Level by Mikki

Walkthrough by manarch2

Pushable Puzzle

After the intriguing flyby you find yourself inside a spaceship. Around the teleporter Lara stands in there are four pushables; push and/or pull them to the red textures on the walls to open the door behind the lasers you still cannot get through. Find a pushblock in the opposite wall, its the red one left of the block that is directly opposite the door.

Block Maze

Push it in until you see another red block to your right, push this one three times to reveal as many blocks. Turn left and push in the middle of them once. Turn right now and push the block until you arrive in a new room. Before exploring it return in the block passage and pull the block that formerly was the middle of three left blocks back, go around it and look up to spot a jumpswitch. Jump up and activate it. Turn around and push the block at the end until you can find Secret 1, Antimatter, on a pedestal. Return to the room you found lately and if you want you can use the block to jump safely over the laser trap, its possible without nonetheless. Find and use the jumpswitch on the wall, then jump back over the lasers, return through the block maze to the starting room.

Four Levers, Blue CD

Activate the two jumpswitches left and right of the opposite door to finally deactivate the lasers, then head in the next, large hall and shoot two soldiers. Drop down in the central gap where you can find altogether three switches. Use them and then search the corner tiles for the only one with black paintings. This is a trapdoor, so open it and drop down to get a Large Medikit. Run down the ramp and throw a fourth lever to move a box out of the way, climb back out and pick up the Blue CD where the box properly was.

Blue and Grey Cards

Thereon search for a red circular passage in the other part of the hall, head through and a door opens for the control room. Kill three soldiers and take Revolver Ammo, a Little and a Large Medikit with. Look for the chair which is less bright as the others (right looking from the entrance) and pull it out to reveal the Blue Card; pick it up. Back to the main hall go to the other exit and come to a crossing. Go right and climb the ledge, then crawl and pick up the Grey Card. Drop back down and head into the larger hall.

Tile Puzzle, Yellow CD

Dont try jumping on those tiles in the centre yet but head to the far right corner, looking from the entrance, and shoot the pedestal to get the Orange Card. Return to the crossing and find a receptacle for the card to your left, the door opens so head upstairs, jump to the central platform, climb up the block and drop behind it. Use the lever to raise a tile below, drop down and from the central tile jump to the four red tiles around it, but never touch the grey floor when you jumped on a tile you always have to jump back to the centre. When finally done a door near where you found the last card opens, head through and grab the Yellow CD. Return out and get back to the crossing, go right and insert the Grey Card to open the door.

Green Card

Head up the stairs and another door opens so that you can enter the upper stage of the big hall, which I from now on call the hub room. Go to the gap in the fence at the end and jump to the low right ledge, turn left and run-jump, grab and climb up to the next walkway. Jump to the next low block where you can find the Green Card, turn around and jump back to the last walkway. Go to its end and place the Green Card in the receptacle to open the door.

Timed Target Shoot, Green CD

Enter the next room and shoot the grating at the wall opposite the entrance, get in the crawlspace and pick up 2x Revolver Ammo. Drop to the other side and slide down to a ledge. The music warns you about the next sequence being a tough timed run, so quickly grab the Revolver Ammo, the Revolver and the Lasersight, which you can combine, throw the lever to activate the targets further in this room. You have to shoot them while they just pass the red tiles on the ceiling, the right is the first, then the left one and shortly afterwards the middle one. Youre not done yet, run-jump to the platform that has risen in front of the target area, dont dare running on it since all floor tiles are deadly here but take another run-jump to the left hand alcove, climb up and follow the right passage to the other side of the target area where a door has opened. Jump in with a slight left curve and grab the Green CD from the pedestal, head back out, jump to the safe tile and return through the passage. At the end is a ladder, first of all turn around though and jump up to climb in a passage with Secret 2, Antimatter, at the end. Back to the ladder, climb it up and follow the next tunnel and open the trapdoor at the end, then drop back into the room where you started the quest for this CD. Return to the hub room.

Slope Puzzle, Red CD

Using the low ledges jump to the opposite entrance on the walkways and use the Blue Card to open the door here. Follow the passage. If you want you can skip the next paragraph, but you will miss out on a secret later on if you dont use the jumpswitch in this room. To get back to the start of the next puzzle if you dropped down in this room, you however also need to raise the block, which is described in the next paragraph.

Slide down the slope backwards, drop on the only safe tile in the water and from here in the right alcove. Jump to the single grey tile in the right corner, turn and jump up to grab and climb up a walkway, then jump down on a black tile with a red dot on it to turn a light ahead of you green. In this room you have to jump on the red parts of the other slopes to turn the other lights green too, but first of all jump to the right hand ledge, use the timed lever a block has risen above the entrance, so return all the way there. It is possible to jump to the last walkway from the ledge you stand on, saving a lot of time, jump down to the grey tile, to the alcove and jump up to the raising block. Then grab the jumpswitch above the entrance which opens the path for a secret later on.

