Hunt For The Infada Stone


Level by Crischanneedsto


Walkthrough by dmdibl (David Dibble)


An elaborate three-level set with some of the exploration feeling of TR3 levels. Three secrets in each level, nine secrets in total.



Castle Ruins – Level 1


Swift Flowing River


Lara drops into water. Climb out to get shotgun ammo in a NW corner, then take the center N doorway. On the walkway of the next room, pull back twice a block on the right to reveal shotgun ammo underneath it. Jump on the block to grab a monkey swing, go across, drop to get a flyby of a river before you. If you are curious, save the game, then jump into the water. Lara takes one of the longest river current journeys I have seen, although it still ends badly. Restore the game.


Soldiers' Camp


Make successive jumps N to wooden ledges, making sure not to fall into the water. Around the corner take an opening in the N wall, follow through until there is a camera shot of two soldiers that are just outside by a tent. There are a couple ways to do this. First, draw pistols. Run out to the right, away from the soldiers, roll and start firing and side flipping. This seems to be one of those cases where the environment, such as the tent, makes Lara's shots much less effective. Frankly, Lara had better luck stepping out of the passageway and immediately climbing a block on the left. She is right over the soldiers and quickly shoots them, not taking any more damage than she did the other way. (Don't restore Lara's health just yet, but wait for a power crystal.) One of the soldiers drops a Boathouse Key.


Shoot a crate in the corner by the tent for a small medipack. There doesn't seem to be anything in this area, and Lara can't get across the river. Lara can go to the edge of the river, and left to rocks at the end of a grassy strip. Around on the other side of this left rock there is a grassy patch, which Lara can just see. Lara was impatient and did a banana jump here, but it is easier to use the boat—see below.


Boat For a Secret


So shoot any aggressive big fish in the river. Lara can jump behind the waterfall, where there is no current (which makes sense if you stop to think about it). Swim under the door, climb out on the left and use the key to open the way. Slip into the boat: Ctrl goes forward, Alt backs up. Go a short distance around the corner, park by a bank at a grassy area across from the soldiers' camp. To get out use Shift + Right Arrow. The floating green crystal is equivalent to a small medipack, and beyond it pick up flares.


Back to the boat, and make a U-turn to the opposite bank so that Lara can jump out of the boat to the right, into that square of grass between pillars (assuming Lara hasn't already done a banana jump there). Between the pillars face west, jump back to a slope, and forward to grab the edge of a pillar. Pull up, look back E against high rocks for Secret #1, 2x harpoons. Get down to the ground and into the boat.


TR3 Crowbar Door


Drive down river over colorful piranha. Pass the opening where Lara started, take a left, then a right to see a dock ahead with a sign post. Lara wants to get out here to shoot vultures, but I had problems. It is natural to drive up to the dock and press Shift + Left Arrow, but that never worked. Keep to the right side before reaching the dock, make a sharp turn left to park at the close short side of the dock. Lara leaps out to the right side at about the time vultures arrive. Shoot them with pistols. If you want, shoot the broken grating behind the sign, and take a look at the crowbar door inside, but there is nothing further to do there now.


Scenic View


Take the boat downriver, just around the left corner and straight ahead. If you look down in the NE corner here you can spot Uzis, but they are unreachable because of the current. Park the boat over them so that Lara can leap out to the right. Take a pathway (note opening in middle left) and admire the view and bridge, then return to that side branch from the path.


Uzis, Feed Piranha


Go in a short ways to find a crawlspace on the left. Take it to a small waterhole which is safe from water currentsonly a few piranha and an attack fish. Jump in and swim left to pick up those Uzis, then swim back to get out of the water (don't try to go outside by the boat, or the current will grab Lara). Get out of the crawlspace.


If Lara's health is low from taking a few bites make a detour back outside, left to the bridge area. Jump over to a power crystal to restore health. Lara can shoot some fish to make her feel better. Then return to the area of the crawlspace, but this time continue along the passageway until there is a screenshot. Draw pistols and turn the corner.


Into The Stronghold


A gate opens, a soldier is behind it, Lara side flips firing to dispatch him. Get his shotgun, and in the courtyard SE corner are Uzi clips.


Go in where the soldier was, take the right alcove to a timed lever. Use it, roll, sprint out, make the left, then sprint straight across the courtyard through the timed gate. Oops, a soldier is blocking the entrance. Lara can try to run past him, or else shoot him, then do the timed run over again.


One through the gate the way is barred. Jump up to opening W, jump around the corner left to a block sticking out of the wall. Make a standing jump forward to a crack in the sides of the bridge.


On The Bridge


Go right, south, but there is a soldier waiting in the next area. He may already be shooting and making a racket. The middle right wall of the bridge has shotgun ammo, for a nice camera shot. Lara can jump onto the left wall, take it to the end of the S area, roll, and shoot the soldier. He leaves flares behind.


(As an aside, climb the wall at the soldier's corner, and stand by the right pillar. Look down to the SW and spot four more pickups. These are hard to discern without binoculars. Starting from the left, on the ground, there appears to be shotgun ammo, on a high grassy embankment grenade ammo, around the right corner flares, and in the distance on the ground more shotgun ammo. Remember these for later.)


