Temple of Jaguar

Level by Martin Stuchlik

Walkthrough by manarch2

Car Ride

You start this level standing beneath a red car, directly being confronted to two options as when you go around the corner a hostile black car will attack you.

The first option is to enter the car, quickly drive along the path and after a few turns drive with gas (holding Action) over the spike gap, but you’ll have to kill at least one of the two baddies with your normal weaponry.

The second method is to run along the path on foot, staying close to the left rocks as the car will probably driving in circles and won’t harm you much so you can shoot it without much health costs. Now take over the black car that has a included gun, drive along the path and jump over the gap which will be a little more tricky as you don’t have extra gas and need to drive along the right side to get over the gap. Now you can both drive over and kill the two baddies.

Outer Temple Area

One of the baddies leaves Flares and Shotgun Ammo, the other Flares and a Little Medikit. Now explore the outer temple area, beware of the big hole in the floor but go to the left end of the stairs on the opposite part. Now face the part where you left the car and standing on the highest possible stair perform a stand-jump to the right hand roof. Climb up and follow to a Large Medikit and Shotgun Ammo and further on the Golden Mask for Secret 1. Drop down and find a hole in the floor on the rear side of this building, drop down again.


Spot the pushable in the wall and push it once in. Follow the passage to a junction, go right first and run down the ramp, drop down a block and after running on further you’ll end at the floor of the big hole from the outer area. Pick up the Shaft B Key and a baddy appears, kill him and take Flares and a Little Medikit he leaves. Return through the tunnels and go ahead at the junction now, jump over the spike pit and enter a room where you have to shoot two jaguars. Kill them and open the exit door with the switch in the far right corner. Kill the baddy that enters quickly as a armoured baddy follows shortly after, after both are sent to hell you can get Flares and a Little Medikit from the first baddy as well as more Flares and Shotgun Ammo from the second one.

Jaguars’ Lair

Put the Shaft B Key into the right keyhole to open the door, enter the passage and quickly run down the ramp using a lot of jumps to escape the boulder. Do not go into the room right of where the boulder rolled to (behind the skeleton) but into the tunnel left of the ramp and follow until you can find the Guardhouse Key in a larger room. Thereon not less than four jaguars appear so shoot them all. best with the Shotgun, then leave this room again.

A Secret Detour

Afterwards enter the passage behind the skeleton, you are one stage higher in the shaft where you got the first key, go around the walkway and spot a block at the other side, pull it once and drop into the hole and retrace your steps to the junction, go left where you once came from, get in the room where you dropped down in the catacombs and as you pulled the block in the previous room there is a new passage here so drop down, find Shotgun Ammo and enter the next room, picking up a Large Medikit. Spot a well blending lever right of the pitch black door, use it to open it and kill a jaguar yeti that comes out from the chamber. Now enter it and pick up two Large Medikits, 2x Flares and 2x Shotgun Ammo and also the Malqui for Secret 2. Exit this room again, run back where you entered this area.

The Maze

Get back all the way to the room with the two keyholes. Place the Guardhouse Key in the left receptacle to open the door here, kill another two jaguars and find 2x Flares in this room. Afterwards head into the dark passage and go right at the crossing first to eventually find Shotgun Ammo. Back at the crossing you can choose either of the passages (they will lead to the same place), kill a jaguar yeti and at another junction go right to find Flares, return and go right. After some time you will climb a block, then drop back down to kill another jaguar yeti, climb back up and drop down in the next maze part. There are again two paths that lead to the same place but the left one hides Flares. Follow the passage further and when you see another alcove in the wall draw your weapons to kill two jaguar yetis. Remember this alcove for later but now head on through the passage, you cannot really get lost here so just progress through the tunnels and eventually climb a block and then up into a higher room and find a Large Medikit, Flares and Pottery which is also Secret 3. Return now all the way to the alcove you should remember. Climb up here and then one floor higher, turn around and jump over the gap, then jump right over another hole to find Flares and return jumping to where you climbed up. The path splits again, stay left and then right and follow the passage until you can drop down, follow the last passage to a bigger area where the level finds an abrupt end.