Level by Bamba


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


Note:  This game is nonlinear, so the routes described in this walkthrough could easily be varied from the way they're arranged here.



An opening flyby takes you through a dark warehouse guarded by a soldier.  After camera control is restored, light a flare (you start the game with three flares in your inventory, but after you use the first one you're inexplicably left with 127 more) and crawl to the left of the truck.  Weave around the crates and approach the gray ledge occupied by the soldier.  Even when he knows you're there, he won't hop down after you but continues walking around in circles.  Patiently jump up when his back is turned and open fire.  Continue until he drops, then pull up and take the large medipack he left you.


Hop down S and look SW.  The green crate against the S wall is moveable, so go around the column to its W side and pull it two times.  Get up on it, turn around and take a running jump to grab the higher crate.  Grab the small medipack and safety drop to the floor.


Go diagonally across the room in front of the truck and pull up onto the reddish-orange crate against the N wall.  Turn right and pull up onto the higher yellow crate.  Take a running jump to the crate in the NE corner.  Jump up, grab the ceiling and monkey swing over to the crate near the SE corner.  Stoop down and shoot the grate (if it didn't mysteriously vanish when you dropped down from the monkey swing).  Crawl into the duct and look for the laser at the intersection to your left.  When it moves away, get inside and stand up, but remain in place until the laser comes and goes once again.  Hurry forward and get into the crawl space on your right. 


Crawl E, past the opening on your right, go around the corner and follow to a small medipack.  The camera angle changes here, giving you a glimpse of the room beyond the grate.  Crawl back to that opening you bypassed earlier, lower Lara down into the room below and do battle with a soldier in the E passage.  He leaves you a large medipack.  There's a manual door at the end of this passage, but first go back and find the NW moveable crate.  Pull it back twice to give you access to the duct you dropped down from.


Now open the door at the end of the soldier's passage, loop around and go downstairs to a room filled with crates.  Get over to the NE corner and find some shotgun ammo.  Now go W toward the forklift and shoot some cardboard boxes.  Pick up the shotgun ammo and locate the opening in the N wall.  Go downstairs and open the door.  Proceed to the next door and open it.  In another room filled with crates, find a small medipack in the NE area.  Go back S, veer to your right into a dark passage, and get around the pipe to find a pushblock.  Push it two times to reveal a passage to your right.


Find a ladder in the next room and climb down to a lower area.  Squeeze past the pipe to the SW crawl space.  Crawl inside and find an opening.  As you prepare to lower Lara down, a flyby takes you through a partially flooded basement area.  As soon as camera control is restored, turn around and deal with two soldiers.   When peace has been restored, look around to see a number of wood piles.  It seems that you need to find a torch and a place to light it.  Go into the SW passage and loop around to the right to find a short crate that can be moved.  Don't pull it E along the wall, however, or you'll be spiked.  Instead, pull it away from the N wall, hop down and pick up the SHOTGUN for SECRET #1.


Return to the main room, locate the NW gap and drop down into that partially flooded basement you saw in the flyby.  Swim S, loop around to the left and continue left past the first flaming block that you see.  Swim around to the right side of the SW block jutting out of the W wall (not the far block in the NW corner).  You can get Lara to wade out of the water, where you can pull up W onto this block.  Do so and take a running jump SW to the higher of two blocks jutting from the S wall.  (You could also have pulled out onto the lower block here.) 


Face N and take a curved running jump to the rock ledge in the water, avoiding the ceiling obstruction.  I got there with a right to left curved jump.  Step out to the NE corner and locate the jump switch in the E wall. Activate it with a standing jump, curving left to right.  Swim around to the other side of this rock ledge and locate a large medipack.  Return to the SW block and pull back up onto it.  Turn around and take a running jump and grab to the block in the NW corner.  Pull up and face the E ladder.  Take a standing jump forward and you'll grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing to the ladder, release and grab it.  Shift right around two corners, climb down a bit and take a rolling back flip to grab the ladder behind you. 


