Egyptian Adventure


Level by misho98


Walkthrough by dmdibl (David Dibble)


Lara is on a quest for four Hands of Orion, and these can be gotten in any order, which is part of the charm of this level. Thus the walkthrough is simply one of the ways to proceed.


6 secrets



Dark Atmospheric Room


We start in a typical dark Egyptian room, but don’t worry, this is about the only place that is really dark. Start by shooting bats. Lara is facing a ladder at the end of the room, so go and climb it. Turn around, grab a monkey swing. Take it out and right into an alcove, here reach in and pull out a torch. Drop down to the floor. Light the torch and use it to light four wall torches around the room; the gate opens on the W wall. Climb up there, go out to get a fast fly-by of a tall hub room.


Several Doors and Ways: Tall Hub Room


Jump out to a ledge. There is a ladder on the far side of the room; go to it and climb up to where Lara can back flip to the highest ledge. When Lara lands look over the side to the right and spot the jump switch below Lara’s feet. We’ll be getting back to that switch.


Go forward to a torch-lit wall lever and throw it. A gate opens. This is down near the bottom of the tall hub room. Go back out and use the binoculars with light function to examine the dark left wall. There is a ladder over there, going up to an alcove. Jump over, climb, get Secret #1, Shotgun and wideshot shells.


Get back down to the room ledge. Notice the gate across the way. Lara can open that gate with the jump switch. Go back to where Lara flipped from the ladder, drop down, grab and pull the jump switch. After Lara lands she can look up to see the open upper gate.


Jump to the ladder again, but this time go down. At its bottom, turn around to see a crossbow protected by spikes on a center pedestal. The spikes won’t harm Lara. Climb up and take the crossbow. A harpy shows up, but if Lara backs into a corner the harpy can’t reach her, so shoot it with pistols.


Step off the ledge and fall into the pool below. Quickly pull out on a ledge and shoot a crocodile. At one end of the room get explosive crossbow ammo and a large medipack. Go to the N side of the room, and on a center pillar with ladders find and throw a wall lever. A gate opens above on the crossbow ledge. The two wall levers and the jump switch have opened three ways for Lara to explore.


Jump into the water, swim to the E wall, center alcove, go in to pick up an easy The Hand of Orion.


Treasure Room


Get out of the water and climb the W ladder. Go through a statue room, into a treasure room. A giant scorpion attacks, but crossbow explosive ammo is effective. In the NW corner is a wall lever, use it to raise a block in the far SE corner. In this area with the seated statues one vase on a ledge contains explosive crossbow ammo, the other vase contains wideshot shotgun shells.


Go forward into the treasure area and shoot two jackals. Head SE toward the corner raised block, and on the way, where the jackals were, pick up another shotgun. Make a standing jump to the raised SE block. Jump up to a monkey swing. Follow to end, drop and hang, pull up into a high alcove for Secret #2, large medipack. When Lara tries to get it a spike ball falls from the ceiling so crouch, take the medipack, crawl back away over the edge. Lara finds herself on a climbing surface, so climb down before dropping to the ground.


Lava Room Jumps


Go straight across W into the wall opening. Shoot another giant scorpion. The wall alcoves are hard to reach, but  find a rope hanging in front of the center grate W. Jump straight up to grab the rope, rotate Lara to face N, and swing to enter the far alcove.


The lever here is timed. It raises a block straight across on the other side of the room in the SW corner. Lara throws the lever, runs out and jumps left to the walkway, races down the walkway (jumping the gap) and makes a running jump to the SW to reach that raised block, then climbs into the alcove before the block lowers. Timing is generous, so Lara can pause to set up the jump out to the walkway.


In the SW alcove throw a wall lever. Make a running jump out to the side of the statue, see that a gate opened behind the statue. Pull the statue out a couple of tiles. Drop from the walkway and shimmy past the statue, get up into the alcove that was behind it, and use a wall lever. A block raises up in the walkway in front of the statue, so push the statue forward to the center of walkway, onto the marked tile. Straight ahead another gate opens. Get over N, climb up, use a wall lever. At last the gate opens in the W wall, go over to get the gate key. Exit E to treasure room.


