotgun.


Swim back, get out. and go to the small map for the puzzle. There are four push blocks in each of the corners. The map shows the orientation, the blocks are to be placed adjacent to north and south statues. The trouble is that the map has a N arrow, so it seems logical to mentally orient the map in that direction and place the blocks accordingly. That really fouled me up here. Ignore the N arrow on the map. Just place push blocks as the diagram indicates.


That is, when Lara is standing in front of the map pedestal, the knife hieroglyphic goes directly to her right, against the wall by the statue. So go to the SE push block, knife, and move it there. Get a blocked camera view. Better to hop back and look at the seated statue, which holds a glowing orb, so the block is placed correctly.


With Lara standing in front of the map pedestal, the “f” looking bent staff goes directly to her left, against the wall by the statue. So go to the NE push block, “f,” and move it there. Strange how push blocks are always across the room, and never just in nearby alcoves. After placing the block, hop back to check that the north statue is holding a glowing orb.


On this same north side, Lara wants to place the bird. Get that block from the NW to complete the north arrangement. Get a glowing orb, check.


There is only one block and placement left. Move the SW block to the left south statue. Now the camera shows electric blue sparks, and a door opening in the east onto an artifact.


Run into the room, hmm, demigods. Probably just for decoration. Lara goes to a pedestal to pick up the Ba Cartouche. The left demigod growls and comes to life. Same old routine. After the demigod falls, expect the second one to come to life, but it doesn't. Exit back west, go up a slope, pull out of the trapdoor. Take either side passage back to the water room.


Remember the air column over the central pillar. Go there, pull up on the pillar, make a standing jump forward. Lara sails upward to land on higher ledges. Exit by the east doorway, go up the ramp, place the two cartouches on either side of the west doorway. When Lara enters, she calls, “Here I am, Horus.” A falcon-headed demigod responds, so shoot him.


Straight ahead there is a receptacle, and holes in the floor. Drop down, go down a ramp to a deep lava pit. In the middle of the ledge turn around, hang, drop down to a crack, and repeat until Lara falls on a block. Do a running jump across, follow through a passage decorated with Horus hieroglyphs, to a room with powerful flame emitters. A camera shot fixates on a block, which must be a push block. Currently the artifact on the far side of the room looks unreachable.


Hang over the side, shimmy right and around a corner, until Lara can pull up in the middle south, go forward to shoot a chest for small medipack. Drop into the pit and...giant scorpions! Jump on the block to shoot them with pistols. Lara may have to lure a scorpion out of its lair in order to shoot it.  Use the block to make a running jump/grab to the middle of the north edge. Pull up, go pull out the center push block, drag it back, and push it over the edge into the pit.


Drop down into the pit, pull the block back to the middle, and push it once toward the side with the artifact. Climb up on it. The open gate interferes, so Lara can't make a running jump over it, and neither can she grab the edge over it. Facing past the right edge of the gate, stand back almost two blocks (so Lara will have a low leap and won't catch fire), jump to grab the edge. Shimmy to the center of gate, equidistance from the two fire emitters, pull up, and go get the Eye of Horus.


Jump into the pit onto the push block. Jump on the far block and pull out east. Run out of here, back to the lava pit. After Lara leaps, onscreen see “Alt + Ctrl + Up Arrow to go up.” Hit “Esc” to clear the screen. Press Lara against the wall, use those keys to make it to the top. Run into the next room, pull up through a ceiling hole where Lara can place the Eye of Horus, whereupon the gate opens.


In the next room see a glowing object ahead. Ready crossbow with explosive ammo. When Horus appears, Lara has to jump around a lot. Learn when the deadliest fire bolts are coming, when Lara needs to back flip to a safe distance. The Horus bolts can be dodged.


Horus is vanquished after about thirty explosive crossbow bolts, some of which may have missed. Lara  collects the prize, a priceless Ankh, and the level ends with a slow flyby camera and music.



3 December 2011