Under the Moon Ė Magic or God

Level by Franco Bula

Walkthrough by manarch2; 3 secrets added by Treeble

The Bracelet

Follow the passage into a bigger room. Pick up Uzi Ammo from a right block and kill a skeleton that attacks from a left corridor. On the floor you can find Flares and Shotgun Ammo. Climb up to the right of the three passages and find a switch left of the far vase. Pull it to get a cutscene of some items in the left passage and get there for Secret 1, an Energy Diamond and Shotgun Ammo. Now enter the middle passage and climb up the block. Follow the large tunnel to a skeleton, pick up the Platinum Bracelet from it and return. Observe the skeleton right of the far left passage, it misses one bracelet left. Place it to open a door in the passage left of you, and enter it. Here you have to kill a dog and also a skeleton that attacks from behind. Follow the passage and find the open green door.

Spike Traps, Rays

Sprint into the left alcove with the button, use it to open a door elsewhere, turn and jump over the right fire pit, avoid the fires and sprint through the right passage before the spike wall hits you. If you care, there is Uzi Ammo in the niche where the spike wall came from. At the end of the tunnel pick up Shotgun Ammo; Lara looks at an object on the left wall. Go down into the next room, kill a dog, head on right and kill a skeleton. The left passage leads you back to the start, so donít go there yet. Slide down and jump up to the left. Crawl through a narrow passage, get up and follow the passage until you hear some doors closing. When you hear the doors closing, look upwards and you'll notice a flat ledge slightly off to the side. Line up to it, jump, climb up and back flip off the slope to land on Secret 2. Go into the left passage, you can see a room with deadly red rays. Donít go down but look to the right wall to see a timed wall lever.

Timed Runs

Use it and jump down into the ray room, sprint through the door and in the room with the archer run up the right stairs, then go right around the corner and through the timed door. Follow the passage and the right door, which is the door from the former right passage, opens. Head through and go back to the wall lever, use it, sidejump and climb up the block, then sprint through the door and to the opposite wall, find a lever in the middle and use it. Backflip with a midair turn, then go back in the last passage, right and out of the first timed door, right around the corner, you arrive back near the start, sprint through the left passage and around and through the open door in the middle.

The Arrow

Pick up Shotgun Ammo left, then head through the right passage, avoiding three spike traps coming out of the wall. Slide down the left passage (right is Uzi Ammo in front of a closed door) and kill two ahmets. Jump up over the left slopes and slide down into a room with a deadly pit in front of you. Slide and in the last moment jump to the other side. Turn and run over the left ledge, then grab a crawlspace ledge and head through, climb up into the right passage and crawl to get the Arrow, return and kill a dog in the last passage. About halfway through the corridor leading to the crawlspace, there's a movable block. Push it twice to reveal Secret 3. Run to the end of the passage and climb up (a trapdoor opened after picking up the Arrow). Backflip onto the ledge near where you started this detour.

The Archer

Jump to the left hand slopes and shimmy right, at the end climb up and backflip on the rear slope, then bounce between the slopes with right curves until you reach the safe ledge. Climb the blocks and a door to the ahmet lair opens, get back and jump up the slope, grab the Uzi Ammo if you donít have it yet, and head through the now open door, back into the room with the rays. Return to the archer room and climb up the block located right of the archer statue. Place the Arrow on the Archer to let him shoot it, the Arrow pries a Gold Key out of the object on the wall, pick it up.