Shift around two corners to the other side and climb up through a hole in the ceiling.  Pull up into a room and pull down the nearby switch to light a wood pile in the distance.  Drop back down into the water and find some shotgun ammo near the NE corner.  Return to the familiar SW block and pull up onto it.  Step forward to the SE corner and face the nearest flaming block.  Save your game and take a standing jump to the far right corner of the flaming block.  Turn E, line up Lara's head with the chain in the distance and take a curved standing jump to the corresponding corner of the second flaming block.   Perform a similar curved standing jump to the third flaming block and jump SE to the block with the chain.


Climb the chain through a hole in the ceiling and back flip into an upper room.  Go through the W opening, past that wood pile you lit not long ago, and loop around to the left until you come to some crates stacked against the wall in the corner.  Shoot the upper left box to expose a TORCH cluster.  Hop up, take one and use the nearby fire to light it (don't stand too close).  Now you need to roam about this area and locate three wood piles that need to be lit.  When you light the third one a scaffold is lowered near the SW corner where you came here via the chain.  Go there and pick up the RED KEY.


You no longer need the torch, so abandon it and go back to the area where you took it from the pile.  To the left of one of those lit wood piles is a dark passage under a pipe.  Go there and jump up to grab a crawl space.  Pull inside and crawl around to your left until you can stand up.  Get around the pipe and locate the NE ladder.  Climb up to a higher area and go through the E opening ahead.  You' ve been here before, so continue through the open NE door and follow through the next open door and up the stairs.   In the next room run across to the other side and continue up the SE stairs.  Loop around, as you did earlier, and follow to the small room containing what looks like a copy machine.  


Hop up onto that block that you moved earlier, in anticipation of your return visit here, and pull up N into the crawl space leading to the ducts.  Turn left and wait for the laser to move away from you before crawling forward enough so that you can stand.   Wait for the laser to cycle once more, then run forward and enter the crawl space to your left.  Move beyond the crawl space, stand up and run forward.


When you step on the trap door it opens, depositing you into a lower room where you have to deal with a soldier at close quarters.  When he's dead, note the nearby raised scaffold, open the SW door and then the next one.  Loop around to the left and continue until you reach a keyhole and a nearby trap door.  Insert the Red Key to open the trap door, then jump to grab the ladder and climb down to the room below.  Follow the passage to a room where you'll be attacked by three cyborgs.  They don't seem to be as difficult to kill as the soldiers are.  Anyway, when peace is restored, make your way to the SW passage and loop around to shoot some boxes in the N alcove for a large medipack and a small medipack.


Turn around and note the laser trap beyond the S opening.  When it passes to your left, scoot past it and run W.  Stop as soon as you reach the intersecting passage to your left, or you'll attract the attention of a sentry gun.  There's also a laser (of the vertical variety) guarding this passage, so you need to post yourself just inside the passage at the near corner.  Face the laser, and when it reaches its zenith roll under it.  Face E, side step to the right and pull up onto the green crate.  Pull up as the sentry gun's bullets tear into you, take a running jump over the first hole and drop down into the hole in the corner for a temporary respite. 


Shoot the box in the alcove and pick up the BLUE KEY.  Hop back W into the first hole, pick up the small medipack and return to the vertical laser trap.  Roll under it, run ahead of the other laser and loop around to the left. Return to the room with the crates, turn right and enter the SE passage.  Follow to the ladder, climb to the top rung and back flip to the upper room.   Find the SE opening and follow to another manual door on your left and another keyhole on your right.  Save this door for later.  Go past the keyhole and loop around to the right to find a wall switch.  When you pull it down, a cut scene shows a door opening in the laser duct.


Return to the keyhole and insert the Blue Key to open the door on your right.  Enter a room with deadly water.  Take a running jump SW to a ledge.  Hop or run into the SW alcove for a large medipack.  Return to the previous ledge and take a standing jump with grab NE into the opening.  Face SE and take a running jump to grab the ladder.  With Lara's feet on the bottom rung, take a rolling back flip and grab the ledge behind you.  Pull up, turn right to face the steam blower.  Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing along the track, enduring the scalding steam (as there's nothing you can do about it).  Release at the far wall and activate the jump switch.


