One Room Challenge 2011/12 - It's Christmas!

Complete Walkthrough by manarch2

Snow Business

Builder: Mystery-King
Secrets: 1

The Bell

At the levelstart Lara slides down a slope Ė use your pistols to kill a leopard attacking from the right. Go to where he came from and step on the trigger to open a door behind a NE crawlspace for a limited time, jump NE and quickly crawl through the passage, then get up, take out the pistols and shoot the bell inside the timed door passage before the door closes again. A wall at the end of the passage lowers.

Slope Session

Kill another leopard and go to the S wall. Climb into the opening and shoot a leopard below you. Run-jump to the far slope, jump on the next one and you face another slope. Backflip and keep jumping back and forth with right curves to eventually grab the ladder. Shimmy right and backflip in the passage. At the end you can find the Rusty Key on a pedestal. Get back, drop down on the floor and before climbing the ladder up again pick up a Large Medikit to your left. Then get back up outside again.

Into the Temple

Go to the W wall up the stairs, pick up Flares to your left and use the Rusty Key to open the door nearby. Inside the temple kill two snow leopards. There are two receptacles for some stones on the rear wall and also two double doors you can open yourself to the N and S. You can choose either way first.

N doors: Spikes and Blades

Open the doors and follow the passage to some yet inactive spike traps; there are also some inactive swinging blades. In the first right niche you can push a block twice to find a Blue Gemstone as the only Secret in this level. Return to the spike traps and go to the end of the passage. Pick up the Stone Circle from the pedestal (donít do it with the back directly in front of the spike trap or you could be killed) and the spikes and blades are activated. Return carefully through the passage timing the run over the spikes and through the blade passages.

S doors: Fire Pillars

Open the doors and find some fire pillars on a lava room, use the timed lever to make them vanish for a short time. Quickly turn and run-jump to the first one (run with a slight curve so that you donít fall off the ledge), then aim for the second pillar, jump there and finally jump to the ledge with the Stone Circle before the fires return. Grabbing it from the pedestal deactivates the fires completely. Pick up a Little Medikit from the left and jump back over the pillars, then head back to the hub room.

Lighting the Pot

Place the two Stone Circles in the two W receptacles to open the door.
Enter the room with an unlighted firepot and a tree. Pick up the Torch directly N of the tree and head back outside. Light the Torch on the inflamed pot in the centre of the outside area and head back in the previous room to light the pot with it. A part of the W wall lowers, drop your Torch, jump in the alcove and pick up the wooden Bucket. Few seconds later the level ends.