Treasure Room Secrets


At treasure room S is a high locked door that takes the key. Open door, run inside to pick up The Hand of Orion from a pedestal. A door S opens and dramatic music plays. In an earlier version of this level two demigods showed up for battle, but they are gone now. Go in the opened door, get on a block to use a wall lever, and see that a far door N in the treasure room has opened as an exit.


Back in the three pillar room explore along the side standing torches for 2x shotgun shells. Go to the northernmost pillar, and on the side facing the middle pillar find a climbing surface. Climb up for Secret #3, small medipack.


Drop down, return to the treasure room. The screenshot showed a N gate open, but Lara has an intuitive hunch. Go to the W opening to the lava room. Jump up to see that lava has turned into water, and crossed ledges have transformed, apparently triggered in the Hand of Orion room. Secret #4 chimes. Dive into the water NE for explosive crossbow ammo and wideshot shotgun shells.  Pull out of the water in the middle of the room where a ledge slants down.


Return to the treasure room and go to the N wall open gate. Climb in for a huge tall stairway where a harpy attacks. Shoot it. Climb a ladder and blocks until Lara reaches a gate which opens on her approach. Another harpy attacks from behind. Drop back down and shoot with a couple explosive arrows. Turn and get up through that gate.


Hub Room, Second Route


Lara is back at the top of the high hub. Hop over the ledges to the gate in the S. This is a hard gate to get into. I had Lara stand two blocks away on the ledge, and jump diagonally without grab to land in the opening. Scary, but it works. Approach the inner gate which automatically opens.


Shoot two crocodiles in water. Go up stairs for the laser sight. A skeleton follows, shoot him off with the shotgun. Jump into water and find the W opening, swim until Lara can pull up and back flip to a ledge. See a fly-by of a monkey-swing area.


Monkey Swing Setup


First jump into the water underneath the monkey swing. Swim making a big U-turn left. In this section find a gap in the middle of the N wall. Swim in and use a ceiling lever. An underwater gate opens straight across, so swim over there, pull out of the water to use a wall lever.


Swim out and left, return to the start of the monkey swing. The water is shallow here, so Lara jumps to pull up to a ledge. Take the full monkey swing, drop down at the end.


(1) If Lara wants exercise: Lara back flips and jumps forward to grab the edge of a high slope. She pulls up, back flips to a slope behind her, and jumps with curve left into a side alcove. May take a few tries.


(2) When Lara is all business:  A climbing ladder above that upper alcove does, in fact, extend down even though the climbing surface isn’t marked. At the bottom, Lara can just turn to the W wall, do a standing jump to grab it, and climb up to the alcove.


Lever Play With Jackals


In the upper alcove throw a wall lever. This opens an opposite gate. Jump to E alcove, turn around, and jump up to the mentioned ladder. Climb near the top and back flip. Throw the lever on left wall.


A N block goes down. Go inside and throw a wall lever, which raises the block back up. Use the slope to get up higher. Turn around and jump up to a crawlspace. Crawl through and use the next wall lever. Crawl back out, and drop down.


This time raise the wall lever to lower the N block so Lara can get out. See that the S block has gone down. Go in there and blow up a skeleton. Back flip on a slope, grab the upper edge, and pull up to get a gate key. Drop down, use the key on the black grill door.


Ready shotgun. Use the wall lever, and a screenshot shows that the Hand of Orion is free to take. Lara just wants to break free of the screenshot as jackals came out of side gates by the wall lever. When Lara has control, shoot the jackals.


Go into the S jackal alcove. Turn right and climb on top a block. Get Secret #5, shotgun shells. Get out of the alcove.


Get back to the ladder and drop all the way down onto the unmarked climbing surface. At bottom, jump up to the monkey swing and go out, left, right, drop to grab the alcove edge, pull up and get The Hand of Orion. Lara now has three of the four.