Run S to a closed gate. Shoot a vulture that appears behind. Pull out each of the lighter colored blocks in the corners by the gate, then pull then aside once. Start with the right (SW) alcove that is exposed, and use a wall lever. Go to the opposite alcove and use that wall lever. The S gate opens, go inside, then to the right, climb a wall about three-fourths of the way up, then back flip/twist to land on (or grab) the high opposite side. Now Lara cautiously balances on a pole, as there are lots of spikes below.


In The Castle


Once across, go inside to get a screenshot of soldiers gossiping about last night's poker game. I got tired of this, so save the game and restore it in order to break the camera lock. Step out and shoot a soldier on the floor below. This causes a second soldier to appear in an alcove on the left of Lara's ledge, so shoot him, too. Lara takes the stairs that he was guarding, goes down and shoots a third soldier straight ahead. Now explore the area.


In the main room are Uzi clips, probably dropped where the first soldier fell. Climb the W blocks, and from here pull up higher S, across from the ledge where Lara entered. Find a small medipack in the near right corner. Drop back down, go across the W blocks to find shotgun ammo. From here turn right, go along the N wall past a wall sconce to use a book lever. A gate opens W.


Crate Puzzle


Drop down W for a crate puzzle. Push the crate forward once. Push the crate on the right in all the way, until it fits into a right alcove, out of the way. Go back and pull the left crate backward twice. Go around right in a circle, to find that where the left crate was is a crowbar. Now that the crowbar is removed, push the original left crate back to its starting position. Now pull back the center crate once. Circle the passage to pull the center crate aside. Circle back to enter the middle passage, find Secret #2, large medipack, grenade ammo, grenade launcher.


Obviously Lara wants to return to the crowbar door. Get up from the crates. Lara can take the stairs, or just pull up to the N ledge. Do a balancing act on the pole again, drop down at the end, go out to the bridge.


Grabbing Goodies


If Lara wants those pickups they're easiest to reach now. Turn left, pull up on the wall. Make a running jump toward the grenade ammo below. Lara should land safely, pick up grenade ammo. Jump W around a slanted rock and pick up flares. Return to where Lara landed, now jump south. Lara slides down to pick up shotgun ammo. From the side made a running jump N, then hop NW. Use a short-takeoff jump out to a pillar in the water, where the power crystal was. Jump NW, and NW again to return to the pathway and thence to the boat.


Take the boat a little ways east, and jump out on the right to pick up shotgun ammo. Then continue going E, under the bridge, and stop at the SE corner. Shoot a grate with pistols, crawl in to get harpoon gun and harpoonsLara accumulating an arsenal. Back in the boat, go E a little ways to see a barred gate and keyhole beside it, a later objective.


Open Crowbar Door


Now Lara wants to return W, back to where she previously parked the boat, and continue W around a right corner. Park at the dock where vultures attacked. Go inside, use the crowbar at the door, and enter. There is muck ahead, so make a running jump, angling left, and get into an open gate in the corner there. Pause at the top of a steep slope.


Spike Walls


Lara will be facing a series of spike walls. If you cheat you can get goodies, as the author indicates, otherwise run for it. Slide down, run across angling left into a doorway. Repeat for the next slide. Repeat again, but this time there is a wall lever to pull. This opens a trapdoor under Lara's feet and she falls to safety. Walk through spikeslike TR2 and TR3, Lara doesn't take damage if she walks. Pull up, and to the right pick up shotgun ammo. In the SE corner there is a refreshing power crystal. In the East wall, sort of opposite where Lara entered this room, is a crawlspace.


Take it, as soon as possible stand up, jump into a high alcove ahead to the right. Yes, that rumbling is a descending spike wall. Go down stairs, make a right at the bottom, and continue to walk straight into spikes.


Tomb Under Castle


At the far wall make a forced right, go halfway down and throw a wall lever. Walk onward, make a right, and at the end of this passageway enter an open door. Find a ladder up, and at the top notice that a gate behind Lara is currently shut.


Go forward, drop into a hole. There are spikes at the four cardinal directions, and if Lara looks she can find shotgun ammo and grenade ammo in two spike fields. Then drop down to a NW ledge and pick up flares. Run off the ledge, land on a tomb in the middle of the room, and pick up Gate Key. A camera shot shows the gate opening at the top of the ladder. Go E to the head of the tomb, back flip to a slope, and jump forward to grab a ledge. Pull up. Go to the center of the room to jump up into the hole, go forward, jump over the ladder opening and take the waterhole.


Swim Out


Swim forward and left, but don't turn right into the middle channel. Instead, once Lara reaches the right turn, do a reverse flip and swim back to the waterhole and pull out. Shoot a voracious fish, otherwise it will be a total nuisance.


Go back and swim the center channel. There is shotgun ammo at the first right. Continue to the end, and underneath a trapdoor pull an underwater lever. Get out of the water, do climbing and jumping upward. At the end drop in a hole to be back at the crowbar door.


