Search For The Golden Skull

Level by kevindatsun (David Lanaria)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start by sliding down a short slope. Run toward the far W wall and climb it, continue with a jump over a trap hole and you reach a lever that will open the next door. Get welcomed by three jackals, quickly kill them, then reach a temple with four gates that you can open by approaching them, collect uzi clips and a large medipack from three opened gates. Once you open the SE gate, kill a jackal and look for a tall crawlspace in the S wall and pull inside for a SECRET, collect a small medipack and extra uzi clips. Get back and easily pass the spikes, climb into the alcove and get the The Hand Of Orion.

Return to the temple and use it to open the door, follow a short passage, pull another lever to open the next door and reach a place with a center pool. You can shoot the far two vases (but that does not give you anything). However, jump into the water and swim along the tunnel (but watch for two spiked boulders), collect some flares from the left hole, continue swimming along the tunnel but look for The Hand Of Sirius lying on the floor and if you search in the alcoves you may find the UZIS with some clips. At the end of the tunnel pull the underwater lever and surface.

Pull out and follow the opened gate, pull into a crawlspace and drop down. Time the sword and run down the tunnel, killing two jackals. Climb the SE block, then jump over the N high block, turn to face E and jump/grab the crawlspace, pull inside and drop down. Follow the tunnel and you reach a ladder, climb to the top for another SECRET, take uzi clips then grab the crack and shimmy back over the crawlspace. Once again reach the high block, but this time jump to the W block and from there take a long jump over the S block. Use the Hand of Sirius to open the far gate and make your way. Slide down into a lava place and jump over the first block to catch a brief flyby. Easily reach the E block with a large medipack which is, by the way, a SECRET. Jump back and take a jump over the S sloped block, slide a little and jump/grab the next block. Then take a long jump over the next block, grab the ceiling and make a monkeyswing all over the lava gap.

Collcet the flares and follow up the stairs into a room and deal with three jackals. Take a small medipack and more uzi clips, exit the doorway and slide down to the bottom for one more SECRET, collect a small medipack and start climbing up the ladder. Follow a short passage and slide into a complex room full of swords, time the swords and reach the next room. Run into the NW corner for the last SECRET, then time the swords again and reach the exit doorway. First save, then fix the angle camera, take few steps forward to trigger the spiked boulders so you can easily reach the lever behind the NW pillar, kill four jackals, collect the uzi clips and exit the opened door...

Deadly Temple

Once at the temple, look for a lever to open the next door, then pick up uzi clips whereever you saw them. Go through the opened door and pick up a small and a large medipack, then deal with four jackals. Reach the center of the temple and take the E doorway, jump over a lava gap and onto the small squares for Guardian Key and Eye Piece. Get back to the temple and use the key to open the W door. Watch for a spiked boulder triggering early jump over the hole and reach a big lava place. Time the spikes at the W block, then take a long jump over there, collect a small medipack and Guardian Key. Make the same action to get back and take a long jump over the N block. Jump the next two blocks and easily pass the spikes, proceed and jump to the S blocks and pick up some uzi clips and a medipack. Now jump over the block where you can use the key and open the door. Jump over the hole and one more jump to the N block for picking up Eye Piece. Drop through the exit doorway and pull the lever to open the gate and back to the temple.

Follow the temple until the S end and combine the two pieces you have. Place the Eye Of Horus to open the door and jump into the waterhole which is actually an underwater simple maze. Dive into the right tiny hole and get a small medipack. Roll, swim out and into the tiny hole, collect uzi clips, then swim into the high NW opening for a small medipack. Roll, swim back into the S opening, look for a medipack in the right alcove, then simply follow the tunnel, collect uzi clips whereever you see them and shortly you switch the level again...

Golden Skull

Keep swimming forward and pull out into the temple. Start collecting all medipacks and uzi clips around the temple. As soon as you pick up the Golden Skull the W gate will open. While you follow the tunnel draw your uzis, as you are going to deal face to face with the big boss. Once you kill this monster a N gate will open. By running out through this gate you will end this level.