Forgotten Prophecy (Demo)

Level by Pilip

Walkthrough by manarch2

Go out of the passage and see a flyby, then go to the bin ahead and grab the Note, read it and go right. Go SE and follow the hall to another room. Pick up the Binoculars from the bin (don‘t use them - the game crashes!), then leave this room and walk back to the stairs, go up. Run right and open the door to get the Crossbow. You cannot shoot with it. Get back and in the passage open the left door, behind the bin. Pick up a Little Medikit, go to the opposite balcony and get Crossbow Ammo. Go right and drop out of the room left. You can explore the courtyard and find Crossbow Ammo in the bin far NW when you go around the building. Return back to where you dropped down, open the trapdoor in front of the entrance to the courtyard facing N and drop down once more. Pick up a Large Medikit and jump over the rocks, then over the deadly water and open the next door. See a flyby, then climb the boxes and crawl at the top to get Flares. Drop down in the gap in the centre of the room and climb down the ladder. After another flyby run to the other side of the cave, climb another ladder and backflip. In the next room pick up 3x Uzi Ammo, then climb on the shelf and find the Uzis and a Silver Ball. Climb down the ladder, head back through the cave and climb the ladder back up into the storeroom, jump back over the deadly water and climb up the ladder to the courtyard. Climb up the blocks to get into the hall where you started this game, run downstairs and head into the E room. Place the Silver Ball SW to open a door in the courtyard – return there by running upstairs and dropping down, then enter the open door W to enter a church. Find a Little Medikit and the Pistols behind the E banks (this opens the door so you can finish this level), then go N and push/pull the knight onto the marked tile on the W wall to open a nearby trapdoor. Drop down and head into the dark to finish this level.