Take a standing jump W to the raised platform, then another standing jump NW to the next one.  Take a running jump W to the ledge you visited earlier, then hop into the N alcove and pull down the timed wall switch.  Retrace your steps quickly to the jump switch ledge (you can save time by jumping directly to the first SE raised platform), then jump to the timed platform in the SE corner (watch out for the ceiling obstruction).  Turn to your left and take a running jump N to grab the crate.  Pull up and step forward to pull down the wall switch. 


The timed platform rises again, but this time it isn't timed.  Reverse roll, take a running jump to the corner platform and scoot into the adjacent S passage.  Follow the passage to a small room and climb the ladder in the W wall.  Pull up, run forward and push the button to cause an explosion that demolishes the sentry gun that plagued you earlier.  Reverse roll and get back down the ladder.  Return to the room with the deadly water and hop NW to the ledge.  Use the raised platforms to exit N.


Retrace your steps, going past the still unopened door and returning to the keyhole where you inserted the Red Key earlier.  Jump to the ladder and climb back down.  Follow the path that takes you back to the laser passage.  This time, however, the passage is also protected at both ends by a spike trap.  Make your way gingerly past the spikes and the lasers.  The next room is no longer guarded by that sentry gun, so enter and push the short crate once against the W wall, then push it into the dark SW corner.  Get up onto it and jump up to open the ceiling trap door.  Pull up into a crawl space and crawl forward for a small medipack, two stashes of shotgun ammo and SECRET #2.


Get back down, go to the SE corner, pull up onto the green crate and drop down into the hole.  Jump up to shoot the E grate and pull up into the opening.  You're overlooking another room with deadly water, and there's a swingpole in front of you.  It's a red herring, however, as it's only to be used on your return trip.  Face slightly NE, save your game and take a banana jump, curving left, to land inside a  NW alcove.  Face the E slope, save your game again, and time an angled running jump past the laser to the extreme left side of the slope.  Roll in midair so that you land facing W.  Jump off with a sharp curve to the right and grab the ladder.  If you find, as I did, that Lara doesn't respond to the right arrow key when you jump off the slope, here's a savegame with Lara perched on the ladder.


Climb up as far as you can, and transfer Lara to the overhead monkey bars by keeping the action key depressed (of course) and adding the Shift and Alt keys at the same time.  Monkey swing past the laser beam and release when you reach the S wall.  Release, drop and grab the crack below, shimmy left as far as possible, pull up, slide down the slope and jump off with a left curve to land safely on a ledge.  Run to the other end of the ledge and push the button to cause an explosion in an area you visited earlier.  You've also caused a platform to rise at the other end of this room.


Return to the other end of the ledge, face W and take a standing jump to grab the swingpole.  Swing around, jump off, grab the second swingpole and use it to reach the raised platform with a grab.  Pull up and get through the SW opening to the sentry gun room.  Exit NW, follow the passage and turn right at the green crate.  Loop around to the right in the next room and exit SE.  Follow to the ladder, climb up, back flip and proceed through the SE passage past the still unopened door and return to the room with deadly water.


Use the raised platforms to make your way to the SE corner, dart into the dark opening in the S wall and follow to the ladder.  Climb up and find yourself back in the area where the explosion just now occurred.  Go between the glass panel areas and take a running jump slightly SW, curving slightly right in midair to grab the first of two swingpoles.  Jump off, grab the second, jump off to land in the red-tinted W alcove.  Push the button to lower a scaffold elsewhere.


Hang drop from the alcove to land on the raised platform below.  Run off S to land on the ledge facing the opening to the sentry gun room.  You've got some more backtracking to do, so exit the sentry gun room NW, follow around yet one more time to the ladder and climb up to back flip to the upper level.  Go through the SE passage one more time and now, finally, open that SE door.  Go in, open the next door and note the marked tile in front of you.  Crawl onto the N crate to your left for a small medipack, then locate the moveable block in the E passage.  Pull it back three times. 


