The Base

Level by Levelzentrum (April, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note 1] I copied electric.tga to the "...\trle\Extra Textures" directory. I used the room editor to load the elekt.prj project. I then saved the file as city.wad and created city.tr4 to play the level. I used the normal script files and selected City of the Dead as a new game. [End note]

[Note 2] There is a very bad problem in the level. After one point, if you have to reload, the cut scene bars appear at the top and bottom of the screen. You are then stuck and cannot continue with the game. This point will be noted in the following text. I think that the problem occurs when something explodes. [End note]

Start in a dark room with fire on the floor. Jump into the hole and swim through the underwater tunnel. Pull up into a room and shoot the barricades and go to the north-west corner for revolver ammo. Go north for a large medipack. Run to the west to enter a section with a floor lever. Use the lever and get a cut scene of a door opening. Go to the door and follow the tunnel. Pick up the laser sight and revolver ammo from the floor. Enter onto a balcony and go left for the revolver and two revolver ammo. Look over the edge of the window to see what you are up against. Go to the end of the balcony and jump down to the floor to the east. Run south behind the blocks for shelter. Kill the three guards and save the game. [Note: Problem occurs here] Turn and shoot the barrel next to the sentry gun. You get a cut scene of the helicopter and the sentry gun exploding. If you do this the reload problem appears. [End note] Basically do not shoot the barrel and do not use anything that causes an explosion. You can shoot the barricades around the motorcycle. Use the motorcycle to break the wall in the north-east corner of the room. When you are out of range of the gun, get off the motorcycle. You have to just take the damage and use medipacks. Go back and open the door in the corner. Follow the corridor to a trench and then into a room. Pull the jump switch in the north-east corner and a trap door opens behind you. Dive into the water for a large medipack, a grenade gun, grenade normal ammo, grenade super ammo, and grenade flash ammo. Return to where you left the motorcycle. Enter a tunnel top the south and pick up a large medipack and revolver ammo. Get on the motorcycle and drive up the ramp and run over a guard. Stop in front of a door at a dead-end.

Enter the door and follow the tunnel south. Kill a guard and go south over the balcony to some stairs. Go down the stairs to the ground floor and kill a guard. Notice a closed door in the north-east corner. Go to the south wall by the steps and pull a jump switch and the door opens. Notice a trap door behind you for later. Follow the tunnel and kill a guard and enter a room with a pool. Dive into the pool and follow the tunnel and pull up into a dark room. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a door opening near some flares. Go north-east and to the back of the room. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a trap door opening back in the earlier room. Get into the water and swim back. Kill a guard and enter the east tunnel back to the room with the trap door. Go south and get into the trap door hole. Pick up the flares and follow the tunnel to pull up into a dark room. Go east for more flares. Turn south and pull up to a ledge. Carefully drop on the east side and use the floor lever. Use the crawl space in the west wall to get to the other section. Climb the newly raised block and get into a crawl space.

At the other side, go north near the wall to pick up a large medipack. Go south and kill two guards and pick up two revolver ammo. Go to the west wall and open the door. Enter and look to the right for black door #1 but go west to kill a guard. Continue west and take the first branch and use a floor lever. Go south and see black door #2 but go west and take the second branch to the right. Follow the easy tunnel to kill a guard and use a floor lever. Go back and black door #2 is open. Use the floor lever and black door #1 is open. Go there and as you pass a floor lever near two open black doors you get a flyby of the area with helicopters and sentry guns. Kill a guard at the entrance. Just before you enter the room and a sentry gun shoots you, look up to the west wall. Pull up into a crawl space and follow it to pick up a revolver, two revolver ammo and a laser sight. If you continue into the crawl space you get into a tunnel that opens up to a door at the back of the room. But it is not that useful so just back up and drop down to the tunnel. Hop back to avoid the sentry gun.

Give yourself full health and combine the revolver with the laser sight. Go into the room and run to hide behind a block on the west wall. Shoot some barricades and a barrel near a helicopter to cause an explosion. This may mess up reloading but you near the end anyway. Kill another guard at the north wall. Go there and use the floor lever and a trap door opens on the east side of the room. The north door is the exit from the crawl space. Go to the trap door and drop into the hole. Stand at the north-east corner of the hole and save the game. Start to run down the tunnel and get a cut scene of the barrels in the corner catching fire. The tunnel you are in also catches fire. Sprint to race the fire to the end of the tunnel. Just follow the tunnel to the end as the level ends.