Catacombs at Dusk

Level by afzalmiah

Walkthrough by manarch2

Into the Catacombs - First Steps

In the starting passage, run ahead and slide down the passage. You soon will land in a bigger room with a receptacle for an item you donít have yet E. Go SW and pick up Normal Shotgun Ammo, then head N and climb into the passage. At the end turn around and jump up to the ledge above you and follow the corridor to the upper stage of the previous room. Run on the right of the two walkways to find a Little Medikit, then go back and to the left walkway to push a floor lever. Drop down and go NW to see the door the lever opened, head through the passage and climb into a dark crawlspace. Get up at the end and you find yourself at a junction. Go left to push a floor lever, then go right and push a button. Get back through the crawlspace, climb out and follow the passage, a door is opened now (by the button).

Button Room, Pool

Enter the next hall and four mummies appear. Push all four coloured buttons in this room to open a door NE. Go there, notice a S gem receptacle, and head through the passage. Jump in the pool and find a narrow passage SW, swim through to get the Uzi. Return and swim through the N tunnel, climb out and follow the passage. Pick up Uzi Ammo and push a floor lever at the end to hear a door opening. Jump back in the water, swim to the pool room and climb out. Turn and jump on the left of the two pillars to find Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, then on the right one to find Normal Shotgun Ammo. From the right pillar jump to the NE passage. Head through and find the Aqua Gem on a pedestal in the next room. Head back to the pool room and exit through the S passage.

Big Hall

Place the gem S in the button room to open the next door, head through the passage and a wraith appears. Quickly run through the E arch and left to find a cross, wait until the wratih explodes and pick up a Little Medikit S. Now run through the W arch, find a ladder to your left and climb into the tunnel. At the end turn and jump up to the ledge above you, head through the passage and a skeleton appears left. Quickly push the floor lever, then drop down on the floor level again. Run E and a door opened - head through the corridor and you eventually arrive at another chamber. Climb the pillar in front of you to get the Shotgun, then head SW and find a movable pillar. Push and pull it N, then onto the marked tile W in the corner to open the SE door. Get in the tunnel, there is a junction and you can take either path.

E path: Ornate Handle

Get in the next room and shoot a demigod. SE you can shoot a box to pick up some Flares. Go to the centre of the room and find the a bit raised floor, climb up to the pillar. Jump SW to get Normal Shotgun Ammo, then monkeyswing and at the junction first go right to find a Little Medikit, then left, drop on the pillar and run-jump NE to get the Ornate Handle. Drop down and head out of the room SW.

W path: Hathor Effigy

Follow the corridor, jump in the pool and watch out for two crocodiles. You have to climb up in the N and S passages to push a button each. After pushing both an E door opened, swim there, climb up and head through the passage to find the Hathor Effigy. Return, jump in the pool and climb back out W, running back to the junction.

Coloured Blocks

Return all the way to the big hall where the wraith exploded. Head through the NW passage to find another bigger room, a skeleton attacks. Climb the N ladder and get on the walkway left, pick up Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and push the button at the end to open another door. Drop down and run S, up the stairs (the skeleton doesnít follow you) and through the opened door. Go left and at the end push another button to open the door on the N walkway. Drop down, climb up the ladder again and head through the open door. In the next room grab the Pharos Pillar upstairs, also pick up Uzi Ammo to the left and the Crossbow with Explosive Crossbow Ammo to the right of the stairs. Return to the previous room, drop down and kill the skeleton with the new weapon.

Waterfall Room

Head back to the last hall, then N through the passage, into the button room. If you want you can shoot all the mummies now too. Head back through the E passage to the starting room, place the Pharos Pillar on the E wall to open the nearby door. Run through and get a camera of two mummies in this room. You need to shoot these mummies with the crossbow in order to get the Sword from one of them. Notice another S receptacle in this room, then combine the Ornate Handle with the Hathor Effigy to create the Portal Guardian. Place it N in this room to open the nearby door. Head through the passage and pick up Explosive Crossbow Ammo from the left block. You need a star item to open the door in the E passage. Climb the SW block and find a button on the rear side of it, then head NE and jump to the ledge with the floor lever. Use it to open the door in the pool, jump in it, pick up a Large Medikit and swim S through the open door.

Golden Star

Climb out at the end and shoot the SW vase to get Normal Shotgun Ammo. Get through the E passage and a demigod attacks from the left, kill it and the second demigod awakes. After this one is dead too climb up the NW block and then up to the pillar. Shoot the vase on the next pillar to the left, jump there and pick up a Little Medikit. Jump across some more pillars to eventually reach the E ledge, use the Sword to pry the Golden Star off the wall. Drop down to the floor and exit this room W, jump in the pool again and swim through the passage. Climb out in the waterfall room and get on the bridge, run E and place the star to open the door.

Getting the Prize

Head through the passage and go left at the end.
Push the right button and the opposite door opens. Get through the corridor and pick up the Pharos Knot at the end, return all the way into the pool room and get in the W tunnel. You arrive back in the room where you got the crowbar, head S and place the knot to open the door. In the next room pick up the Ancient Red Gem from the central pedestal, a door opens, run E and through the door, then up the ramp and the game ends.