In Ice World/Sophia's Curse

Levels by Jordan

Walkthrough by manarch2

Level 1 - In Ice World

You start this level in a strange room that appears to be a mirror room. Donít step on the tile ahead, a boulder comes down here. Run on the higher ledge and then around the square with the boulder. Jump to the square with the Crossbow and pick it up, then pick up the Pharos Knot on the next tile. Get on and head into the passage, avoiding the arrows, then grab the next Pharos Knot at the end and head into the right passage. At the end turn right and grab the right of the two Pharos Pillars, head on through the statue passage, then pull away the skeleton and pick up the left Pharos Knot. Progress further, then pick up the Pharos Pillar and a Token. Go around the corner. In the next room either place the Token in the receptacle to create a vertical pole and climb up, or push the only movable block on the other marked tile beneath to create some steps. Get up into the next room and drop down, two different butlers arrive. Pick up the Gate Key and follow the passage, at the end use the key to open the door. In the following room pick up an Ornate Handle and a Hathor Effigy, combine them to the Portal Guardian and place it to open the next door. Here you can pick up the Crowbar and a Torch, light it at the bin. Leave it for a moment and jump up to the marked slope tile, it turns into a tile where you can stand on. Run up and pick up an Ornate Handle and a Hathor Effigy. Get down and open the doors with the Crowbar. Light the bags with the Torch. Also notice a cat that appeared. The doors open, jump over the fires and place the combined Portal Guardian left, the next pair of doors open. Place one of the Pharos Knots to open the next door, then shoot both targets to open the final pair of doors. Pick up the right Horsemanís Gem to finish this level.

Level 2 Ė Sophia's Curse

Pick up the Binoculars behind you, pull the floor lever and shoot the ball. Open the door and shoot four enemies. Get in the next room, left of the heli and find a motorbike. Drive to the walls to let them explode. Get off and jump in the pool to find the Right Gauntlet, get back out and drive with the bike up the ramp, through the wall and let another row of walls explode. Drive up the ramp, head left and follow the middle walkway, then stay left to avoid the firesquares. Open the door at the end with the floor lever, then drive through and leave the bike after the green objects. Climb the block and drop down left (here is a ladder), drop down and pick up the Lasersight. Climb back up, up another block and follow the right walkway. Jump to the next pillar and from here to the far ledge. Open the door and head through the heli, shimmy left or right around the pillar, climb up and kill another enemy. Jump to the left ledge below and kill the four Sophias that awake after the one before is dead. Then, head through the passage and at the end pick up the Armor. This is the level end.