Tomb of Gods

Level by Levelzentrum (April, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] In the zip file that I have, there was a gruft.prj file dated as 2001 but I could not understand the instructions as they did not mention this file. I downloaded a more recent version from the site laraslevelbase that included a tut1.tr4 file for which I did this walkthrough. [End note]

You can shoot the vase for practice, as it contains nothing. Go south into a crawl space. At the end, stand up and pick up shotgun shells before you drop into the hole. Go east to a wall and turn left. Go north to pick up a shotgun. There is a reach-in switch here. Use it and get a cut scene of a nearby door opening. Go into the doorway and follow the triangular tunnel to the end. Climb the blocks and jump to the back ledge to pick up the Eye of Horus, although it looks like something else. Return to the main room and go towards the water. You see the open door to the south but you need some items before you go there. Go to the north-east corner and jump over the water and the slope to enter a tunnel. It takes a few tries. At the end of the tunnel pick up a Canopic Jar (Load). Exit and dive into the water and swim south and follow the water to an outdoor area. Pull up and go towards the temple to the west and kill two scorpions that run after you. Enter and kill a red ninja. Shoot the two vases at the sides of the entrance for practice. Go north for shotgun shells. Go south for a large medipack and a second Canopic Jar (Load). Enter the next room. There is a closed door to your left. Follow the corridor and use the Eye of Horus to open a door.

Enter in front of a pool. You can kill the red ninja behind the fence as he struggles to get through. It just takes a little while. Dive into the pool and open the underwater door. Pull up the other side and go through a tunnel to the north. A door blocks it but now you know where it is for later. Back to the pool, through the temple, and swim back to the first room. Now enter the door opened by the reach-in switch. Follow the tunnel and jump a fire pit. Go to the end and press a button to open the door. Enter and kill three scorpions and two empty vases. To the south is an opening too high to reach. To the north are two holes for the Canopic Jars, one on either side of a gate. Use them and the gate opens. Go in and press a button and get a cut scene of a closed door opening in this room and of the closed door opening in the temple. First go to the west wall and enter the open door. Follow the ramps up a crawl space. On the other side drop to a ledge and get a flyby of the room.

Jump south to a ledge and pick up a large medipack. Follow the tunnel there around and when going east look up for an opening. But first, continue to the end and jump to ledge for shotgun shells. Jump to the next ledge and use the reach-in switch. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Now return to the opening in the corridor you passed before. Pull up and pick up a large medipack. Follow the ramp down to a statue room. Pick up flares from the middle and a small medipack near the exit door. Follow the exit door tunnel and enter a room with a pool. It is a short cut to the temple. Kill a scorpion that tries to sneak up behind you. Swim to the other side and down the corridor to the now open door near the entrance. Drop in and follow the tunnel to a room with a many openings to water. Kill a red ninja that attacks you. On my first attempt at this level, he fell into the water and was running around on the water floor and I could not kill him. Dive into the water and swim south to open an underwater door. Swim through the channel and pull up south into a corridor, or north into a room for a flyby.

Go south first and pick up flares. Loop to the right pass a fire and pick up shotgun shells. Pass a closed gate and a fire and go north. At the north-west end press a button to get a cut scene of the closed gate. Kill the red ninja you attracted. Go to the north-east end and press another button to get a cut scene of the closed gate opening. Go to the open gate and enter the room.  Press the button and nothing seems to happen. Exit back to the water tunnel and through the room with the holes. Go north through the tunnel and pull up into the corridor. Follw left, to the pool room, through the underwater door and into the other door back to the statue room. Follow up the ramp and drop to the other tunnel. Go in either direction to overlook the room which is now filled with water. If you had gone by the other route using the outside water, you would have discovered that the door was closed. Dive in and swim to the south opening that was too high to reach before. Go though a small room and run down a slope as the level ends by crashing to the desktop.