Jump to and fro between those slopes with little curves towards the other side of the room. You need to catch the red quarter of the slope directly after the left hand slope to activate the green light. To do so, slide down and grab the edge of the left slope and shimmy to the far right, then press Left once, climb up, backflip and immediately curve jump right on the slope (green light on). Slide down a bit and curve jump left on the second red tile (green light on), slide until you reach the end of the slope, then backflip on the next red tile (green light on) and do a hard curve jump left on the final slope. Grab the ledge, shimmy left and climb up on the next red tile (green light on), backflip with a midair turn and a right curve on the final block you could reach before; if done correctly, the door left of the switch on the rear walkway opens, jump there, climb up and grab the Red CD. If you pulled the jumpswitch, a trapdoor behind the pedestal is opened, drop in the passage and head to its end to find Secret 3, Antimatter, on another pedestal. Back to the CD pedestal and use the timed lever again to return all the way to the raising block, after climbing up make a run-jump up the ramp. Exit this room again and re-enter the hub room.

Placing the CDs

Jump down to the left low ledge, then up to the right walkway and step in front of the door so that it opens for you. Head upstairs to the top level of the big hall, go left all the way and at the far wall jump right to the ledge in the middle and from here to the far walkway. Find a left passage and enter a room where you can place the four CDs in the machines in the middle of the room. A door in the rear part of the room opens, head through.

Some Platforming

Kill two soldiers, at the end of the wider passage head right into a smaller passage.
At the end go to the left wall, turn around and use the Revolver to aim for the soldier high up on the opposite wall, climb up the ledge in the far right corner of the tower (looking from the entrance), go into the corner and use the Revolver again to kill another soldier high up. Now you can jump and climb the platforms until you reach an opening which leads to another area. There are more platforms leading higher up, but this is for later so exit this shaft, go through the tunnel and left at the crossing, finally reaching the room with several clones from the loading screen. There is a crystal receptacle in the rear wall and another passage to the left of the entrance, head in the Zodiac room, noticing another crystal receptacle.

Laser Trap

Head left afterwards to see a row of currently blocked levers, then go right and look into a room full of green lasers and a crystal on a pedestal at the rear wall. This must be one of the hardest traps ever: When you touch the lasers Lara will die immediately, so you have to jump in the gaps between them, which has to be done quite perfectly. The first jump is directly very hard; run along the left or right wall and do the jump at about two thirds of the tile. The next few jumps have to be done with Lara standing at the most rear point of the space, so align her with back and sidesteps. Dont jump in the spaces between the laser emitters and also not in the small triangular spaces, as its most likely impossible to get out again. If you are at the end carefully approach the pedestal from the rear side, pick up the Pink Diamond. Jump back through the lasers all the way to the entrance. The final jump is again very hard for me a sideflip with Lara standing slightly facing a little more away from the entrance worked best. Pass the suspended levers and head back to the room with the zodiac signs.
Savegame after exiting this room: download/file.php?id=21203

First Zodiac Puzzle

Place the Pink Diamond on the receptacle and the levers are accessible now. Look at the graphic behind the windows which shows the zodiac circle, there are three arrows pointing on one sign each Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. You now have to find the corresponding levers for these signs to your left.

Sagittarius (archer) arrow painting fourth lever from the left
Aries (ram) horn painting fifth lever from the left
Leo (lion) mane painting second lever from the left

If done correctly you can hear a door opening.

Pad Puzzle

Head back through the zodiac room and to the laser going up and down. Run through it when the laser is up, then enter the now open door to your left. When you stand on the penultimate tile before entering the room, you can see some quarters of tiles in the adjacent room, which is the hint for the next puzzle you have to jump on those quarters of the pads (that appear again when you go further) to open the door at the end, and do not touch the floor the door wont open or the other parts of the traps they are deadly. Start with standjumps on the pad right of the entrance, then to the left one and so on. When the door is open jump on the marked tile in front or it will close again. Pick up the Blue Diamond and leave this room through the passage, go right, through the laser trap and in the left hand clone room.

Second Zodiac Puzzle

Place the Blue Diamond in the receptacle opposite the entrance from the shaft. Two doors left and right of it open, jump up the slope of one of them and enter the far right room. Grab a Pink Card from the near left pedestal for later, then exit this room again and enter the room. with another zodiac circle and three pointers. Go behind the sign and spot the well-hidden jumpswitch. Use it and a cutscene shows the pointers changing their direction, they now point on the three signs; two of which were the solution of the previous zodiac puzzle Sagittarius Leo. The third one is Taurus, don't mix it up with Aries (as I did). This time you only have to step on the three pads that show the correct signs and a door opens. Go there and jump over the pad or the door would close again. In the next room pick up the Teleportation Code. Only use the lever when the door is closed, if not just leave it and head back out again. Go to the opposite end of the room (the Sagittarius tile) and jump up to shoot the panel. Climb up into the passage and head down the stairs. Use the Pink Card to open the door beside you and follow the passage to find more Antimatter for Secret 4, then head back in the zodiac room and get back out.

Teleporting Back

Head all the long way back to the shaft you climbed up and jump up the right ledge, then make your way up to the top floor and enter the passage. Enter the right code from the pickup in the second zodiac room and enjoy the final cutscene.