Boat Trip


Get in old reliable "993" and drive it all the way east to the gate and keyhole there. Open the gate with the key, get back in the boat, take it inside. Follow the channels until Lara reaches a four-way junction, then go left.


At the end jump out to the right. Turn around and jump across the channel, pull up twice on blocks, climb the ladder. Go through to come out on top of a huge slope.


Rock Jumping Under Fire


Lara's task is to jump around to the right on more or less flat rocks jutting out: standing jump, running jump, standing jump. Work across to the edge, and the last jump is down to a lower rock. Actually, Lara can skip this lower rock and instead make a running jump forward, over the edge of the slope, to land on a rock with a small medipack.


Make standing jumps diagonally up this next slope mostly in the same direction, and when the helicopter starts to fire run behind the cover of pillars. Get the grenade ammo while exposed to helicopter fire, then jump back behind a pillar. Now there is a decision to make. Lara can continue onward making jumps, and is soon free of the helicopter's fire. However, standing behind the S pillar, Lara can peek out and down (NW) to a standable rock on the right. This is a good secret but a nasty placementsee the problems mentioned below. Jump down to the rock under fire to pick up Secret #3, Desert Eagle.


If Lara goes for the secret, quickly pull up north, move forward most of the way on this block and make a standing jump forward (N). Slide down to a rock. Obviously Lara should make a running jump forward, but the controls are choppy and unresponsive with Lara under incessant fire. Make the jump to be free of helicopter fire, then make standing jumps up the slope. (To add insult to injury, Lara can pick up a Desert Eagle later on without any fuss.)


At the top make a running jump, then a close standing jump. Work over to the power crystal. Climb the slope with diagonal standing jumps as Lara has done before, but this time enter a cavern.


The Cavern Begins


There are three soldiers ahead, one on the right, two in front. Lara runs up to them and blows them up with grenade ammo, which says something of her mood. Pick up large medipack in the center of the chamber, and go back to the entrance to find 3x shotgun ammo at the sides and in the middle. At the back of the room NE there is shotgun ammo near where one of the soldiers fell. At the back wall (E) pull a wall lever by a yellow door to enter, which reveals that Lara is looking for a green keycard to activate the drill outside.


Go to the passageway N and run down tunnels to a room with a big central pillar surrounded by a border of water with piranha (odd that they can find food, but maybe the soldiers feed them). Jump to the right, then up higher to get flares. Lara wants to reach the back of the room (W), which means a brief swim when the piranha have moved away. In the next area find a tent in a corner, then go N to find an alcove on the right with shotgun ammo. Now take the nearby W doorway.


Another Crate Puzzle


Lift up a trapdoor in a corner of the room. Drop down, go in and to the right a few steps. To the right in the corner (NE) is a trigger tile, to the left is a green crate that goes onto it, so move the crate to place it. It may not be clear, depending on where Lara is standing, but a few squares W from the corner crate/tile a block descended. Find that new opening, shoot a box inside for harpoons. See a trigger tile under Lara's feet. Move the same green crate to this new trigger tile, just beyond the gray tile.


Now run around to the S side of this area, find another gray block has gone down near a second green crate in the wall. Lara can pull this green crate out from the wall, and she is no longer trapped, but the lowered gray block allows her to get out. Run around to an orange crate and push it into the wall, to where the green crate used to be. This exposes a wall lever, so use it.


Incredible Mine Drill


Lara is done here. Ready the shotgun and pull back out of the trapdoor hole. Shoot a tiger. Go where he came from (the door opened by the wall lever), continue to a back wall, move a skeleton aside for a green Drill Activator Card. Shoot another tiger. Time to get back to the first cavernous room.


Cross the piranha pond when they aren't looking, climb tunnels, in the big room go E to an open yellow door, and use the green card. Push a button at the end to start the drill. Go out, jump into the hole created by a really fast-working drill. Lara lets the current carry her.



Dig Site – Level 2


Swim forward and pull out of a hole. The sound is small spiders coming, so draw pistols and shoot anything approaching. Now ready the shotgun or Uzis. Go outside, where two workers and a dog attack, so shoot them.


Wanted: Fuse & Key


Go left (N) and shoot a grate to reveal that Lara is looking for a blue plug or fuse (a while in the future). The room exit is to the S. In the next room shoot more little spidersfortunately Lara can see them. Pause a moment in this area. Run W to see that a key is needed for a grate door, and take time to peer through the door to see that there is a quad bike inside. Key for a quad bike, check, but again some time in the future. Also note that there is a door near here in the S wall.


Big Pit


Now take a wide twisty passage to the south, eventually coming to a huge room with a building to the right (W), and straight ahead a large deep pit with steep ramps on either side of it (hmm, quad bike, ramps). Lara can follow the rim of the pit to the W and get a small medipack. On the opposite side of this room, near the E wall, there are blue and yellow crates. Against their side is a shootable box with Uzi clips. Now go to the building W and into a dark entrance.


Mine Quarters


Run up the ramp, in a room shoot a worker who attacks. Throw the switch in the SE alcove and a trapdoor falls open in the middle of the ceiling. Climb up, take a dark passage outside, then to the right pull back an orange crate. Behind the crate is another switch, and this time there is a camera shot of a door opening. Unlike the spikes, Lara can't walk through barbwire without damage, so exit the building by conventional means.


