TR Forge Advent Calendar 2011 – The Pirate Princess

A Levelset by Luke

Authorized Walkthrough by manarch2

NOTE: The given directions are the directions of the red needle.

Level 1: Puerto Corona (first visit)

Secrets: 3

Palm Puzzle

You start this level on a coast. Run SE as you cannot open either of the doors to your right yet. Head to the rocks where you find some vegetation with a fruit on it. Approach it and grab the Pineapple, which serves as a Large Medikit. Run towards the fireplace and a cutscene with a talk to the woman starts. If you want to read the lines look in the download, they’re included there. Now let’s go searching the rum. Before climbing up to the hut, run E to the waterfall and jump into the pool. Swim through a longer passage and climb out at the end. In the next area you have to find a palm with a coconut W, push the red cross and a Coconut Half comes down. Pick it up. Go NE and push the palm located here, afterwards you can pick up a little Treasure for Secret 1. Open the W door by using the nearby switch and exit.

Rum Store

Go under the hut and find a broken ladder W. Jump up to grab it (might be a bit difficult, try a few times and position Lara differently), climb up and open the door into the hut. In the far left corner you can open the chest to find a Peg Leg, which you can combine with the Coconut Half to get an Improvised Shovel. Climb down to the beach again and head far SE. Climb down a ladder here in the cellar and use the Shovel in the centre to fall down into the store. To do it, it’s best to face E and stand exactly in the middle. In the cellar, run towards the fire and an oil barrel starts rolling down, quickly jump to the side slopes ahead and let the boulder pass, slide down and run up the ramp. Then, head left and get into the corridor. Jump over the broken shelve into the left room and kill two spiders. Go behind the first left barrel and crouch to get an empty Bottle for Nonalcoholics. Get out of the corridor, jump over the shelve and head left. Open the door and enter a room with three moving barrels. Time the runs through them and at the end climb up the ladder and backflip. Head in the passage and kill two more spiders. In the rear room use the empty Bottle on the barrel with the fireflies to get Rum. Climb back down the ladder, head through the now safe barrel room and all the way back to the entrance of the cellar.

Inner Island

Climb back up and backflip onto the rear slope, then jump over the stones to prevent Lara from falling down again. Run all the way back to the woman and place the Rum N of the fire, facing S, and see a little cutscene, afterwards the Bayou Key is in your Inventory. Head back to the start of the level. You can search the floor for a red cross here, face W (the sea) and start digging again for another Treasure, which is Secret 2, then open the S door – insert the key left of it. Get through the passage and arrive at a lake. Jump to the rope and swing and jump into the opposite passage. Time the blades and head right at the junction. Use the lever to open a trapdoor in the pool, head back there and swim down, then N, left, after another while left and eventually swim up (if you want a secret, swim right at the junction and find a Treasure in front of a chest for Secret 3). Climb out and crawl through the corridor with the arrows, get up at the end and pick up Fireflies (alias Flares) to your left. Head right afterwards and follow the corridor and the level changes. You can go back to this level anytime.

Level 2: Bayou

Secrets: 2

Lake Area

Head to the passage and jump into the pool, swim to a bigger and beautiful lake and pull two underwater levers W and E to open two S doors. Swim in the next bigger area and head to the right part of the middle E wall to find a hole in the rocks, swim through to find Secret 1 (4), another Treasure. Swim back to the large lake and climb out far SE to see a cutscene of a jailed baboon. Also notice a right passage with a lever you cannot reach yet because it is blocked by spikes. Now drop back in the lake and swim under the ledge with the baboon to find an underwater passage.

Free the Baboon

Follow it, at the sole junction head left and eventually climb out. In the next passage don’t step on the vegetation but jump on the safe blank tiles to progress. Head through the passage and arrive at another lake. Jump in and swim SW to pick up the Crabby. Climb back out and head back through the corridor, jump over the vegetation trap and get in the previous water tunnel that transports you back to the big lake. Swim up again where the monkey is jailed and place the Crabby on the marked tile in the corridor to deactivate the spikes. Run to the end of the now safe corridor and use the lever to free the baboon, head back and run towards the baboon, then run under the lever on top of the structure – the monkey follows you and jumps up, then uses the lever. If the monkey gets stuck in the wall though, kill him and operate the lever again, a new monkey appears.

Skull Puzzle

A door far N opens. Jump in the water, find Fireflies on a higher W ledge in the water, then swim N and climb on the far NW ledge, then jump with a midair turn to the slope NW and jump with a right curve to land on the walkway. Jump W behind the tree to find Secret 2 (5), the next Treasure, then head back and through the door in the middle of the northern wall. In the following room you have to place the four skulls on the marked tiles so that they all look on the middle of the room, this shouldn’t be so hard. The door opens after the electricity started, head in the treasure chamber and pick up the Amulet from the large chest opposite the entrance. You also have a Lair Key in your inventory now. Get back out through all the tunnels and jump back in the pool. Swim back through the N tunnel, to the smaller lake, and in the next N passage. Climb out and head through the passage to get back to the last level.