More Dangers

Slide down the slope in the rear part of the room again and this time jump up the right passage. Kill a dog and an ahmet in the next room, pick up a Little Medikit. Enter the passage and use the Gold Key at the end to open the door. Avoid a spike trap when entering the next room and kill two skeletons and an ahmet. Pick up the Uzis in the centre. In the same room with the Uzis, there's an opening in the ceiling behind the column near the red rays. Locate the hanging climbing wall and climb to the top. Near a Health Crystal, is a movable block. Pull it out of your way and crawl all the way to the end on to a different tile on the floor. You'll see a vase elsewhere which you haven't been to yet. When you are making your way out of the Dark Maze section, you'll notice a door open just under the ledge you need a pushblock to climb up to and, within, the Secret 4. Follow the narrow passage right and pick up a Little Medikit at the end, jump up in the far left passage as there is an invisible platform, climb up and jump into the alcove. Drop down the blocks to find Secret 5, a Large Medikit. Climb back up, drop down find the only way out (back and right). Slide down the slopes and at the very bottom quickly pull the lever, then climb the blocks to safely get in the passage before the spikes hide the way. Follow it and jump over the platforms to the other side. Curve-jump around the corner to get to the next ledge, ( savegame ) grab it and climb up, then run-jump to the next slope, jump two slopes further and then with a left curve to the final slope, backflip onto the rear slope, then jump with a midair turn and then jump up and grab the monkeyswing. Get to the other end and drop to grab the crevice in the wall, shimmy right and drop down to the safe ledge.


Follow the passage and climb the blocks, kill an ahmet and jump on the next platform. Grab Shotgun Ammo, jump to the other side and get an Energy Diamond from the left ledge, return to the ledge where you picked up the ammo and jump to the highest part of the left slope, turn in mid-air and jump to grab the ledge above. Climb up and use the ledges to get to the other side, grab the Little Medikit and jump up to the right of it to get into a high crawlspace, at the end of the passage slide down, jump over the gap, slide further down, drop and use the lever, then climb up. If you missed something you can return via an open door left of the slope to the spike wall area.

Lava and Spikes

The opened door is on the opposite wall to where you started the trap sequences. Run in and a spike wall starts moving down in a far room, quickly jump over the left and right ledges, in the small ledge at the end step back and run-jump into the spike room, then sprint to the right hand exit. Follow the passage, kill a skeleton and at the end climb the ladder outside.


Kill three dogs in this room. There are four passages, one of them leads to closed doors (you need a key). Look at the other three and go into the right of them, head right and when the path leads right, go into the left alcove and shatter the window. Get Secret 3, an Energy Crystal and Uzi Ammo. Get back and now go to the opposite part of the room, and into the far right corner, shatter the next window and jump over a boulder. Kill two skeletons, donít slide down the slope but run-jump over the slope and grab a crevice in the wall, shimmy right and wait until the spike wall is away, then drop down and enter the opening, at the end you can get health by approaching the crystal. Also pick up an Energy Diamond and see a trapdoor open. Get back and climb the ladder on the opposite wall, then backflip with a midair turn and grab the crevice again, shimmy right, climb up and follow the passage back to the courtyards. Exit and head into the left of the three mentioned passages, then climb the ladder and drop into the trapdoor. Pick up Flares and a Little Medikit, then head to the darker passage.

Dark Maze

Head through the passage and run down some stairs.
You need to jump on five blocks that are hidden in the maze. First kill two ahmets, then find the first block near the start, the second in a left passage, the third directly near the (looking from the entrance) far wall, and the fourth and fifth near this far wall. This opens a door at the start of the maze. Return there and also find a movable part of the rear pillar, push it into the room and to the wall to be able to climb up. Run into the next room and then right, in the passage you have to run over the edge with a left curve so that you land on the left hand pillar. Youíre back in the maze. Jump over the platforms until you cannot get on, then monkeyswing to another far pillar. You can see a brighter passage now but there seems to be no way to it. Well, there is Ė jump on the invisible tile located diagonal to the pillar you stand on, in the passage that leads to the bright alcove. Then jump over the gap to the next invisible pillar and from here into the alcove. Pick up the Gold Key, drop back down and leave this maze through where you came from.


Climb back up the ladder and drop down to the courtyard again. Run out to the central one, then in the passage with the keyhole. Insert the Golden Key and drop down the ledge, then follow the passage to end this level.