Middle of Nowhere Xmas (Beta)


Level by tombraidermaster1996


Walkthrough by manarch2, with thanks to DJ Full for the secrets 




-        If you want to start without getting all the weapons, skip the first paragraph.

-        If you want to quickly finish this level, only read the third paragraph.





In the starting room, you can pick up the Shotgun, 10x Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, 30x Uzi Ammo, the Revolver and 35x Revolver Ammo, the Crossbow, 10x Explosive Crossbow Ammo, the Grenade Gun and 10x Grenades, 8x Flares, 13 Small Medipacks and 10 Large Medipacks. When picking up the Normal Crossbow Ammo near the fake teleporter however, Sophia and two mutants appear, so kill them or don’t pick up the ammo.

Pick up the Golden Vraeus SW and a Guardian Key E. Push the three buttons on the S part of the central building to open the doors inside, head through the passage and pick up another Guardian Key.


You either can place the Golden Vraeus SW in this room to open a S door outside to get the Lasersight or W to open a N door to get another Shotgun, Uzis, the Revolver, the Grenadegun and the Crossbow. To get out, you also can get through the E crawlspace. Afterwards, use the first Guardian Key NW in the corner to open a W door, climb the block there and pick up the next Golden Vraeus (you now can open the other door too). Place the second Guardian Key in the receptacle (this opens the second door to the weapon chamber).


Main Part


Climb the NE ladder to an outside area. Use the button on the middle of the W wall and inside the passage push another button. Climb up the block SE of the coloured pool (both pools are poisonous and don’t hide anything). Follow the bridge to get the Eye of Iris. When heading further E the level crashed for me, only not when I stayed at the S wall. Run up the bridge and climb the left block, don’t get the item yet but get in another pool area and head far SW to pull a lever that opens the left hand door, however there is nothing inside except some trees. Go out and pull the NW lever that opens another nearby door, drop down the ladder and enter the S passage, kill three dogs and pick up a Large Medipack. Follow the passage, kill a bat and eventually enter a room reminding on Stonehenge a little bit.


Head out again and take the E path (sometimes a wolf attacks), eventually run up a bridge and find a Golden Vraeus you can place NE. This opens the S door in the non-poisonous pool behind you, swim through, at the end grab the Hypostyle Key and swim back out. The W door is also open – at the end pick up the Grenadegun and get back out again, climb the far W ladder again and head back all the way to the bridge where you climbed the block (near the crash zone). Now grab the Crowbar, see a cutscene of Sophia and two mutants arriving and you can get back there to kill them (there is nothing to find up the bridge), you also can get Uzis near the block you climbed to get the Eye of Iris. Get back down the ladder NW and enter the E door.


Pick up the Canopic Jar 2 push the button, climb back up the ladder and head through the N door, pick up the Canopic Jar 1 and push the button. Head out and place the Canopic Jar 2 on the S wall, a door nearby opens so head through and pick up 3x Flares for Secret #1. Get back down the ladder, climb the S block and run-jump into the open passage. At its end pick up 10 Large Medipacks which is Secret #2, head back out again. Climb another ladder next to you and pull up next to a switch. Press it and exit to the outside area. Head to the door in the S wall, press the surrounding switches and get inside for another Secret #3, another Hypostyle Key. Return down to the starting room, ignoring all passages with trees and a pool with the Golden Vraeus above (apparently a decoy).


(Quick) Finish


Head through the walkthrough wall S in this room, directly left of the gap in the floor. Get the Canopic Jar 1 and place it NW in the large room to open the nearby door. Follow the passage outside and this level ends.