Level 1: Puerto Corona (second visit)

Secrets: 7 (but you can still get the other three)

Into the Lair

Head on and crawl through the arrow passage, then drop into the pool and swim all the way back to the pool, swim up and climb out. Head back to the beach and then run N to place the Lair Key into the receptacle. The door opens, head through and go around the corner.

Spike Cellar

Drop down the left hand ladder and hang from the ledge, shimmy left around the corner and when you come across a ladder, backflip with a midair turn and a grab to reach the next ladder, shimmy right to the third ladder, there backflip with another midair turn to the next ladder, shimmy right and finally backflip onto a pillar. Pull the lever to open the door up near the entrance to the lair. Spot a jumpswitch high up E, jump there and activate it to deactivate several spikes. Turn and find Secret 1 (6), the next Treasure, in the corner. Climb one of the ladders and return all the way with the well-known behaviour, then climb the last ladder and head E to find the open door. Kill two spiders.

On, In and Behind the Tavern

Head through the passage and at the end push the stone into the wall to open the nearby door. Head into the village to see a long cutscene. Climb up to the roof of the left hand hut and run to the top to find Secret 2 (7), what a surprise, a Treasure. Drop down and open the door of exactly this hut to enter the tavern. Have a little talk to Lucia again, then explore the tavern a bit. Find Secret 3 (8), the next Treasure, in front of a N window. Open the E door behind the counter and head in the left room. Pick up Lucia’s Spoon from the left of the two tables. Now go back into the corridor and go left, open the door and head to an outside area. Search the N rock wall for a red cross, face E and go to the middle of the tile. Use your Improvised Shovel to dig for Secret 4 (9), another Treasure (duck if you cannot get it normally). Head on E.


Open the door of the left hut, pick up Fireflies and take a look at the map lying on the table; it shows which parts of the swamp are safe and which are deadly. This is a pic from the map, looking from the south:


Now go out, then E and climb up the block. Jump over the safe leaves to the S crawlspace and crawl in the next room, notice a currently too high jumpswitch. Jump in the right hand passage and avoid three pairs of blades. Get in the next room and push the floor lever to let a rope appear in the previous room. Return and jump on the rope, then swing and grab the jumpswitch that opens the door on the ledge opposite to the entrance of the swamp. Again climb on the rope, swing W and jump to a crawlspace. Get in the next room and pick up Secret 5 (10), a Treasure. Crawl back (you can get out of the crawlspace with the new move in this levelset) and return to the swamp, jump over the save leaves to the opened door and enter the new area.

Block Puzzle

Drop down the ledge. Your task is to pull the globe on the other side, but it’s spiked yet and you first have to create a path for the globe. Jump in the pool and swim E to find an underwater lever on a W wall. Use it to raise a trapdoor up at the blocks. Find Secret 6 (11), a Treasure, near the place with many fishes, then climb out. Push and pull the blocks as follows:






Now all you have to do is to shoot the blue eyes of the E face to lower the spikes and push the pushblock on the marked tile on the other side of the bridge. The N door opens – drop down and jump in the alcove. Head to the next area.

Smaller Village

Open the door of the right hand hut (the SW one) and enter it. Pick up Fireflies and exit again. NW of the hut you can meet a both harmless and immortal panther (he seems to be fed already). Go to the middle of the room and to the SE ledge above the gap, turn S and step back so Lara drops off the ledge, then press Action until close before Lara would grab the ledge. Release Action and Lara lands on the safe block below, head in the tunnel and into a cobra lair. Find Secret 7 (12), the Treasure that became standard by now, behind a snake in a short left tunnel. You probably have to duck to get it. Get on and shoot the only movable snake in a short W tunnel. Follow it, climb up and sprint into a room with a spike wall approaching you from the right. Quickly run and pull down the E wall lever, then sprint and jump into the NE alcove and exit this passage. Climb up the ladder and search the next area for a Torch directly in the middle of the room under the big tree, or under the small NE tree if you lost the first. Go and pull the S lever to open the door back to the small village, take the Torch and light it on one of the two fires in this area. Head out SW again to the block puzzle area, then climb the W blocks with the Torch and jump back over the swamp using the safe leaves. Head all the way back W through the tavern and into the first village.

Bigger Village

Head out again and head N through the street. Run to the end since no door of the different buildings can be opened yet. After the last pair of buildings before the pool, run right and jump up the block here. Turn S and jump to the roof of the building, then to the top where you have to drop the Torch and push a stone into the wall. That raises a nearby S trapdoor; take the Torch again and jump onto that trapdoor and from there to the adjacent roof. Go to the S end and look down to see a ledge, drop on it and enter the building. Throw the Torch on the wooden floor so that it inflames and breaks eventually. Drop down and use the NW saber as a lever. A block vanishes S, go there and kick in the narrow wall.

