Level by Eelkemama (Elke Schwarz)


Walkthrough by Anna27



Level 1: Wo ist die Osternhasenfamilie?


Jump in the water and swim in the hole, just under the platform. Pick up a match and light it, because itís quite dark here. Pull hard to see a ceiling lever. Continue further and pick up a Silver Chocolate Egg. On the left is an opened gate. Pull an underwater lever there. This opens a trapdoor in the ceiling which you just passed.


Get out to the storage. Shoot a box, I think this lowers a pink wall on the left, but Iím not sure. Anyway, the wall has gone. Climb a wall, jump to the other side and push the lever at the end of the corridor. Get down and pick up revolver ammo, under the ladybug picture. The wall with the ladybug is in reality a moving block, so push it to the end. Go to the discovered passage and pick up the Laser Sight. Behind the plant is a lever, pull it. Climb up on the ladder and take a Knife from the pedestal.† Climb up onto the block on your left, and you'll hear a little explosion.† Enter the SW alcove for a Golden Idol and Secret #1.



Get down, use the knife on the gate, behind the lowered pink wall. This lever opens a door to the garden.† Enter and pick up a tulip on the right. Use it on the nearby wreath. Enter the next yard, go to the left (N) door and pull a lever. Move the right bear and pick up the Blue Key. Now go to the NW corner and use a lever. Enter the nearby opening. Pick up the Revolver and ammo for it. Combine the laser sight with the revolver and shoot the lock on the trapdoor. Climb down, go right and right again and continue till you see big egg forward. Stand on the left of it and pull down the jump lever. Go back to the beginning of the sewers and enter the right (W) opening. Move an egg on the right to the picture in the middle. Go to the place with the big egg and enter the further left door. On the far left is a crawlspace in the upper right wall. Climb in there and pick up matches. Crawl forward and watch a flyby.


Get down the ladder and push a lever on the leftmost column. This raises a pink block. Pick up a Torch on the right of the mentioned column, jump onto the block and use the columns to get to an opening. In the next room drop the torch and pull down another lever. Donít go out yet, but go behind the sacks on the left and pull down a jump lever. This lights a fire on the pedestal. Use the torch on it. Take it with you and get out. Come back N, till you see another opened door (with buckets inside). Pick up a Bucket and pull down a lever. Go back to the near beginning of the sewers and turn right. Enter the opened door and light a rope. Now there is a message to put the torch in water. I donít know why.


Enter the next door, pick up a Silver Chocolate Egg and pull down a lever. It opens a trapdoor. But there is another lever, in the same wall, behind a barrel. It opens the door in the room with two receptacles. Donít go there yet, because you havenít gathered all the things.


Exit SE up the ladder, run forward and turn right into the yard with the fountain and open the trapdoor S next to the closed gate. Get down and jump in the water on the left, and swim forward, till you see crawlspace on the right. Swim there and pick up Secret #2, another Golden Idol. Get out of the water and push a lever at the back. Climb up the nearby ladder and back flip into a room. Push a lever, which opens a door leading back to the yard with the fountain. Use the Blue Key on the keylock. Go behind the colorful partition and look carefully in the mirror. Pick up the Golden Ball and use it on the sun receptacle in the S wall of the previous room. Enter the beauty room and pick up an Envelope on the E cupboard. Go outside W, put the envelope in the yellow mailbox (facing N) and enter the next place S. Pick up Oil from the right-hand window. Go to the almost NW corner and climb up a grapevine. Face SE, back flip into the opening and push a button. This opens a gazebo at the very beginning of the level.


†If you want, go to get Secret #3 there now (drop down and go back all the way N, left at the fountain and all the way W to the canal, itís on the right side Ė N) or do it later. When you get back again to the yard with the cathedral (all the way back S), use the Bucket on the leftmost rope (facing N). First jump to the sunflowers (with big mushroom) and search for the Bag of Sand (itís very well hidden, but it's there near the NW corner). Enter the opened double doors S and enter a church. Pull down a jump switch on the left to raise a trap door. Move the statues onto the marked tiles, they have to look at each other. Enter the opened door W. At the end of corridor take a Green Key and pull down a lever to lower a block. Come back a little bit and find a crevice on the third right corner. Shimmy all the way to the left and use a lever. Watch a raising platform.