You can now climb up on the block, pull up to your left and access the duct area you saw in a cut scene much earlier in this level.  But first, move the block onto the nearby marked tile to open the door at the end of the E passage.   When you go through, the door slams shut behind you, so there's nowhere to go but forward.  You are about to embark upon an elaborate block puzzle.  Many thanks to vimmers for the following solution.


Push the block ahead of you (arbitrarily called Block 3) one time only (lest you be spiked), revealing two more blocks on either side.  Turn right and push that block (Block 5) S two times.  You hear spikes being activated and neutralized.  Reverse roll and run to Block 1.  Push it N one time.  You hear another spike sound.  Reverse roll, run back to the S end and push the block on your right (Block 2) W one time.  Another spike sound. 


Return to the very first block (Block 3, opposite the closed door) and push it E one time.  Hop back twice, turn left and push Block 1 N one time, revealing a new area.  Another spike sound.  Reverse roll, run to the S end, turn left and push the new block (Block 4) E one time.  Return to Block 3, opposite the closed door, and push it E three times (revealing a shimmering brown tile and a new area to your left).


Reverse roll, run W and turn left at the crossing.  Loop around to your left and push Block 4 E one time.  Another spike sound.  Reverse roll, turn right and continue to Block 1.  Get on its right side and push it  W one time, revealing another shimmering brown tile.  Return to the crossing, go down the E passage past the first shimmering brown tile and get on the left side of Block 3.  Push it S three times, revealing a third shimmering brown tile and coming to rest on a marked tile you can't see yet.  Now pull Block 3 back four times and run around it into the revealed passage for SECRET #3 and shotgun ammo.


Return to Block 1 in the NW section and push it one time W, then pull it back three times.  Enter the revealed NW passage, run across the marked tile and another shimmering brown tile, and push the button at the end to lower a scaffold and provide access to a fuse elsewhere.  Finally, return to Block 3 in the NE area and open the trap door in the floor.  Climb down the ladder and kill the soldier in the room below (first enemy we've seen in quite a while).


Push the nearby button to lift a door elsewhere, then open the NE door and follow the passage to another manual door.  Open it and loop around to the left to open a third manual door.  Enter to find a floor lever.  Push it for a cut scene showing something rising, and the wheel to your left starts turning.  Retrace your steps through the three doors you opened and hop onto the W red-tinted control panel.  Pull up left onto the crate and jump up E to grab a ladder.  Climb up a long distance and pull up into an area shared by a large pipe.


Go around the pipe and come to two shimmering brown tiles, one on your right and one on your left.  The nearby green crate is moveable, but for the moment head down the W passage and go past the crossing (the block puzzle area) into a room with many crates.   Go through the open W doorways, turn right just past the second one and follow until you see the red keyhole.  Turn right there and loop around to the right, through two more open doors and continue until you see the lowered scaffold with the YELLOW FUSE.


Yes, I'm afraid you're going to have to backtrack yet again.  Reverse roll and go W through the open doors, left at the red keyhole and through the SE passage, left at the blue keyhole and past the open doorways to the E passage leading to the block puzzle.  Pull the moveable crate N off the marked tile and push it E one time into the passage.  Get up on it and pull up left two times into the laser duct passage.  Crawl N over the trap door.  When you reach the crossing, wait for the laser to pass by to your left, then crawl forward, stand up and run E.  Crawl under the obstruction and lower Lara down through the opening on your right.


Hop down E and follow the E passage through the open door and past the blocks on your left, loop around and go down the stairs to the crate room and get up onto a higher green crate near the E wall.  Jump up to grab the E ladder, climb up to a ledge and drop down to a walkway on the other side.  Go to the S end and insert the Yellow Fuse in the receptacle.  Reverse roll and run to the N end of the walkway.  Save your game, pull down the wall switch to raise four timed platforms, go back and quickly climb the ladder on this side.


