Nakamorisan's Hideout

Level by Bradley Hawes

Walkthrough by Yoav

Go up the stairs and open the cabinet drawers for Health Pills, continue the next stairs and shoot some soldier, then kick open the blue door just for shotgun ammo. Get back and shoot more two soldiers, climb the display and shoot the glasses and take the SECRET STONE DRAGON. Open the brown door and take W (some door will open for you) then shoot the power box and pull the switch to catch a flyby and switch the level.

Search for the Artifact

You've been captured and locked up in the basement.

Indeed you're locked in a cell at the basement without your pistols. Pull up into a crawlspace, then climb up the ladder. Time the rolling laser and run/drop into a hole, time again and jump out. Time the next rolling laser and run to the middle and quickly jump/grab the upper crawlspace, crawl a bit and drop into a living room, open two cabinet drawers to find the REVOLVER with ammo. Climb the hole and when you drop back into the passage, run to the end for a SECRET, collect revolver ammo and a large medipack. Run back to the middle and quickly pull up into a crawlspace, time the laser, drop and go back to the basement. Shoot the power box, then pull the switch to open the door. You can open the next two cells by pressing a button, the middle one is empty but in the other you can collect ammo in the NE corner.

Follow the passage to enter a room full of boxes and look for a crate NE you can pull back. Pick up the CROWBAR, then start climbing the boxes to the top and open the grate door with your crowbar. A little bit forward crawl, jump over a gap, crawl under a rolling laser, reach a crawlspace and crawl a bit. Go N and crawl again, then stand facing N, jump/grab a ladder and climb about four clicks and backflip into the passage. Pull up W and follow the passage, time the rolling laser and take a S drop to a lower passage and once again time the rolling laser. Take S and reach a closed grate; you can use your crowbar to open it. Then follow a long passage with a rolling laser and slide back to the basement.

Shoot the soldier, then open the door and climb up the stairs. Open a blue door to enter a huge room with some queer structure only for shooting two soldiers. Get back and climb up the stairs to open another door and you are in the hallway around the huge room. Deal with two doberman dogs and soldiers, then open the N door to enter a complex room only to find cabinet drawers with Health Pills inside. Make your way out and over to the S door, enter then push two double doors, take the UZIS from a low pedestal and some flares from the cabinet drawers. Exit and reach the E door open it and enter. Press the button and you switch down, press again and kick out.

Take the hallway and drop into a deep room with shallow water. When a wraith starts running after you, take E and jump through the blank wall, if you slide down you die so when jumping take a left or right to land onto a flat place. Reach the E upper flat and take a jump through another blank wall and slide directly into a pool with a lever. Pull the lever and you switch to another pool, climb out and pull onto the upper ledge. Head over the middle and take the Breast Plate. Quickly jump S while four lasers start closing on you and through the opening door, slide into a living room. Take your Pistols back from the cabinet drawers, then push two double doors and follow outside. Head toward the helicopter and shoot two soldiers to finish this level.