In Search For The Christmas Tree

Level by Mark (Crash82)

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start in a maze! Take the first L, drop into a short tunnel and follow it. Climb to a small courtyard, locate and pull a lever to open a black gate, then get back. Head W and once you've passed the opened gate take R, R, R, drop into a hole and crawl into a crawlspace. Climb to another small courtyard for a SECRET GOLDEN SHIELD. Get back to the maze, take R, R and follow the path, at the end open a treasure chest and get the GOLDEN KEY. Head back, turn R then L and jump over the straw for a SECRET BRONZE SHIELD. Jump back and head S at the end, turn L, R, L into a square with a round statue horse. Collect the REVOLVER, then open the gate with the key you have.

At the large courtyard head over to the SW grassy place and look for the LASERSIGHT, then follow the path next the bench and locate a lion head. Combine revolver with lasersight and simply shoot the mouth. Get back to the courtyard and take the next path, once you've passed the opened gate turn R, R, R and into the NW for a SECRET SILVER SHIELD. Head back and take L, R, R into a room with a deep hole. Safety drop onto a stone bridge and enter the next room. Locate a movable pedestal and place it onto the marked tile NE, then climb the raising block into an alcove and throw there a switch.

Go through the S opened door and slide down, jump S, crawl then throw the switch. Get back and save at the opened door. Jump into colder water and take a short swim, turn L and pull out. Enter a room with three columns and climb the first one to the top. Jump the next two columns to reach a place with a treasure chest and take the SILVER KEYS. Get back over the water and take a short swim L, pull out and use the key to open the next door. Enter a room with a Christmas Tree, collect the PRESENT and by stepping onto the E tile you finish this short level.