Chambers of Dust

Level and Walkthru by Vladimir Tockic, savegames added by Michael Prager


- My first level ;)

- As some of you have probably guessed, name of the level was chosen because I needed an excuse for my (still) amateur texturing skills;).

- Textures used from "Tomb of Seth".Pushable block designed by Plywood (

- I would appreciate if you review this level.



Lara was tricked and trapped inside an old complex. The only way out is closed behind her. She has no other option but to explore...




Go forward, pass the corridor and enter the next room. Go to the further part of the room and you will see spiked-colored tile on the floor (avoid it) and ledge with the lever on the left. Ignore it for now, keep going forward and turn left behind the corner. You will find movable block. Pull it the only way you can, than push it from the other side. Go back to the beginning of the room and turn right so you can push the block further. Your goal is to put the block onto the spikes, so you'll have to run around a few times. When you put it on the spikes, you can climb to the lever, push it and immediately jump to the right before spikes come out. The block will prevent you from being impaled on the ground spikes. Now the door is opened and you can continue. You have probably noticed a large medipack behind closed door and gray-colored Square in front of it. If you have time to spare, you can move the block all the way around the corner to that square, so you can collect SECRET 1 before continuing.


In the next room, you will see closed door in front of you. The artifact you need is just to your left, but as you can see, there is no way to get it for now. Go left and climb on the platform, then jump to the next one. Jump forward to grab the ledge and shimmy all the way to the right, then turn around and jump to the tallest pillar. Turn around again, jump straight up and grab the ledge. Go forward, push the lever and go back in the room that is now filled with water. Get the artifact and go back to the lever to drain water again. Put the artifact in its place and go forward (don't try to raise water level again to experiment with now-opened door, you won't make it).


At the end of a corridor, climb the ledge and you'll find yourself at the start of one huge maze. If you enter it and start running randomly, you'll get lost and the only things you will find are scorpions and mummies. All you have to do is to look above you and follow orange bug-like textures. Do that for 2-3 minutes and you will find a hole you can enter (No more boring parts, I promise;) ).When you enter it, turn right and climb a few ledges to find yourself on top of big stairs.


You will see a door with 2 keyholes (actually starholes) and one door on each side that are opened with levers. I recommend left door first because it's way easier. Push the lever, enter the corridor and climb up the ladder (I apologize for some graphic glitches that sometimes occur in the next room, I couldn't find a solution for that:( ). You have to slide down the slope and jump at the VERY last moment to grab the ledge and pull up. Grab the next ledge and shimmy all the way around a corner, let go and press jump at the end of the slope to reach the opening. After the second corner, face the wall on your left and you will see a hole you can climb into to get SECRET 2, another large medipack. Continue forward, jump on the pillar and into the passage to get the first star. Jump in the pool and follow the way until you find yourself in the main room again.


It's time to enter the door on the right. Open it, climb the first ledge and jump to the second to find yourself on the slope which will get you in a very tough situation. You will be in pretty narrow room with 4 mummies and 2 scorpions (you're lucky that memory could only take that much). You have to avoid them for 20 seconds until the door in front of you opens. Climb up, go forward and enter the pool. At the end, turn left, climb up and kill a few scorpions. Climb up the closest pillar, jump around the room and climb a ladder. At the top, jump backwards and follow the way to the lever. Push it, jump in the hole and swim left behind the door you just opened. Exit the pool, follow the way and at the slope slide backwards and do a safety drop. Keep going and you will find yourself in a room with some gates, an artifact and lava. Save your game and take the artifact.


Ok, that was mean. Instead of taking the artifact, go right to the lever and push it. Now you can safely take what you need and use it on the door at the other side of the room. In the next room, that slope in front of you smells like trouble. When you come close enough, a rolling ball will come at you, so you have to grab one of the side ledges. When the ball passes you, don't climb up yet because there is second rolling ball on the way! When both of them pass you, climb up and enter the next room. A camera will show you what you have to do, but it doesn't show you how fast you must do it. I recommend you to save here, so you can load after every attempt. If you don't save, you'll have to push the lever two more times after each run, to start the timer again. You must push the lever on your left, quickly turn around and then very, VERY quickly jump from pillar to pillar until you get to the next lever. Best way for success is to turn around in midair at the last jump aim Lara in a way that she can jump backwards behind the door, without grabbing the ledge (if your previous jumps weren't pure perfection, that's the only way to do it). (savegame) I think there is no need to tell you to save here (you can't get stuck inside, don't worry).There is another timed run left. Push the lever and quickly go to the now-opened door. This run is not that hard as previous. Best way is to turn around in midair at the first jump and then do simple jump to the right side and you'll land on the next pillar. Then press down and do series of running jumps to the door. (savegame)


After you celebrate, keep going forward until you see several rows of rolling balls. You shouldn't have much trouble here, but I'll try to help anyway. If my memory serves me, this is the best way: Go straight through the middle until they start rolling. When the ball on your left passes you, jump to the left and turn to the right immediately. When the middle ball passes you, take its place and turn left to face the last row. When the left ball passes you, jump to the left and you should be safe.


Enter the pool and start swimming through the tunnel without stopping, especially if you want to get the third secret. At second corner (which leads to the left) you can swim above you to get SECRET 3, then go back and continue your way (you won't be able to come back from the other side). Exit the pool, take the second star, climb down the ledge and you will soon be in the main room again.


Place the stars in their places, kill two scorpions and go down the slope. At the end of the second slope, jump to avoid the spikes and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up and jump at the end of the next slope to catch the rope. Go down the rope, swing and jump to reach the ladder. Climb up and soon you will come to a very unique puzzle.


Ok, so now you have 3 levers and some contraption you can look at (yeah, I know, I simply love to close doors behind you). Your goal is to use the levers to navigate rolling balls in a right way. Green surfaces are triggers that you must activate. On the other hand, if any of the balls touches red surface.....Well, floor underneath you gives you an idea what will happen. Simple walkthrough is this: Push middle lever, then concentrate before next steps because you have to make them quickly. Push the lever on the right, then the one on the left, then the middle one again. If you did it right, the door should open. If you want to know what the hell just happened, here is an explanation: The lever on the left raises and lowers the platform on the left side. The middle lever raises and lowers platform on the right side. The right lever starts the contraption. When you push the middle lever, you will raise the platform on the right. Then, the right lever starts a pair of rolling balls on the right, which will go across the right platform and fall to the lower floor to activate a trigger that will start the next pair of rolling balls. If your timing is right, you'll push the left lever and raise the platform on the left side, so the next pair of balls could come across it and activate the last pair of rolling balls. You have enough time to push the middle lever again to lower the platform on the right, so the rolling balls land on a green trigger to open the door for you. See, it's simple :P.


The rest of a level is trivial. Enter the pool, exit on the other side, pick up the star, climb up the ledge, climb down on the other side and enjoy the irony of the room you are in now (I told you it's the only way out ;) ).Put the star in its place and get out.