The Shadow of Ganesh

Level by Begebies

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Slide down, jump over the gap and pick up some flares. Again, slide down and jump over the gap. Watch a flyby - it shows you the temple and a ninja. Kill him and notice two dark parts of the room. Pick up a crossbow from the left one. Get closer to the door, it opens automatically and let you inside the temple.

Advance some steps, climb the block on your left and pull up into the pool chamber. Jump into the water and follow the underwater passage. Resurface and get out in lower chamber. Two black scorpions to kill. Climb the blocks on the E of the water, jump W to grab the unmarked ladder and climb up to the top. SAVE THE GAME NOW. If you want to finish the game, DON'T platform W and then S to find a small medikit, and SURELY DON'T save the game on the ledge containing the item - there's no way out of that place except killing yourself. Instead of platforming, notice a piece of stable shelf on the SE of the top of the ladder. Jump there and then grab the ledge of the N block. Pull up, jump onto the E and then S blocks twice. Jump W to grab another unmarked ladder and climb up to the top. Go around the central pillar and into the next room. Kill next ninja down there. Proceed to the next room and pick up Guardian Key from behind the pit. From up here notice Lara's butt hanging in the air at the bottom of the mentioned pit. Everyone knows it usually casts a shadow. Here, its shadow is apparently missing. So this is probably Ganesh. Leave the pit to its existence and go all the way back to the 1st pool room. Place the key in its slot and go through the door. When you approach the platforms in the dark, jump twice NE, once SE, once E and finally once SE to get across. Climb the block and slide down, jumping over the gap at the end of the slope. Fall into a swamp and find a watery pit where you can swim in front of you. In there, you can find and pull the buttswitch. Climb the blocks to the W of the pit. Notice the locked door. If you wonder if the buttswitch triggers a timed run, I can assure you it doesn't. The door can't be opened in any way.