High above the Village

Crawl in the passage and at the end turn and jump up to use the jumplever. Climb the ladder now and at the end get off left. Jump up the block and you find yourself on the very top stage of the village area. Get on the tightrope to walk to the other side, near the end you can use the Jump button to save some time. Turn around and jump to the left hand ladder above the street, shimmy left around the corner and backflip with a midair turn and a grab to the next ladder. Shimmy around two left corners and climb up to get onto the monkeyswing automatically. Turn and follow the monkeyswing NW to another safe ledge, drop and grab the Pineapple from the vegetation. Go right around the ledge and push the barrel down to the street to get access to another house. Afterwards get back the way you came or drop down to the lower roof. If you return through the mansion with the wood floor, you have to activate a lever to open the nearby door and exit to the street.


Get into the newly opened building by entering through the window, and head to the opposite wall. Pull away the carpet from the key and pick up the Big Picklock. The chest in the middle of the room is empty so leave this house and exit to the street. Head N to the pool again and then NW to the house there. Use the Big Picklock on the keylock in the door to open it. Grab the Picklock from the SE flower pot. Don’t go upstairs yet but head out again and find a W stairway leading down. Use the Picklock here to open the door and enter the cellar, then pick up the Cannonball from the near right corner. Now get back out again and head W through the caves. Some flies attack, duck and they won’t harm you much, three bats also appear but they don’t hurt Lara and also weren’t vulnerable, run to the next coast and onto the pier, at the right end you can pick up Fireflies and a Match in a broken box.


Head all the way back to the village and into the building where you found the last key, run upstairs now and from the balcony jump NE to the slope, backflip onto the high pillar and jump again to land on another slope. Grab the edge and shimmy left until you can stand up, jump over the rocks and place the Cannonball in the cannon. A door opens nearby and a block lowers behind the cannon, go there and use the Match to fire the brush of the cannon and let the ball destroy the window of the S building. Drop down but stay in front of the building. Use Lucia’s Spoon as a crowbar on the floor lever to open the nearby door and enter. Kill the next pair of spiders and pull out the box onto the streets, under the opposite S building with the broken window, jump (don’t climb) up, drop down the ladder in this room and in the lower stage shoot the picture on the E wall. Open the chest in the small passage behind to find the Rusty Key. Go to the W wall, use the lever to open the door and exit to the streets, head N to the pool and then E. Use the Rusty Key on the wall to open the nearby door and exit the village.


Right from the entrance, there is a crawlspace with a block that has to be pulled into the wall. Get in there and use it to disable a spike trap in the cave, return there through the crawlspace and get through the safe trap. In the next room push the stone in the wall right of you to open the opposite door. Drop down and a cutscene presents you the next enemy: A big crayfish. Killing it takes its time, when you are finished use the floor lever to open a W door, enter the tunnel and drop down into the gap. Follow the tunnel through three timed fire traps, then enter a bigger cave; a cutscene plays in with a lot of little crayfishes hunting after you. They are immortal, so quickly pick up the Message in a Bottle from the floor left of you, thereon push the three floor levers in this room to let the spikes disappear in the centre and also open the E exit door. Grab the Spiky Ruby (ouch) and sprint through the opened door E. The crabs don’t follow you here. Jump up the steps and at the end of the corridor pull the lever to open the trapdoor behind you, climb up to the top.

Two Puzzles

You are back in the area in front of the swamp. Get out of the area through the W corridor, go through the tavern and exit to the village, go N and all the way to the smaller coast. When you see a closed grating with a golden skull behind, look up to the ceiling to find a hole there and a jumpswitch, jump up there and use it. Enter the passage with the golden skull and do exactly the steps that were quoted in the Message in a Bottle. A large step means pressing forward once, without holding it. You land on a dark green tile, place the Spiky Ruby here to open a door behind the golden skull statue. In the next room, you can dig at many graves, but at most of them you only will find death. To find the only correct grave to dig, grab the Note from the pedestal and dig at the only grave that fits the clues, to get another Amulet (duck to get it). Place the two Amulets from your inventory in the E receptacles to open the door in the middle. Slide down the slope to get in the next level.

Level 3: The Pirate Princess

Secrets: 1

Into the Temple

Slide down the slope to the end and in the next room pick up Fireflies in the middle right alcove. Find a jumpswitch in the opposite (middle left) alcove, use it to open the N door and enter the next room. Approach the parrot to start a little cutscene – we have to find something worthy for a pirate through the double doors!

Suddenly the look doesn’t matter

Use the floor lever behind the parrot to open the E door, enter the next room and jump on the ledge over the spike pit. A blade trap starts working, jump clockwise around the ledges to avoid it, but before jumping E stay S and drop down a ladder to a safe square in the spike pit, find Secret 13, a Treasure, here and climb back up again (time climbing up with the blade), then jump E and into the next room. Pick up the Pirate Saber from the skeleton behind the spikes, then make your way back through the spike trap to the parrot, who seems to be more friendly than in your first visit… I wonder how comes. The double doors open, head through the passage, avoid a set of knife traps and enter a larger cave, a flyby shows you the object of your desire. Run to it and grab it, afterwards backflip and sprint out of the room to escape the effects of the earthquake. Head back to the parrot, where Lucia is already awaiting you…