Then run across to the large tunnel north. Take it back to the area where the quad bike is parked, and here find an open door in the S wall.


Really Wanted: 2 Red Keycards


Go in, climb up avoiding several horizontal drills, go forward to find mine cart tracks. Lara is in another huge area which will take time to explore. First go left (S) to a closed yellow door and see that Lara needs two red keycards, an intermediate objective. Turn back and notice that there are tracks to N and W—one might guess each route leads to a red keycard.


North Route Seeking Keycard


Lara takes the N tracks first, shooting a couple of workers. In a large room there is a sleeping dog by a burning barrel W; if it wakes, Lara shoots it. The trouble is that beyond the dog, and against a tall support, there is a shootable box that contains a Desert Eagle, so it's hard not to disturb the dog. Poor dog. In the center of the room is another burning barrel, and beside it shotgun ammo on top a green crate. Go to the tracks at the back wall (N). To the left a door is closed, but Lara can go right (E).


In the next room hear spiders, so let Lara shoot them. Go to where the tracks branch: E is a closed door, W is an opening in a wall.


Thumpers and Pool


Jump in the W opening and come to pounding thumpers. Get by the first thumper, shoot a left grate to get a small medipack. The grates that are partly broken are the ones that can be shot. Get by two more thumpers, shoot a left grate and throw a switch in that alcove. A door opens onto a pool.


Watch out for a diver in the pool, his harpoons are sharp. If Lara shoots him with pistols he may retreat and wait in ambush, but quick shots from the Desert Eagle finish him. (There is a death slide next to the door to the pool, so avoid it.) Dive into the pool, into the opening where the diver was, go in to throw an underwater lever, see that door open where tracks branch. Go out, pull up from the pool in the SW corner, find a cabinet. Stand back from it at least a full step, open the cabinet for Uzis. Now get out of here, past three thumpers, return to the mine room where Lara can see an open door E.


Hungry Spiders


It might be a good idea to ready shotgun or Uzis before jumping down. Three giant spiders attack, and several small spiders, too. Show them no mercy. Go in the open door E. A couple workers attack, blow them up with a grenade.


Warehouse Rooms A & B


Now Lara has to deal with two warehouse rooms filled with crates. As near as I could tell none of the lower crates is moveable. In this first room there is a closed door and keyhole in the SW corner. In the NW corner there is a hole in the center of crates and at the bottom flares. Find a doorway more or less in the middle of the N wall. In this second room go right (E), find a doorway. Go up ramps to the top, straight across to the wall, then left into a dark passage. Pull back this crate so that Lara can get behind it. Go out, turn left, make a running jump/grab across, avoiding a swinging crate. Take a corridor back to the first warehouse area.


Look left across the room: Lara wants to get by that second swinging crate. Get over there, make a running jump/grab past the swinging crate. Jump forward and climb crates into a high SE corner, pick up a Golden Key. Get down to the floor and use the key in the SW corner. Inside the door throw a switch. Screenshots show that Lara started a mine cart moving out of this room, and follow its continuing journey into the next areas.


Pool Rooms, First Keycard


Go out the W door, follow the tracks right, back to the other big room, but keep to the right side of it. Stay on the tracks, keep going straight, because the door ahead W has opened, triggered by the mine cart. Find the mine cart stopped in a pool area. Pick up 2x harpoons in NW corner. Dive into the water, swim W and pull out at a similar pool area. There is a closed door W, and near it lies a red Keycard, so that is the first of two.


Dive into the water, swim diagonally across this pool to the SE corner, where highly placed plants are waving in a gentle current. Behind the plants there is an odd diagonal texturing. Swim through this, make a left, use an underwater lever. Get back out, swim diagonally across the pool, return to where Lara found the keycard. Pull out, and now the W door is open. Inside pick up Secret #4, flares.


Swim E back to the mine cart pool. Follow tracks back to the big room where Lara got the Desert Eagle, then go right (S) to leave this area. Continue back to where the track branches, where Lara sees a yellow door ahead.


West Route Seeking Keycard


Take the track right (W), to enter a new area in search of the second keycard. At the track's end go W and dive into water.


Go down left, then right into a big opening, into a large area with a fan, swim upward to find a hole in the ceiling. Pull out of the water, climb a ladder. Hear small spiders ahead, but for now the concern is a slide trap. Slide and jump/grab ahead. Go forward, jump up to the right while shooting with pistols to kill a spider. Continue, slide down into a new area.


Boulder Ramp


From where Lara lands she can shoot a worker with pistols. Shoot a nearby box for shotgun ammo. Find a long ramp going up in the W part of this room. With suitable paranoia, Lara starts up, then turns to hop backward up the ramp. At warning music, run and leap out to the right to avoid being crushed by a boulder. Wait for the boulder to stop rolling around, and when safe proceed up the ramp. Crawl in and throw a switch. Return down the ramp, return to where Lara dropped into this room, onto sort of a bridge in a pit. Look down S to see that a trapdoor fell open, do a safety drop below.