Jump back into the water to leave, return to where the water is shallow, jump to pull up onto a ledge. Jump into the little slope area pool. Swim back out to the room with overhead stairs, pull up on them N.


Hub Room Again, Third Route


From the alcove, jump up to the left ledges, go over to the W ladder, then all the way down it to the crossbow pedestal ledges. Here in the N there is an open gate (below the middle ledge, there is a pillar with ladders going down—the wall lever at the bottom opened this gate).


Enter the N opening. Go in to a big water room, shoot three crocodiles. Dive into the water and swim into the W opening. Pull out of the water, turn around to see a crawlspace. Jump to it, grab, pull in for Secret #6, small medipack. Get out, fall in the water, get back on the ledge. Continue to the next room.


Three Movable Statues Room


Jump up to a monkey swing, go directly across to the far lever. Throw the wall lever to get a camera shot of a block raising in the pool below. Drop down to the floor, and explode two mummies while there. Run to the ladder at the entrance and climb back up. This time take the monkey swing to left across the room, to wall lever in NW. Throw wall lever, see another shot of a block raising in the pool below. Drop down and deal with a harpy.


Near the ladder, pick up one of the torches. Light it, and use it to light wall torches on either side of the NE door. The door opens. As this statue is marked by “coastal” texture, move it to the coastal tile in the SW. Once the statue is placed, the door to the “Tut” statue opens. Move this to the Tut tile in the N.


That accomplished, the door opens to the Pharaoh (Rameses head) statue. Move that to the remaining marked tile. Oops, Lara can’t pull the statue out. Pick up both torches, one by one, and throw them over in front of the ladder out of the way. Now Lara can move the statue to the Rameses tile. The SW corner door opens. Go and throw the floor lever. The high N door opens. Go there, jump up, and get the gate key from the pedestal.


Tin Men for Last Orion Hand


Climb the ladder out of this room. Swim back to the big water room, and to the entrance SW where Lara pulls out of the water. Jump up to grab and pull up on a higher block. Go diagonally across the room to the NE corner. Jump into the opening there, and use the key to open the black grill door.


Inside is a battle with three tin men. There is a Hand of Orion on a pedestal. If Lara really wants to, she can hop around trying to fire at tin men chests. When Lara falls into the water, she can pick up a large medipack and 2x shotgun shells. Climb back out and continue the battle.


Or, when Lara enters the room she can wait for the tin men to come running toward her. Jump around them, run to the pedestal with The Hand of Orion, grab it, turn to jump to the corner ladder, and climb out of this room, leaving three frustrated tin men behind. Lara now has all four Hands of Orion that she needs.


At the top of the ladder walk forward, a gate opens to the starting room, although it is hard to recognize as a local earthquake has buckled floors and made other changes. Go out the W opening, and jump to a ledge in the tall hub room. Hang from the inside of the ledge to drop down into the water below.


Swim into the W opening and pull out of the water. Go forward, turn around to see the ladder above, climb up. Go forward to get a camera of the Orion receptacles ahead; Lara is near the end.


Finish With Tall Pillar Jumps


Stand jump to hang from the middle back of the tall pillar, try to ignore the camera perspective. Pull up, slide, and jump with right curve. Lara hits the next pillar, but slides back to hang from it. Shimmy left, but leave about ‘one Lara’ space on the left.


Pull up onto the pillar, hesitate, back flip/twist, hit the next pillar and immediately make a hard curve left. Lara should land in an alcove. (Again, ignore the camera.)


Jump up to a monkey swing and go across the room. At the far wall, Lara’s view is restored. Here, turn to the left, monkey swing to the edge, drop and grab the back of a sloped pillar. Pull up in the center, slide, and jump to a pole.


Ahead, left, is the pillar Lara wants to jump to. Turn around to back flip to it. Shoot annoying bats. The ceiling column is a ladder. Jump to it, shimmy around left, and back flip to a pillar.


Now do a running jump to receptacles at the room's end. Place all four Hands of Orion. When that is done, a door opens. Pick up the Sands of Time. From here, climb up, and run to the exit.


29 November 2011