Exit and climb up a ladder, very near to the opening. Stand on the place where there was a pink block before and pull down a lever. There is a second raising platform. Now go around and jump to the trapdoor which you raised a little bit before. Use the three platforms and jump the ledge. Pick up a Water Bomb and see an opened door outside. Before you get there, come back to the fountain and fill the bomb. Go to the left (E) corridor in the cathedral yard and go to the bigger yard. Shoot the window in the wall to your left, go inside and take a Yellow Key from the crawlspace. Use the key in the middle door (E) in the yard. This leads you to the next level.


Level 2: Der blaue Schluessel!


Pick up the Card on the left pedestal and read it. It says: ďGreen or red, that is the questionĒ. In the next place N you can see a red (to your left) and a green lamp (ahead). The red one is a trap, so follow the green. Watch carefully the floor, the little holes means the trap. At the green lamp turn left, right, right, now follow all the way to the junction. Turn right and to the left.† Follow till you see a lever next to a barrier. Pull it, come back to the junction and go to the next corridor NW and hear an explosion. Take a Glass With Murmur (?). Now you can safely follow the red lamps. Go to the second grate and it explodes. Exit and use the glass on the back slope in the first room. This brings you a Small Key on the second pedestal.† Use it on the back of the slope.


Enter the playground. Go to the NE and move two bears to the red and blue objects (you can push them over the edge). After that, go to the entrance and to the SE to trigger a flyby. Meet Natla. She gives you a Cassette. Go behind the roses and push a hidden button. Climb on the raised block on the left and push another button. Go to the upper ledge. Shoot the window to your right and enter the mansion. Enter the left room and pick up the Piano Room Key from the blue egg. Use it on a nearby keylock, enter the piano room and take the Garden Key from the SE corner. Get out to the playground, go around the glasshouse and use the key in SE corner. Pick up the Yellow Orb and jump down to the hidden pit in the end and fall into some water.


Pull out and look carefully at the floor, in one corner it looks different than the other. Move the puzzle piece on it and use the raised blocks to climb up to the ledge. Move another puzzle piece E three times onto a different tile. Pick up the Red Key from the NW pedestal and exit the opened door. Climb the ladder, pick up the Gold and Silver Eggs, and pull down a jump switch. Now exit, go to the Sparkasse Osterburg house N and use the key. Go to the saleswoman and she says ďQuite boring today.Ē Go behind her and pull the lever, then use the Cassette in the tape recorder near the blue egg.† An explosion allows you to take the Yellow Key from the pedestal.


Enter the indoor pool, jump into the water and pull down the underwater lever on the N side. Swim through the opened door and first swim down into the pit and pick up a Blue Egg. Continue to the upper corridor and swim to the opened trapdoor. Pull out W, go to the NW house and use the yellow key. Go to the right and put the Blue Egg in the basket. Go to the other end and pull up on the pink block, then to the second floor. Take a Yellow Ball. Go back all the way to the tunnels with lamps and use the Ball in the sun receptacle. Climb down the ladder past the opened trapdoor, go to the end, pick up the Blue Key, and wait till the elevator takes you up. Open the trapdoor in the ceiling (with your back against the E wall) and get up to a familiar place. Now the cage with the hand is open, so use the orb there. The way to the previous level is open again.


Level 1: Wo ist die Osternhasenfamilie? -† revisited


Go up the near stairways and use the key. Enter, go forward and pull the lever behind the red chair.† Go back, turn right and enter the opened door in the end. Pick up matches. The bookcase is climbable, so climb up and take the Blue Fuse from the second one. Now go back to the cathedral yard and use the fuse on the SW corner. Go to the right of the fireplace and pull down the lever. Enter the fireplace and take the Yellow Key. Use it on the keylock. Push the lever on the right, then push the ball down. Get down and use the slopes to the other end. Slide to very end and jump to a flat place (you can first jump to the second slope and then shimmy to the flat place).


Enter another garden, pick up the Blue Egg from the end. Now place it in the basket in the cathedral yard, near the fuse receptacle. Run around the ground floor inside till you hear an opened door. Go upstairs and take the Red Key. Climb the nearest window and shoot the bell with the revolver combined with the lasersight. Now if you have already the bag of sand, the oil and the water bomb, go to the room in fountain yard, and up the stairs to opened double room. Go to the right room and donít save your game, until you use all the things mentioned before. Take a Torch from the right and then light it. Drop it for the moment, and then fill the first boiling pot with oil and light it by torch. To the second fill with water, and sand to the third. Exit the room and enter another room E. Open the door by using the red and green keys. Use the lever on the end. Enter and watch a funny cutscene.