Another Pool Area


Lara can see the red keycard she wants on the other side of glass. Go the only way S, then around a corner left to press a button for a door. In the pool room find a switch in the W middle alcove; a trapdoor opens at the bottom of the pool. Dive down into the hole. Below there is an underwater lever east. There are dangerous currents from the fan, so only go far enough toward it to get a health boost from a power crystal. Then swim back up the hole, get air, and swim into the open door east.


Second Keycard


There is a diver waiting in the next pool, a camera shows him alerted and diving into the pool to intercept Lara. The harpoon gun is effective against him, but if it seems to use too many harpoons then climb out of the water instead, and use the Desert Eagle. Pick up a red Keycard in the W center alcove, and find the harpoons. In the middle N wall throw a switch: a door directly underneath in the pool opens. Swim into that gate, back to where Lara began this area, so swim through an opening to the right, and up to surface.


Use Keycards


Follow the tracks to an intersection and go right a short way to a yellow door, use two red keycards to open it. Look behind before going through. Remember that Lara has done both of the routes by following tracks. To return to the beginning she must take the E opening near the track intersection. This is an involved level, and it can be easy to forget the way back. Now go into the open door.


Tightrope and Fire Traps


In the next area see mine carts on the left. There are steep chutes for loading three of them. Go S as far as possible to find shotgun ammo, and near there, to the right of a crate, is a passageway. Go up past three easy flame emitters. At a big pit, drop and hang, shimmy around to the opposite side. Now Lara has to tightrope walk across a flame emitter; in this case the fire is off long enough for her to make it (sometimes). Go up stairs. At the ladder there is another flame emitter to time, so don't rush, wait for it. Press against the ladder, wait for darkness as the flame emitter shuts off, then use Ctrl for greater height, and pull up.


Load Ore Carts


Go forward and get a camera shot of those mine carts at the bottom of steep chutes. Lara is above them. Go across three mounds of ore to press a button straight ahead. This clears all the ore out and dumps it into the carts below. The passageways here are open, and three gates are open. (Lara won't have to repeat the tightrope walk.)


Battle For Key


Then go E into a room. Shoot flame thrower guys before they fry Lara, but so that when one of them drops a grenade launcher it falls where Lara can pick it up. In the S ore channel find Uzi clips. Near there, jump up for a refreshing power crystal. Beneath it, protected by a flame emitter, is a key. Time the emitter to get a Garage Key, back flip. To get out of here slide down an ore chute. How will Lara avoid the mine carts below? As she slides the mine carts move away, and she lands conveniently on empty tracks.


Back Near Beginning


Take the N tracks to get out of here. Overtake the mine carts and three workers, let them come to Lara and use Uzis on them. At the mine cart that is right behind the little engine, go into an East opening, descend through those horizontal drills again. After Lara runs by the first drill, she seems to automatically bounce down in safety through the series. Come out a doorway. Go a short way left, and use the key to unlock a gate.


Quad Bike Garage


Drive the quad bike out through the gate, and stop level with the open S doorway, dismount with Alt + Right Arrow. (The quad bike has no reverse gear, so always save the game when using the quad bike.) Return to the garage where it was parked, climb up to get large medipack. Now pull out an orange crate once. Jump over it into the alcove behind for Secret #5, Uzi clips, grenade ammo, revolver ammo, shotgun ammo, harpoons. Quite a haul.


Bike Ramp Jump


Get back on the quad bike. Drive it to approach the big room with the ramp and deep pit. Race across the room and up the ramp. The first time I played the quad bike was so revved up it was hard to control, and this ramp jump was done on the first try. I never gave the jump a thought. For this walkthrough, the quad bike sometimes felt like it refused to shift into higher gear. (Maybe keep the quad bike clear of objects, especially on left side.) Of course, do a long run up with the quad bike.


Once across the pit dismount. There is an energy crystal for now or later. Take a doorway east, go inside and around to the left, climb rocks, go in.


The Blue Fuse


At a glass door jump up to grab an overhead trapdoor, pull it down. Get up there, open a floor trapdoor, drop down—the water is safe despite hanging wires. Go into the water, swim north, and then NW, at the end pick up a blue plug Fuse. A camera shot shows a shark coming, so make a hasty retreat, and get out of the water.


Return by the trapdoor route, and go out, top up health with the power crystal if Lara hasn't already done so. Get on the quad bike, drive it toward the doorway east, make a sharp U-turn, and race back to curve around near the back wall and out to take the ramp jump. Both times Lara has done this she made it on the first try. On the other side drive the quad bike into the tunnel, and stop short of the garage parking spot. Dismount.


Return to Start, Fuse


Step up into the N doorway. Go across the next room N to place the blue plug, shooting the grate if necessary. The fuse causes a laser gun or whatever to pop up and carve a doorway to the east. Go down the ramp there, press a button to open a door. To the right Lara needs a green keycard. So go left and shoot two workers before they hurt Lara.


