Golden Hearts (Demo)

Level by Larabiker301 (Tarik King)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Egyptian Training Facility No. 1

Start in a small cave. Go one step forward and you catch a short flyby that will give you nothing. Anyway, press the button to open the high door, go through and drop into the hole for a small medipack. Now face the flame at the N alcove and at the right moment jump into it to collect the Skeleton Key and quickly backflip. Climb into the W alcove and use the key you have to open the door, reach a small opening and drop through into a water hole. Pick up flares, then pull out through the N opening and reach a dark room with a fixed camera angle. First climb down to the bottom, light a flare and you've found a SECRET, flares with a small medipack to collect. Climb back and stand facing the N wall, jump and grab it and shimmy, then drop onto a ledge. Take a jump to the horizontal pole, swing forward over the S wall and grab it, then shimmy left.

Follow the passage, but watch out for a spike trap when you climb the block, collect a small medipack right under those spikes and very soon you'll reach a gate that will open for you. Just before the gate light a flare, climb the alcove and through the opening drop into a hole. Climb up the marked wall into a tall Egyptian room to find a SECRET, a large medipack. Make your way back and go through the gate. While you go up the slope your screen will freeze with DUCK!!! word. Press the Esc key (at your keyboard) to release and simply duck to avoid the rolling ball. Proceed and climb into a short passageway and drop onto a ledge in a room with water. Head S and jump into the water. Roll, swim inside the N tunnel and swim until the end for a SECRET, get some shotgun ammo. Roll, swim back and climb the ledge, reach the N end, jump and grab the horizontal pole, swing/jump to grab the next pole, keep swinging and jump/grab the marked wall.

Climb into an alcove and press the button to open an underwater gate W, jump into the water and swim into the W opening tunnel. Once at a small pool climb out, then climb the block and jump over the ledge. Keep jumping to the S ledge and pull there a lever, proceed and jump to the E ledge and climb the marked wall to the top and drop some ledge. Follow the wooden bridge, then go up the slope, run down a few stairs and switch to a big room with a center shallow water pool. The room is quite empty. Then locate a tall crawlspace SE and pull inside. Follow the passageway to reach a ledge above the room and go stand facing the S rope. Take a running jump to grab the rope and swing over to the next ledge. Reach the lever and pull it to open a double door W and safety drop down. Go through the opened doors and by climbing the W alcove you finish this level.