20x20x20 Challenge Ė South Pacific

Level by AgentXP

Walkthrough by manarch2

Tall Cave

Swim forward and right, climb out of the water and pick up the Shotgun from the skeleton. Climb the NW palm which appears to be a pole and backflip into the alcove. Drop down and use the lever. There are two ways to get the first secret. The first: Go SE to the pool again and jump with a right curve onto the corner block where you find Secret 1, Doubloons. Get down again and go to the NE corner of the room. Jump up and grab the crevice in the wall, shimmy right around the corner and press the Down button to jump backwards to the ladder. Shimmy around a corner. The second path to the secret: Shimmy around another corner, then backflip with a mid-air turn and grab the opposite ladder. Shimmy right around the corner and drop for Secret 1, Doubloons. After getting the secret you have to climb up the ladder again until the part described before the second path. Climb up, run-jump to the left hand ledge, climb up, turn and jump to the top of the tree. Run over it to find the Uzis and 5x Uzi Ammo for Secret 2. Return one stage lower before you started this extra trip, jump up to the monkeyswing and get to the opposite part of the room, drop on the raised trapdoor and enter the now open doorway. Follow the passage to some marked tiles that indicate a spike trap. Sprint through the corridor to avoid the successively appearing spikes.

Underwater Room

Jump in the pool and swim down to the lowest stage.
Open a S underwater door yourself and pull the underwater lever in the passage. This lowers the water level, opens a trapdoor in the underwater passage and releases a crocodile. Swim in the passage under the trapdoor to pick up a Ruby Gemstone, then swim up, climb out of the water and kill the crocodile. Pick up one of the E Torches and throw it on the marked tile SW of the pool. Now go SE and pull the lever to deactivate the flames SW for a limited time (when having pulled the lever, the flames donít appear again), get there, avoid the arrows from the snake statue and pull the lever to raise the block with the Torch. Now pull out the pillar S of the raised block, climb on it and then climb onto the block. Pick up the Torch and jump to the upper stage again. Light it SE, then light the nearby and also the W wall torch. Drop down with the lighted torch and light the E torch and also the S torches, to being able to light them you have to pull the block under the two. Also light the pile of wood in front of the closed door. When you have lighted the fire, you can jump into the pool and youíll see a block has lowered, swim in to find Secret 3, Gold Ingots. Climb up to the top again, reach the open door E and head through. Pick up Shotgun Ammo from the skeleton, then insert the Ruby Gemstone to open the left door.

[addition by Pablito: To open the underwater door for Secret 7 later on, one can place the ruby gem (in the same room). In the initial underwater room (above) there are 2 ruby gems not one. When you burned all the wall torches an underwater block is lowered, inside there is another ruby gem.]


Go outside to see a small cutscene, then shoot the skeleton down the ledge; a bird also attacks, kill it. Pick up a Little Medikit S, then go to the swamp. Some green plants are not moving with the swamp, they are safe. The first one is SE, near where you stand. The next one is the most far N tile you can jump to. Turn NE and jump to the ladder, climb it up. Pick up Shotgun Ammo and another Ruby Gemstone. Jump SE over the slopes to find Secret 4, Doubloons. From there, jump over the right slopes and jump down NW to a tree branch. Climb the ladder to pick up Secret 5, more Doubloons. Climb back down and go to the low SE part to place the Ruby Gemstone. A NW door opens, climb back up the ladder. Position Lara a bit more far off the fire pillar, then stand-jump and grab the edge of it, shimmy around two corners, then jump back with the new move and grab the next edge, shimmy right around the corner and jump back. Use the timed wall lever. Drop down, turn and jump over the safe tiles to the NW open door, if you are quickly enough the fires will be out for few seconds. When dropping in the next room the door closes behind you.


Donít step on the lattice but jump on the nearby slope and a boulder appears, it will open the next door and falls into a hole. Return to where the boulder came from, jump up the right slope and jump to grab the ladder. Climb up right into the ceiling hole and drop off left to get Secret 6, Gold Ingots. Get into the next room and shoot a raptor, the appearing bugs can be lured into the hole under the lattice in the previous room. Climb on the small block in the middle of the room, then run-jump to the monkeyswing (or jump up and grab it in the corner). Face the open part of the room while monkeyswinging, then press Jump and Lara gets onto the ladder. Climb up to the left top and climb on the monkeyswing, get to the right end and face the left ceiling hole, jump up there using the Jump key again and climb up. Quickly push the boulder down the hole and get back, drop one stage lower. Push the boulder down the slope and slide down, you will fall exactly in the water hole. Swim in the narrow passage and at the junction ......first time don't go to the right way but in front water exit, overcome a circular blade and enter the treasury room, in front you see a skeleton and a large medipack, in the left corner of the treasury you pick up Secret 7, gold ingots, pay attention to the ball with the blades. Grab in the front crawlspace and drop in the water. At the junction, now take the right way, get air again and climb up behind you as in front there are timed fires. Carefully make your way W behind the fire to reach a small hole in the wall, you can grab the Skull Key here. Return to the water hole, donít try picking up the skull Ė itís a fake. Swim back to the last room, climb out and make your way up again all the way where you pushed the boulder. Climb the ladder, get to the monkeyswing and swing to the corner platform where you can use the Skull Key. You arrive in a spike passage when heading through, monkeyswing over them.

Boat Ride

At the end of the monkeyswing climb down the ladder in the waterfall, wade out and slide down onto a beach. Kill another bird. Under the boat pier you can pick up a Rusty Key. Get to the NW corner, jump up to the crevice and shimmy left. Climb up and use the Rusty Key to open a door up the right of the two waterfalls, get down and get into the boat (press Action therefore). You can drive faster pressing the Sprint button, so drive up that ramp using the extra speed. Climb out of the boat, avoid some arrows and pull the lever behind a corner to open the trapdoor up. Pick up the Golden Skull, after a cutscene a skeleton appears, just leave it there and drop down again. Slide down the waterfall, kill a crocodile and swim through the now open door E. Follow the passage to the open sea.