Level by Jordan

Walkthrough by Yoav

Croft Manor 1894, In Training Room...

Start the level at an underwater alcove. Right behind you there is a closed gate. Swim up into a pool with an crocodile, locate an underwater lever and pull it. Roll, swim back into the alcove you came from, the gate is open now. Pull another underwater lever to open a door. Swim inside for a SECRET GOLDEN ROSE, then swim back over the pole and locate the exit hole. Pull into a room with five displays. Take a look at the ceiling above each display. Then pull each display onto the matching floor tile. Start with the Ring display, simply pull it back two steps onto the matched tile, the same is for the Cross display two steps back. Continue with Seth's head, pull it two steps back and the same is for the Egyptian's head. The second Egyptian's head you have to pull/push around the hole over the matching floor tile. When it's done a door should be open now.

Go through the opened door into a large room with several closed doors and three big buttons. First pull back the skeleton and pick up Flares, Revolver, Crosbow, Uzis, medipacks and ammo.

Notice: If you have problems (I'm sure you will have) with the button puzzle combination as I'm going to describe it and the relevant door stays closed!!! Just save before you start a new combination and reload the savegame until the relevant door opens.

Press Left Middle Right to open door NE.
Enter and door will close behind you. Climb to the top and take the S passage. Time the spikes and go through, in the next passage you meet Sophia, proceed and look for a closed gate. At the end of the passage throw the switch to open the exit door. Go through the passage W (but watch the knife traps) and this will open the gate. Go over there, enter the alcove for a SECRET GOLDEN ROSE and Right Gauntlet. Then make your way back to the button puzzle.

Press Middle Left Right to open door SE.
Enter and climb into Egyptian room. First pull the lever, then pull down a jumpswitch at the N wall (but the spikes are still out!). Then look for switch NW, pull it twice and spikes lower. Pick up the Stone of Khepri and Left Greave and get back to the button puzzle.

Press Middle Right Left to open door SW.
At this room you have to be careful where you step! So at the moment do not step on any marked tiles. First pull down a jumpswitch to cancel a spike trap in the eyes tile. Now safely step on this tile to cancel another spike trap in the white tile. When you step on the white tile a boulder will drop from the ceiling into the sloped hole and a bull will show up. Those strange things will open a door, but even if you time the squeeze block at the room you get killed by a burning floor. Right now all you have to do is walk into the spikes in front of the switch and throw it. The fire in front of a small button is turned off and by pressing this button the bull will blow up and other spikes will canceled. Collect the Stone of Atum and Breast Plate and return to the button puzzle.

Press Right Middle Left to open door N.
When you enter the room take the E passage. At the next passage you will see two holes covered by breakable wooden ledges. Go and stand only ont the right one (left is a trap), drop and pick up a Torch and Right Greave. Now take a standing jump out and back to the first room. Light your torch from the wall-torch N, then light the second wall-torch E to open the door. Reach another passage with two holes covered by breakable wooden ledges and a closed door. Drop left and get the Stone of Maat and Right Greave. Pull out and reach the second hole, drop inside and press the button. Climb out, the door is open now, so drop into a new hole for the last SECRET GOLDEN ROSE. Pull out and go back to the button puzzle.

Press Left Right Middle to open door NW.
Once inside the room a squeeze block trap will trigger. Take a right, time the blocks and pass safely. Jump over the line tile, then stand in front of the N wall where you can see two tiny holes. First take from the left hole the Stone of Re and extra Right Gauntlet. The next hole will open the exit door but will also release bugs, so quickly run outside and back to the button puzzle.

Press Right Left Middle to open the last door S.
Enter a room with several receptacles. Now that you have four stones, place each one in its right receptacle and this will open the double doors. Go through and drop forward into a gap, collect Lara's Car Key and Amulet of Horus. Climb out and get in a car, start driving over the ramps but not so long, as the level will end shortly.