Golden Hearts


Levels by Larabiker301 (Tarik King)


Walkthrough by Josť




Pit room


Push the button to open the door and in the corridor drop into the hole to pick up a small medipack. Time the fire in the alcove to your right and get the key to open the next door. Pick up the flares in the water hole and in the next room climb down the ladder in NE corner and light a flare to find SECRET #1: more flares and a small medipack at the bottom of the pit. Climb the ladder and take a running jump to grab the crack in S wall, shimmy right to the ledge in SW corner, use the horizontal pole to reach the crack in N wall and shimmy left.


Boulder trap


Crawl to pick up the small medipack on your way and when the next door opens light a flare to discover an opening to your right and in the next room get SECRET #2: a large medipack. Back to the open door, first break the tile at the bottom of the ramp and walk slowly near the left or right walls; when the "duck" word appears on your screen, press the "Esc" key and quickly duck so the rolling boulder pass over Lara, pick up the small medipack and continue to the pool room.


First pool room


Jump into the water and dive through an underwater passage in E wall to get SECRET #3: a small medipack. Back in the pool room you have now two choices to reack the next room: 1- use the horizontal poles in N wall to reach the niche in the corner and push the button there to open the underwater door in W wall or 2- press the button under the entrance (timed) and quickly run to the door in W wall. The keyhole near the door is for much later, near the end of the level.


Second pool room


Either way you choose, in the next room climb the blocks in N wall and pull the floor lever in SW corner to open the trapdoors in the opposite side of the room, go there and climb the ladder, cross either bridge, up the ramp and pick up the flares in the right corridor. In this room with another pool you can go through the SE crawlspace to reach the high ledges and use the rope or even take a standing jump from the right side of the S ramp to reach the ledge with the lever; pull it to open the double doors below.


The Rusty Key


Slide down the next ramps and in the next room turn right and push the moveable block in the corner to the very end (notice the keyhole where the block was). Climb the block and press the button to open the door in NW corner and trigger some fires near the monkeyswing. In the room with the moving spiked columns, take care with the rolling boulders and time your jump to the alcove in N wall; pick up the Rusty Key and from here time the next jump to the W dark corridor and pull the floor lever to open a trapdoor somewhere. Make your way to go back to the previous room.


The Iron Key


Use the key where the moveable block initially was to open the high E door and move the block again so you can grab the monkeyswing (once E and once N). Time the fires and climb the long ladder to its top (here is the trapdoor you've opened moments ago). Follow the path to a room where you can find your guns and use them to break the grates near the keyhole. Press the button to open the trapdoor and in the room below the first option is to press the timed button in N wall to open the E double doors and pick up the Iron Key there. If you miss the timed run you can drop into the second pit, pull the floor lever to open the trapdoors in front of the doors and climb the ladders to get the key. Either way go back to the room above and use the key.


The Exit Key


Go up the steps, climb the ladder, slide and quickly jump to grab the next ladder and safety drop to the bottom. You're trapped now, but notice that there's a key to pick up at your feet. When you take the Exit Key the door opens and you can use it in the nearby keyhole to open the S double doors. Go up the steps to finish this training level.





Outside area


(I think the author meant Antarctic Circle). Be careful with the waters in this level, 'cause they're very cold and Lara can only swim safety for a very short time. Shoot the crow and be prepared to deal with the cold waters. There is a large medipack at the bottom of the lake in E side, but I don't know if it's worth to pick it up and return to the surface losing a lot of health. It's your choice. Anyway take a long running jump to the W underwater passage and swim right at the end to the small ledge which will save you for the time being.


Water room with climbable pillars


You're now in another water room with big pillars. Some surfaces of those pillars have textures with small squares; that surfaces are climbable but it's better to leave them for later so, take a breath and jump into the water again in a W-NW direction (there are uzi clips near, but you have to return to the safe ledge) and swim through the underwater opening in N wall, follow always to your right till you can climb a ledge in NE corner of the next water area; jump and climb the ladder, pick up the small medipack at its top and jump to the ledges in the corners to finally reach the high N opening. Shoot the puma in the next room and climb the W ladder (notice the closed trapdoors in the floor for later).


Big room with invisible ledges


Turn left and jump and grab the E ladder to safety drop to ground floor. Jump into the E pool, it seems that there is a current preventing you from adavnce, but it's surmountable. Take a rest in the ceiling air hole in the middle of your way and continue to a small room where you can pull a floor lever. Return to the big room and climb the N ladder; face S and use the binoculars with light to see where the invisible ledges are. Jump to the first and to the high door you opened moments ago; pull the switch and shoot the puma. Go back to the first invisible ledge, take a running jump S-SE to the second (sloped) slide a bit and jump to grab the last one; from here jump to the ledge near the wall, pick up the flares, grab the crack and shimmy all the way to your left, pull the switch to open trapdoors in the room where you killed the first puma (see previous paragraph) and run through the corridor to go back to the big room where a baddie awaits you; pick up the small medipack he drops and another large medipack behind the high pillar near the S wall. Climb the E ladder and shimmy around the corner to drop into the room with the open trapdoors.


