One Room Challenge 2011/12 - It's Christmas!

Complete Walkthrough by manarch2

Grandmas Recipes

Builder: Pilip
Secrets: 0

Yellow Crystal

Watch the introducing flyby, then climb into the alcove in the N wall and drop down into the next room and climb up the far N block, turn and monkeyswing to the S jumpswitch, drop and use it to open a door for later. Climb back on the S alcove and from here run-jump to the roof in front of you, turn left and jump up to the next roof, turn and jump up once more, then to the S ledge where you can pick up the Yellow Crystal. Drop down again and then climb up W and find the door you have opened with the jumpswitch.

Knight Puzzle

Enter and notice a shield with a missing sword to your left and a closed door ahead. Climb the right bookcase, crawl and drop down on the other side. Use the crystal to open the door in the previous room, return there and enter the new room. There are three pushable blocks – push and pull the one far W to the E wall and then in the gap between the other pushblock and the knight alcove. Now pull out the block between the one with a marked tile and the other yet unmoved pushable. Push the knight over the three blocks on the marked tile to open the door in the SW corner.

The Sword

Enter the passage and go right, then through a small outside area. Head in the next room with a immortal knight on a block. Climb it and quickly pick up the Sword, then get back down. Return all the way to the first room where you can place the Sword, see a door open somewhere. Get outside to the starting room, then climb back up the N alcove and find the open door on the W wall of the next room. You can directly jump into it from the alcove if you want.

The Library

In the next room drop down the gap in the floor, use the floor lever whilst standing in a corner to open a door in the room where you found the Sword. Climb back up the ladder and return all the way into this room, climb up into the alcove. Drop in the library and push and pull the block in the far left corner twice. Now use the W timed lever under the entrance and jump up on the block, then up to the bookcases and jump around to finally reach the timed door (Quicker way: Jump up to the entrance, turn around and jump to the left bookcase from here). Either way drop down when you have reached the door and follow the left passage around some corners until you can find the Recipe Book; after picking it up you’ll get back to the main menu.