Kitchen, Green Keycard


Straight ahead is a kitchen, with flaming surfaces. In its doorway there is a button to push, to open a grate door south. Go inside there, left to a cabinet (stand back a full step) for a small medipack. Go out and across the room to the N. In the doorway first go to the right all the way to showers, and look in a left corner for a switch to pull. Then come back to the doorway and straight on to do the other side. A bathroom door opens automatically so Lara can pick up shotgun ammo inside. The next bathroom door also opens automatically, but this time shoot a worker who attacks. Nothing inside, and nothing inside the next bathroom stall either. At the end is a door that Lara opened with a switch in the showers; crouch to pick up a green Diving Area Card.


Diving Area


Return to the tables and W to use the keycard. Take a long ladder down. Go out for a marvelous camera shot of jellyfish and tropical fish, Lara in the distance, a great introduction for what is to come. Step to the side to break the camera. Go to S, down a ramp and shoot two dogs and a worker. Look through glass at two armed divers and a submersible craft that will be hunting Lara later on.


Unfriendly Divers


The door ahead is closed, so make a right from this corridor. A camera shows another armed diver waiting. Dive into a pool and swim down into an opening, follow through to a room, pull an underwater lever. This opens a door right, takes Lara into a room with a diver armed with harpoons. If Lara has trouble with him, then pull out of the water, side flip while firing to get rid of him. Pick up small medipack, two batches of harpoons, and shotgun ammo. Shoot a cover on the west wall, and use the switch inside. The door at the end of the corridor opens.


Prepare For Ocean


Dive into the pool, retrace the route to get out. Go out to a corridor and turn right (N). Inside the end door loop around into a room with crane, pick up harpoon gun and 2x harpoons. On an opposite ledge use the power crystal, and use the switch. The diving crew is alerted, and also the water gates open here.


Swim out, left, and left to another similar area. Get flares and 2x harpoons. Swim outside, and on the left wall (S) of this big room pick up shotgun ammo. Go back to the submersible area for air. Now Lara is going to be making long swims through an outstanding part of this level.


Derelict Sub


Take deep breaths. Dive down, out the opening, straight across the area to the west, out into the ocean. See that the diving team is coming. (Incidentally, currents prevent Lara from getting back inside to a known air supply.)


Swim forward and completely around to the right to what looks like a sunken submarine. Head to the right of the conning tower. There is a hole here that looks closed off, but swim down through a thin mat of seaweed. Swim down into a large area, head S toward a grate with a skeleton in front of it. This is a shootable grate, and Lara has a harpoon gun, so break the grate and swim inside. Surface for air. Pull out to the sound of Secret #6, collect flares, 2x harpoons on one side, and on the other a large medipack.




It is a long swim back. Swim into the big hold, and up to a green patch in the ceiling and upward, once out turn to swim S along the length of the submarine, ignoring the shark. Then turn SW toward a seamount (keep ignoring the shark), and aim to get around the rocks on the right side. Turn left (S) around them about the time there is a camera shot of divers waiting. Not only do they have a submersible, but one diver is in a mechanical suit from which he is invulnerable and can fire explosive rockets at Lara. Thought you would like to know.


See ancient ruins ahead. Swoop down and grab a Mystic Mask from on top a pillar that is right in front of the ruins. A rocket will target Lara if she hesitates for a moment. Swim forward into the ruins, into the hole inside them. Lara can swim in a weaving pattern so that the rockets will miss her. Swim down and to the side, find that there is a breathing hole just inside, at about the time Lara runs short of air.


Explore Sunken Ruins


Replenish air, swim forward and have a harpoon duel with two more divers. Head for their submersible, as underneath it there is a hole in the ruins where Lara can dive down to get air. Pull out of the water and take stock. There is a place here for a mask, but Lara needs two masks. There is an identical hole symmetrically placed on the other side of the ruins. In the center of the ruins there is a grate that will open once both masks have been placed.


Outside in the cavern there is a lot to do, so Lara will be exploring and returning for air to one of the holes leading to mask receptacles. For now pick up 2x harpoons. Swim out and turn to face the S wall. Low down there are three tunnels: left, by the ruins, is a gated tunnel for later; in the middle a tunnel has a small medipack, but watch out for a moray eel; and on the right a tunnel with a bend has harpoons. Explore and return for air. The highest pillar of the ruins themselves has a small medipack. The South wall also has alcoves at a higher level. The right one has shotgun ammo, and the left has an underwater lever.


Battle For Mask


Pull this lever and it opens a gate below to release a monster eel. Swim back for air. Swim out to confront the giant eel—it takes more than a dozen harpoons to kill, all the while wriggling around and lunging and chomping at Lara. In the N is a power crystal and Lara will probably need it now, but likely needs air first.


Go top up health with the N power crystal. Swim to the S wall, to the low tunnel left near the ruins, swim in to get a second Mystic Mask. Now place the masks in their receptacles in similar holes on either side of the ruins. If Lara hasn't been in the N hole, also pick up 2x harpoons. Get a camera shot of a grate falling open in the center of the ruins. Swim there and down. Let the current take Lara to...