Dark cave with the pit


Climb down the ladder, jump back, hang from the edge and safety drop on the ledge below with the ammo (losing some health, of course, but I found this way faster than going first to the E ladder) to get SECRET #4: uzi clips. Light a flare and look for a ladder in E wall and climb it to the top; turn around and take a running jump with grab to the flat ledge in the other side of the pit, hoist up and pick up flares at the end of the corridor, go left and pull twice the moveable cage (notice the switch), now go back to the pit, jump to the next S flat ledge and W to the corridor where the cage was to pull the switch. This raises a trapdoor in the pit so go there and continue through the SE passage. (I found this no necessary, 'cause you can grab the sloped edge near the E ladder and shimmy right to the opening, but raising the trapdoor you will not need to drop into the pit on your way back losing a lot of health).


The Mystic Dragon Head


In the control room, shoot the baddie and pick up the uzi clips he drops; go outside and jump into the water diving fast down to the NW corner; at the very bottom you can pick up the Mystic Dragon Head; quickly swim up and be prepared to use medipacks on your way. Another soldier awaits you in the control room so give him what he deserves and now make your (very long) way to get back to the water room with the climbable fat pillars near the beginning of the level shooting a couple of soldiers on your way back and picking up the large and small medipacks they drop. (See second paragraph of this level)


Placing the head


When you reach the room, start from the ledge in NE corner and spot some items in the S ledge. Jump to grab the W pillar (only textures with small squares are climbable) and shimmy around three corners to the S face of the pillar, jump back with twist to grab the pillar behind, shimmy left around the corner and situate Lara with her back in front of the ledge with the items, jump back and get SECRET #5: a large medipack and shotgun shells. From here you can take a running jump to the safe S ledge near the doors and place the head in its receptacle. There's an alternative route if you don't want the secret going to a high ledge in W wall and a monkeyswing, but I think the route with the secret is faster.


The boat


In the area with the boat shoot two baddies, one of them leaves you the Water Shaft Key and the other one a small medipack; there are also uzi clips inside the control room. Use the key in the other side of the river to open the next doors, pick up the large medipack and mount the boat. Drive and drop inside an area with shallow waters (notice the closed door). Turn around and drive W and S to another area with a ladder. Dismount and jump into the water in SW corner to get SECRET #6: a large medipack and shotgun shells. Climb the ladder, jump back with twist at the top and grab the crack behind; shimmy left, hoist up and jump back to a flat ledge. Climb the next ladder, pick up all the goodies and pull the switch to open the door in the first room. Go back there with the boat and advance to finish the level.





The main room


(Strange sounds when driving the boat!) Advance and dismount near the doors, you'll not need the boat anymore. Jump to the S ledge near the (obvious) iron ladder, grab it and climb down; when you're at middle way down, shimmy left to the ledge with ornated blocks to get SECRET #7: uzi clips and flares (Where the damned uzis are?). You can also go through the transparent texture in N wall to return to the area with the boat, but it's not necessary, you'll be back there near the end of this level. So climb down the ladder to the very bottom and open the underwater door under the waterfall (waters are still cold here so quickly go back to ground floor). Over the broken N pillar there are shotgun shells; also push the button in the pillar near the S wall to open a trapdoor somewhere.


Room with three underwater levers


Follow the underwater passage and around the corner you'll find an air hole to warm Lara's body and pick up shotgun shells. Continue to an underwater room with three levers. Of course, you need to pull all three levers, and each time you pull one swim to the openings in the ceiling to warm Lara (this tasks are very nasty, surely you'll lose a lot of health here). Once all three switches are pulled (don't forget the large medipack) the trapdoor in the ceiling near the N wall opens so swim there and up to a dry room.


Opening a door


Pick up the shotgun and crossbow ammos and throw a flare into the dark pit to see there's something at the bottom; turn around and climb down the iron ladder to get SECRET #8: flares and a small medipack. Go back up and use the horizontal pole to reach the other side of the pit, go up the stairs and in the next room pull the switch in W wall to open the small grated door in the main room. This also alerts a croc so shoot it and make your way to go back to the main room. Find the open door and go down the stairs, a couple of crocs welcome you so treat them as they deserve.


Room with wooden bridges


Explore the corners of this room to find crossbow and desert eagle ammos and the desert eagle itself. From the E sloped block take a curved running jump to the E ledge and push the button there to open a door high in NW corner (W bridge); pull the switch there to open the door at the end of the S bridge. Go up the stairs, pick up the uzi clips on your way and shoot the strange beast (ahmet) and arrive to a small room with fiery waters.


