Adventures of Lara Croft

Levels by Pilip

Walkthrough by manarch2

Level 1: Egypt – Temple of Anubis

Go right at the very first junction and flip the lever to hear a door open in the other path of the junction. Climb up to the crawlspace to your left and find the Shotgun, Shotgun Ammo and the Crowbar. Back down head to the opened door and jump over a blade in the right moment, when it just starts moving towards you. Kill a panther and as you need two stars that are hidden in the N and S rooms you can decide where to go first. When you choose the S path jump up and grab the crack left of you, shimmy right around a few corners all the way and at the end pry the Golden Star off the wall. You can either shimmy back or do a run-jump without grab to the other side. When you choose the N path climb on the sloped block and stand-jump to the ledge of the NE tunnel, climb up and sprint down the ledge, then jump to the back left wall to both not get overrolled by the boulder and not being touched by the blade. Jump down in the right moment, pry another Golden Star off the wall and time the next blade jump. Climb back up to the hub room. When you have both Stars place them in the E receptacles and the door between them opens. Jump up the ramp and kill two panthers, a rat and a bat from above, then run-jump to the pole ahead (don’t try it from the floor or you’ll have to reload) and swing a bit, then jump to the E alcove. Drop and grab the edge, then shimmy right and around a corner to climb up and use another lever which will release a boulder to deactivate a spike trap SW. Drop down and get the now accessible Blue Crystal Key to open the S door. Time the last blade jump and kill a bat in the corridor. Use the timed lever to deactivate the fires in the next room for some time and jump the pillars to the N end (I found it easier to perform a far run-jump to the second pillar) where you can find the first Ring Part. The level changes.

Level 2: Nepal – The Monastery

Climb the snowy hill to your right and grab the crack on the N wall, shimmy left all the way and climb up at the end to get a Little Medikit. Turn around, stand as close to the E wall as possible and run-jump to the platform. Jump and grab the high up E ladder, then shimmy left around the corners until you can drop and grab a jumpswitch. Use it, drop down and kill a leopard that comes out of the passage. Head through and in the next room you have two choices to get on the NW ledge. The longer route is when you jump onto the slope ahead, jump again to grab the ladder and shimmy right around a few corners until you can drop on the slope, jump back and forth between the two slopes and eventually you can grab the N ladder. Shimmy left and drop into the alcove, then jump E to the ledge. The much shorter but unintended route is when you simply run-jump from the entrance to the ledge. Either way - jump to the E alcove and follow into a room with several golden pushables. Kill two leopards and pull the only block on the second stage away to reveal and pick up a Large Medikit. Your task is now to push the upper block from the NW to the NE corner. To achieve that you always need to place two adjacent blocks behind it or one behind and one in front of it. I won’t mention all pushes because it’s really easy, only time-consuming. When eventually done the W door opens, jump to the slope in the next room, grab the ladder after jumping again and shimmy right around the corner, then backflip to the alcove. Grab its ledge and shimmy right until you can climb up, then monkeyswing to the other side and again drop to grab the ledge, shimmy right, around a corner and climb up, then turn and jump to the ledge with the floor lever. Use it and now you have to monkeyswing, shimmy and jump all the way back to the door that opened in the far N. There is a shortcut when you curve-jump onto the slope instead of jumping up to the monkeyswing, but it’s not very easy. Enter the new room, kill another leopard, take the Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and find a N passage. Avoid some stalactites and find a Buddhist Coin at the end, return to the previous room and place it on the receptacle left of the big doors facing SE. Return to where you found the coin first and a door opened here – get Normal and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and return to the open double doors, find the Ring Part and the level ends.