The Lost World – Level 3


Exit the water to India-type ruins with Shiva statues. Go SW to the side of the temple, jump up, go around a corner right, drop into a pit for shotgun ammo. The opposite side NW has only a cobra, so Lara forgoes dropping into that pit. Go in front of the temple, enter an opening on the S wall.


Above Temple


Run up ramps and eventually come out at treetop level above the temple grounds. A block W above the temple door has an odd hue, as if it were pushable. Jump over there, climb over the center block, pick up flares on a N block. Pull the center block back (save game), and use a timed lever behind it.


Boulder Secret


Drop down and quickly jump into the open gate before it closes. On the N wall by the gate there is a climbing surface. If Lara climbs up she sees a crawlspace, but a hanging boulder is blocking it.


When Lara stands at the top of the ramp she sees two plinth blades and that the ramp ends in a pit. So run down the ramp, jump the plinth blades, and jump blindly over a pit, as the boulder behind Lara will be blocking the view.


Go back up the ramp, which isn't so easy, even though the blades have stopped, because the blades are still deadly. Climb the wall by the gate, get through a crawlspace, drop inside for Secret #7, flares, shotgun ammo, small medipack. Now get down the ramp over deadly blades again, and into a large room with Shiva statues. (A gate closes behind Lara, so if she hadn't already gotten the secret she would be out of luck.)


Shiva Swords


Go right, find an opening in the NE corner of the room, enter. At the edge of a pit drop down to pick up grenade ammo, then climb back up. Make a running jump/grab for the back of a pillar, pull up, slide, and jump to grab the opposite side. Pick up a Right Sword. Jump up to grab an overhead monkey swing, take the length of it, and exit to the big room.


Find another opening opposite in the SE corner, enter. Cross the room and hallway, avoid two swinging burners. Pick up, not the wrong sword, but the Left Sword. When Lara exits into the big room go left, step up beside a moveable object. Look right to see a ladder on the side of a nearby pillar.


Climb the ladder, high enough to back flip/twist to grab the ledge behind Lara. Go W, noting closed gate, to the center of room with two upper Shiva statues. Place swords at the statues. Drop down to the ground, go E toward the original entrance of this room. Hop on blocks in front of that entrance, look down in the center to see that a gate has fallen open. Drop inside, pull a wall lever. Climb out, the W gate is now open.


So-so Shiva Battle


As Lara steps on the floor two Shiva statues flanking that gate transform, coming alive, and attack. Lara could wipe them out easily with grenade launcher, but then the second secret of this level is lost, so use another way. Lara could climb the ladder on the pillar, flip over to the ledge, and shoot Shivas from above with impunity, something Lara does in TR3. But here dumb Shivas are likely to get stuck in a corner, and Lara won't even target them.


So Lara may have to run around on the floor, but if she points Uzis at a statue it will raise swords defensibly, and she can't get off a shot. On the plus side, when Lara finally does get off a few shots the statues collapse on the floor.


Now Or Never Secret


Return to the SE opening where swinging burners are, and go to the second one. Look right (N) to see an exposed wall lever, step into the alcove and use it. A gray block also went down in the S side alcove, but there is nothing over there.


Once back in the big room, immediately go left a few paces. Get on a low platform and pull back a moveable object once. Pull it to the side onto a gray tile, then push it onto a block. Go across to the N side of this room, repeat the procedure with this moveable object, getting it onto a block. Go back to the south side of the room, climb the ladder on a side of the pillar, get to the ledge behind, and go W on the ledge. Before reaching the Shiva statues find an open gate. Go in for Secret #8, 2x revolver ammo.


The Tall Tower


Get down to the floor, enter the center W gate, slide down to the tower area. The water ahead looks deadly, and is. Shoot any giant wasps that show up, but be watchful of stepping on strange blue textures around the room as they are fire traps. Jump over the stuff to get to a power crystal. A short passageway by the crystal has only a small pool of water (useful much later).


Two Snake Stones


Return to the room's entrance, continue to jump over to the N side, at a closed gate make another jump over deadly stuff to pick up grenade ammo. Jump to the W, go to the middle and pick up a glowing Snake Stone. Retrace the route back to the N side, but find that a gate in the middle is now open. Go inside, take a corridor, climb a NW block and shoot a cobra. Climb up and continue until a corridor branches left and right.


Go left, walk into spikes to pick up small medipack. Return to the branch. Keep right for shotgun ammo. Come back and right, look left for a Snake Stone guarded by a cobra (appropriate). Spikes go up at Uzi clips, but walk into them. Continue straight, walking through spikes, make a side step left, continue straight, and turn left. Run along, come out higher up across from the tower, shoot a wasp.


Around Tower


Make a running jump/grab across. Jump or shimmy around to the opposite side of this structure, start by going left to pick up flares on the way. Reach the N side, and do a running jump/grab across.


Working Upward


Go up to a plinth blade. Side flip over, with Lara pressed facing against the wall opposite the hinge side. Jump the next blade. Make a running jump grab to a pillar with a flame emitter over it. When safe, jump to a low side pillar—in the NE corner is a small medipack. Cross pillars to reach the end of the room. Go into an opening and shoot a snake in the grass.


