The Lost Base

Level by LoR

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Go E and pick up a large medikit. Enter the base and kill a ninja lurking in the dark. Run around the central computer and grab another large medi from behind it. Advance upstairs, find a small medi behind the container and another one on the top of raised block under the ladder. Climb this ladder and backflip to land on the upper floor. Kill 2 more ninjas (use target switching - tap Look key). One of the opponents drops next large medi. Once more, go upstairs, killing another ninja on your way to the next location (try jumping over him several times while shooting). Up there, a ninja may behave oddly - he might try to escape through a crawlspace. So keep the distance and kill him shooting rapidly at him when he gets stuck. Go through the crawlspace he was trying to escape into. On the other side, pick up the uzi and some clips lying on the floor on the right of the crawlspace you left. Proceed through the only one corridor, picking some more uzi clips on your way to the slope. Slide down and, after passing one more corridor, fall into the water. Turn around and swim through the passage until you reach the junction. First, go up and resurface, then follow the second part of the passage until you reach two holes in the ceiling, one after another. Get out of the water through the first one. Climb the invisible ladder using Lara's hands ONLY (there's no normal climb animation in this level, so you HAVE TO perform this trick if you wanna finish the game). Several minutes of patience later, dozens of clicks higher, pull up onto a ledge. Now turn around and shimmy right, grabbing the extremely long crack. When possible, pull up and make several steps ahead, to avoid being pushed off ledge by a ninja waiting for you up here.

Kill the bad guy and follow another ludicrous corridor till you reach the hole. Just for curiosity, I accidentally found a fully-functional monkey swing above this hole. You can try it. Then, safety drop down, losing half of your health. Never mind, this game is so easy that only your own stupid mistakes can delay you. I killed Lara at least several thousand times due to such mistakes and I'm not ashamed of this so you don't have to be as well. Ehhm... follow the next corridor. Safety drop into the green (the ladder, as you can see, does not work). Kill a ninja. Go around the pillar WITHOUT a ladder to trigger and murder next red warrior. Fall down into the next room and follow the "railway" track (ninja!). Watch out for the gap at the end of the track (I didn't notice it, but I was sprinting, so I managed to grab the ledge). Jump over it and enter open space. Sprint to the other side of the Serious Sam-like canyon and, again, fall into the water. Behind you. The passage. Swim through and resurface when possible. The author has commited an unforgivable mistake in this place - you can't get out of the water because of too high bank. If you want, you can dozy up there... only to find a ramp ending on a wall, without finish trigger at its end.