Level 3: New York – Museum

KilL three dogs in this room and find Shotgun Ammo behind the container, then climb the boxes in the SE corner, jump to the right hand platform and to the N one, then to the E ladder, shimmy to the other side and use the jumpswitch. Climb back up to the second platform and run-jump holding Action into the N opening. Shoot the grating and crawl through the duct, a guard appears while still crawling so try to get out at the very right end or you might be defenceless against the shots. Kill him when you can stand up and take a Little Medikit he leaves. Get into the next hall, drop down and find Shotgun Ammo SW and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo NW. Climb the nearby box to get on the large container again and jump NE to the crack in the wall, grab it and shimmy left. Climb up, break the windows and jump to the other side of the area, a dog appears on the floor so you can kill him safely from above. Follow the passage up the ramp and open the door, find the Uzis under the left furniture (duck to get it), then go around the left corner, pull the block once and climb over it to find 4x Uzi Ammo behind it. Return outside and jump to the SW ledge, then with a running curve jump SE and grab the ledge of the crawlspace. Get through and climb out backwards at the end, climb the ladder, get around two left corners, drop on the slopes and perform a backflip in mid-air, then jump to and fro between the two slopes until you manage to grab the crack on the wall. Shimmy left, drop on the block and run-jump to the N pillar (you also could have got there with a sideflip over the fence at the start of the room), climb the ladder and monkeyswing SW, follow up the passage, climb into the crawlspace, get up at its end and enter the left room. Shoot the glass surrounding the artifact, then get the Ring Part to finish this level.

Level 4: Croatia – Korcula

Run ahead, shatter the window jumping up and climb up into the passage. Follow it to a larger room, kill two dogs from above, then climb down. Find Shotgun Ammo NE and Uzi Ammo SE up the stairs. Stay there and climb the roof to find a Little Medikit. Run-jump to the SW roof where you came from, jump to the slanted roof N, grab the ledge and shimmy right around the corner until you can stand up. Turn around, stand-jump to the swingpole and jump to the ladder, climb up. Use the slopes’s ledges to get to the S alcove between the slopes to find the Blue Rose – W is a Large Medikit if you want. Return to the previous, larger roof and pull out the box in the NW corner twice, run behind it and place the Blue Rose to open an E door where you found a Little Medikit. Jump down there, enter the passage and open the door to get the Letter in the small chamber. Get back out, drop down to the floor and insert the Letter in the yellow letterbox to open the door in the W passage. Enter the newly revealed area, kill a dog and two crows and jump up to climb the small roof W. Jump into the N passage, shatter the window and enter a room where you can find a Silver Ball SW (again duck to get it). Return outside, drop down and use it in an E passage – outside a SE door opened, head through and jump over two slopes, then to the ladder, get around the right corner and backflip onto the ledge, then jump S to the alcove where you can use the sword lever to open the door in the last room, jump back there and enter the passage. Run down the ramp, the boulder is slow so you have enough time to jump to the ladder and get around the left corner in time. Climb down until Lara’s feet are on the second lowest rung, then backflip with a midair turn and a grab to the opposite ladder, shimmy right all the way and again with the feet on the second lowest rung backflip to the last ladder. Climb up and shimmy left until you can drop on the block with the Ring Part to let the level change again.

Level 5: Peru – The Fort

Climb the boxes in front of you, pick up Revolver Ammo and jump to the SE roof. Grab its ledge and shimmy right until you are just in front of a window texture, climb up, backflip with a midair turn and grab the ledge of the alcove. Get in the next room, climb the box, shoot the grating and monkeyswing to the other side, drop on the crack and shimmy left until you can climb up (also easily possible to do that without using the monkeyswing or the box). Pick up the Little Medikit in the next room, climb the box in the right corner, find more Revolver Ammo and jump up to the next boxes to find the Lasersight. Jump on the shelf and then in the alcove to find the Revolver. Two soldiers arrived downstairs, kill them and take the Skull with one of them leaves. Place it in the S receptacle, jump back up the first box and then into the passage. At the second square a boulder is triggered to turn around and jump to the block row ahead to avoid it, jump back in the now safe passage and climb up the ladder at its end, then backflip in another small chamber where you can find 2x Wideshot Shotgun Ammo on a ramp. Shoot a soldier, drop in the next room and find a Little and a Large Medikit each on the floor. Use the timed lever SW, climb back up the ladder to the entrance, turn and run-jump to the left shelf, then to the NW part of the next one, run over the wooden bridge and finally jump N to the last bridge and enter the door; don’t stop behind the door as you would be stuck for good then – time the jump through the blade trap, then save as another blade trap awaits you. When you are through you have nothing to fear anymore, as the boulder that drops when you head down the ramp stays at the top. Run down (you should have jumped up to the ladder obviously to avoid the boulder) and jump over the gap to get the last Ring Part and let not only this level, but the whole game end.