Turn the corner and spot a boulder trap. Stand at the ferns, hop back, immediately run forward and to the side, skipping over the corner of the pit. When safe go up the ramp.


Tower Snake Stone


Come out facing the tower, shoot a snake ahead, and a wasp. Jump across, this time go around to the right, jump or shimmy to pick up a Snake Stone. Continue on until Lara can jump across to the N, where a gate is open (presumably from picking up the stone).


Use Your Head


Go up and pass a closed side gate (the various side gates don't appear relevant). Jump down, run through spike walls. In a room there is an odd looking Shiva statue. Go right (W) into an opening. A whole nest of snakes is below, but Lara won't target them from above, so drop down and start shooting. Climb up at a dark end and pick up something odd, a Statue Head. Climb out of the snake pit, go to the Shiva statue, press Ctrl to place its head. Gates to either side of the statue open.


Jump into either gate, go until Lara climbs up left. In the next room dash across and hastily climb a ladder while a spike ceiling descends.


Tower Again


Go outside to the tower, jump across for a power crystal. Jump and shimmy around right for revolver ammo. Continue around as before, jump across N, go inside to find two moveable objects.


Deceptive Trigger Tile


It seems obvious to move the objects onto two plain brownish tiles; after all, recent play has been rather routine. Too bad the lighting here isn't better, to make an odd tile easier to spot. It is crucial to first take one of the objects and move it to a trigger tile in the SE corner, next to a closed gate. This yields a screenshot of a raising block going down. This will allow access to the third secret of the level, the last secret of the game. As before, Lara must trigger the secret now, as she can't return once this gate shuts behind her.


Now move each of the objects to plain brownish tiles. Then use an elevated wedge tile for Lara to grab higher and pull up. Use a wall lever in a corner of this ledge to raise the object up, then push/pull it around a corner and to a marked tile at the end of the ledge. Lara can shimmy past the object when necessary. Repeat everything on the opposite side for the second object. (The three trigger tiles all look the same, the two trigger tiles on the ledges, and the third in the SE corner of the floor.) The E corner door opens in this room, so drop down and go through it.


Wasps: Last Stone


Come into a room with the fourth glowing Snake Stone, jump to a pillar to pick it up. Jump SE for flares. When Lara continues jumping S to the next pillar a whole swarm of wasps erupts from the pit. Run forward into the room ahead and roll against a wall. Be patient, let the wasps come, and as they crowd together in the doorway wipe out a mass of them with a grenade. Repeat, and the swarm is soon ended. Turn and throw a wall lever to open the side gate.


Wasp Nest: Last Secret


Go down this corridor, but be careful not to fall into a hole at the end. Instead at the end make a standing jump/grab up to a ledge (this is where the raising block went down, allowing access). Turn around and jump up higher, climb a ladder. Go down dark passages, but when Lara sees the tops of wasp nests be careful of them, as the blue stuff sets Lara alight. Light a flare, side flip into the room, hear the sound of Secret #9. Use grenades to take care of any wasps. Throughout the room find large medipack, 3x shotgun ammo, revolver ammo, small medipack, 2x Uzi clips, grenade ammo.


At the north end of this room get a screenshot of a ladder going down the hole there. This takes Lara down to a pillar near where she picked up the last Snake Stone, so this is a possible exit. Lara can make a running jump to this ladder, and descend. She repeats the pillar jumps below, goes into the S room and right, and drops into a hole at the end. But Lara can also just return the way she came, go down that ladder, to end up dropping down the same hole into water.


Unexpected Return


Get out of the waterhole and run outside for a surprise. Lara is back at the base of the tower, but now the deadly liquid has been drained. Go right (E), but remember to jump over toxic stuff in the corner. Go to the middle of the E side and take a ladder down.


Tower Base


There are creatures about, but they drop after a few shotgun blasts. Enter the open gate in the middle of the N side, then retreat to shoot more of those creatures in the open. Go inside for small medipack and use a wall lever (you may remember that there was a closed gate W of the tower where Lara picked up a first snake stone).


Take the E ladder up, shoot a TR3 enemy, Tony. Go around left to circle as before. As expected, the W gate is open. Go in, roll, climb a very long ladder to reach...a closed gate. Oh, oh.


Tower Top


The gate opens as Lara approaches. Walk forward for a power crystal and revolver ammo. This looks ominous, so it might be a good idea to go around to each side and pick up available resources: Uzi clips, shotgun ammo, grenade ammo.


The Quest Ends


The central shaft has deadly electric sparks. Place four Snake Stones at receptacles on pillars at the corners around the shaft. Hear the electric current stop, so drop into the central shaft and pick up The Infada Stone. Fanfare, please.


Lara is now on top a central pillar and around her in four directions appear serpent things. This doesn't play out as quite the showdown Lara had feared. Since Lara has found all secrets, she has plenty of revolver ammo for a last confrontation. Standing at a safe distant at each side, Lara quickly shoots the serpents until they disintegrated. A door opens E as the last serpent falls.


Run in E along a passageway, drop into a waterhole. Current carries Lara out into a pool. Climb out, approach a helicopter on one side. As Lara nears it, this excellent adventure ends.



9 March 2012