Pull up onto the ledge, face the raised platform W and jump to it.  Take a running jump SW to grab the rope, turn to your right, swing to jump to the second raised platform and take an immediate running jump N to the third raised platform.  Grab it, pull up and take a running jump NE to the fourth raised platform.  Reverse roll so that your back is against the wall, then take a running jump SE to activate the jump switch in the central structure.   Keep the control key depressed so that you grab the ramp below for an easy drop to the floor below.  In the meantime a cut scene has shown a door opening elsewhere. Save your game again so you won't have to repeat the foregoing procedure. 


[If you find you simply can't make it to the jump switch in time, here's a savegame, just after activating the jump switch and dropping to the floor.]


You're in a familiar area.  Enter the N opening and go down the stairs past the two open doorways to the crate room.  Loop around to the right through the blue door you just opened and turn left into the control room.  Hop onto the panel and pick up the CIRCUIT BOARD in the SE corner.  You're immediately fired upon from behind, so hop down and eliminate the soldier.  Note the closed panel in the NW alcove.  There's a very tough to kill cyborg near the entrance to this room, but hopefully he'll become stuck in a wall and won't cause you any problem. 


In any event, just run past the cyborg into the crate room, turn right and follow S until you reach a crate that blocks your path.  Simply hop onto it and jump down the other side to encounter the now-operating elevator.  Wait until it goes down, then hop onto its roof and ride down the shaft.  When you see an opening in the SE corner, hop inside and follow the passage to the other end.  Turn around, jump to the ladder and climb up.  Wait for the laser trap to recede, then pull up, jump over the returning laser at the cost of some health, and turn left at the intersection for SECRET #4 and three stashes of shotgun ammo.


Jump back over the laser, climb down the ladder and wait for the elevator to return.  Hop onto the roof, ride up and get off N when it arrives.  Turn around and get back into it (not on the roof this time) and ride down to the bottom.  Exit N and find a second CIRCUIT BOARD in the NE alcove.  Insert the Circuit Boards in the W receptacles, and the trap door between them opens.  You can now end the level if you wish.  If you prefer some additional backtracking for one more secret, go back to the elevator, wait until it starts heading up, then drop down into the shaft to find an opening created by the lowering of a trap door.  Hop down into the hole, crawl S down the slope and push the button at the end.


Get back out, wait for the elevator to return, get on it and ride it up.  Exit at the top and return to that room ahead and around to the left where you encountered the soldier and the cyborg (which you'll now have to deal with if you didn't kill it earlier).   The cover over that panel in the NW alcove has disappeared, so pull down the wall switch.  Now you have to get back to the warehouse where you did the timed run with the rope and platforms.   Exit this room, loop around to the left and exit via the opened manual door NE, follow past another opened manual door and up the stairs to the warehouse.


Look up to see that a platform has been raised on the W side of the central structure.  To get there, you have to initiate the timed run again, but this time you need only use the first raised platform to reach the rope.  Turn to face NW, then climb up the rope a bit to inhibit Lara's swing.  Jump off onto the raised platform and climb to the top of the E ladder.  Press the Shift and Alt keys to transfer Lara to the monkey bars, then monkey swing W to the alcove.   Crawl forward for SECRET #5.  Pick up the shotgun ammo and extra SHOTGUN that you no longer need.

To get back, monkey swing to the ladder and climb down to the raised platform.  Things can get a bit quirky here if you try to hang from the raised platform.  Every time I tried it I was transported back to the monkey bars.  Instead, simply jump to the rope, turn around and jump off onto the slope surrounding the central structure, grab as you slide down and safety drop to the floor with no loss of health.   Exit N and return to the elevator.  Ride down and return to the opening between the two circuit board receptacles.  Slide down the ramp into a green-tinted area.  You should trigger a concluding flyby when you land.  The first time I played, however, the flyby was not triggered and I ran all around this area looking for something else to do.  If that should happen to you, simply approach the E wall to trigger that concluding flyby.