LB Advent Calendar 2011 - Jump & Run Lara

Levels by Lara Croft

Walkthrough by manarch2

Note from Moderator: Judging from the more recent reviews, players of this level need the option of an available walkthrough, which is why this one is being posted earlier than usual.

You cannot save in this level, but the builder generously placed checkpoints to avoid doing the same tasks again and again.

Level 1 - Snow

1st Checkpoint: Breakable Tiles

A currently inactive timer tells you you have 24 minutes to reach the levelend. You only can run forwards and backwards in this level. Run ahead and jump on the first breakable tile, run-jump on the next tile and from here to the safe ledge. Run behind the stone.

2nd Checkpoint: Slope

Jump on the slope and see a boulder. Slide down quite a long time, then jump to the ladder at the last possible point, quickly climb up to avoid the boulder and backflip with a midair turn to the jumpswitch. Pull it down and drop on the slope. Get carried down and drop a bit. Jump down and run ahead.

3rd Checkpoint: Poles

Run to the pole and step back as some stalactites come down. Jump and grab the pole, climb up and backflip to the ledge. Now it gets a little tricky. Backflip with a midair turn, Lara will probably bump into the wall. Step back and jump, then hold Action so that Lara most likely will grab the pole. Climb up and backflip onto the ledge, backflip with midair turn.

4th Checkpoint: First Shield

Sprint over two spike traps in the next passage. Right under the hole in the ceiling (remember the screen after pulling the jumpswitch?), climb the left ladder and backflip. Pick up the first Shield.

5th Checkpoint: Block Puzzle

Head on to an outside area and run onto the bridge. Jump over the gap and you arrive at a location with multiple stages. There is a block on top that needs to get to the lowest level. Drop on the lowest level and push both buttons on each side of the block to open the highest trapdoor. Climb back up to the start and from the bridge jump up that trapdoor. Climb over the block and push it over the ledge. Now get down again to the buttons. Deactivate the left button (block goes one stage down), then press it again and deactivate the right button, the block falls to the tile right of you. Push it onto the marked tile. Climb back up to the start, head back over the bridge and jump over the gap. A raising block appeared, climb up to the snowy ledge and pick up the second Shield.

6th Checkpoint: Swimming

Return and now jump into the water through the gap in the bridge. Swim down and avoid a spike trap. Here is another small checkpoint. Avoid three more spike traps by quickly swimming through. Swim up and climb out of the pool again. Climb on the block.

Level 2 - Country

1st Checkpoint: Fire

Run through the graveyard and at the end jump on the safe block in the lava river. Jump to the other side and time the four fires. Afterwards drop down the ledge of the rock gap and grab the lower ledge, run into the corridor and get the third Shield. Climb up again.

2nd Checkpoint: Trapdoors and Boulder Valley

Time the jump to the trapdoor when it just has risen again, climb up (Tip: When you jumped and grabbed the ledge, Lara swings for a moment; you can skip that by releasing and immediately again pressing Action), run-jump to the next trapdoor, climb up and run-jump to the rope. Swing and jump to the safe ledge on the other side. Sprint through the valley and before you enter the brown field turn and sprint back to avoid the boulders. Turn again and run back to the brown ledge, now there’s only one dangerous boulder left. Wait till it calms down, then head through the rest of the valley.

3rd Checkpoint: More Trapdoors

Run and jump to reach the upper trapdoor part, then run and quickly jump to grab the safe ledge. Sprint through the courtyard and climb up on the block. You’ve made it!