Timed runs


Use the pole to reach the switch in NW corner and save your game. This is a tight timed run but doable if you do the precise movements. Pull the switch, roll and take a step ahead (long step); now a standing jump to grab the pole but don't let Lara turn around the pole even a single round, but immediately she grabs the pole press the jump key to jump to the safe ledge, roll, take a running jump to the ledge with the goodies (don't forget to pick them up later!) and a right curve running and jumping to the ledge in front of the door trying to land in the very W edge of the ledge and from here a standing jump to the open door in SE corner. Once inside save in front of the button at the end of the path 'cause it's timed too, but this time is not too hard. Push it and run to the exit, jump to the ledge with the goodies and climb to the open N door. Pulling the switch there opens a big door in the main room so go back there but notice the keyhole in the niche in S side of the room for later. You found another beast on your way back, but if you escape it wont follow you.


Floating islands


The open door is in N wall, enter and turn left, use the monkeyswing to save the spiked pit (a running jump can be useful too) and jump into the water at the end (this waters are not cold), pull the swith in the left wall (beware with the croc) and another one at the end near the trapdoors. When going out of the water all the screen appeared yellow in my game but when I advanced and climb the next ledge the lights were restored. Continue jumping and climbing the floating rocky ledges and timing the dragons fires; at the end of the path if you're fast you can pick up the uzi clips under the last dragon. From the corner take a standing jump S-SW to grab the edge of the high ledge and continue to the W building where you can pick up the first Skeleton's Head and a Rusty Key. You also can drop and grab the edge of the ledge under the N column, shimmy right and around the corner and climb the iron ladder at the end (sometimes lara refuses to shimmy to the ladder) to get some ammo on the roof; I think it could be a secret but it didn't count like that in my inventory. Anyway go all the way back to the main room again.


A last key


From the main room, make your way back to the small room with fiery waters where you did the timed runs time ago (do you remember the keyhole in S niche?) use your key there to open the door above, advance through the corridor and shoot another beast, cross the pool at the end (cold waters again) and in this new room pick up the shotgun shells in NE corner and climb the block in SW corner; continue jumping and climbing around the room until you reach the top of a tall pillar near the S wall after climb the long ladder; light a flare to see the crawlspace where you can get SECRET #9: desert eagle ammo and crossbow ammo. Drop to the ledge below (check your health) and return to the top of the long central ladder. This time take a running jump to the far N ledge and continue jumping to the opening in NW corner. You're now at the top of the main room; cross the wooden bridge and kill another beast in the next dark room, continue and take a running jump over the pit; finally pick up the Shaft Key from the block to your left.


The second Skeleton's Head


Safety drop in the room below and use this new key to open the door to your left; continue to a room with shallow waters and dive into the E passage, quickly pull the underwater lever to open the trapdoor and go out of the water. Don't forget the large medipack, you'll need it! Pull the switch at the end of the path and go back to the previous room; now it's filled with water so you must swim quickly up and to your right to reach the high safe ledge in S wall using medipacks when needed. Push the button there to release a rope, swing to the N ledge and get the second Skeleton's Head. Abandone this place through the now open door.




Slide down a long ramp and find water over your head at the end of the path; jump and a strong current leads you to the top of the water tunnel. Advance through the corridor but not to the place where you got the first secret of this level; go left and climb the ledges to get back to the place where you left the boat at the very beginning. Place the skulls in the sides of the wooden doors to open the nearby final door and finish this level.





A last secret


Pick up the small medipack and the shotgun shells. Advance and at the junction turn right, right again and pick up the crossbow from the small pool (at last!). Climb the N side of the pool, advance and light a flare to discover a crawlspace to your right; continue and when you can stand up turn left and take a series of jumps over the slopes to finally grab a flat ledge and climb to the roof to pick up the items for SECRET #10: the uzis (at last!) and a small medipack. Return to the small pool and to the main corridor, advance N, W and N again to find another small pool; pull the underwater lever there to open a trapdoor somewhere. Go all the way back to the junction near the beginning of the level.


The torch


This time go S to find another junction. If you go left (E) you can explore the areas if you want to find and pick up some goodies, if you go right you'll find a new junction; going left (E) you'll find a dead end with a pack of flares, and going right (W) the trapdoor you've opened moments ago. Slide down the ramp under the open trapdoor and in the next area pick up a torch from the pedestal and carefully light it in the other side of the room. Light the marked tiles in both sides of the door to open it and slide down the ramp to the final battle.


The final boss


Prepare a powerful weapon, but the final boss fortunately is not very hard and you can defeat him with some desert eagle shots (what the uzis and the crossbow are for?). When he dies be careful 'cause the water is deadly; jump to the block where he was and pick up the Stone of Christ. Some baddies appear in one of the sides of the room so dispatch them and follow the icy path to an outside area where a seaplane is waiting for you.


25 - June - 2012