Level by Potter

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start by standing in front of Lara's Mansion. Head a little bit S, then turn to face NE to locate a switch, by pressing it you will open a tall gate somewhere. Head N and take the walkway W until you hit a closed gate. Press the switch and follow into the training race, reach the far S end, at the shallow water collect grenade gun normal ammo. Then climb the wall next to the closed gate and drop down. Press the switch to open this gate and once again climb the wall, but this time jump the next two ledges S. Keep taking running jumps along the next ledges above the walkway unitl you reach the last ledge in front of the tall opening gate. Take a running jump, grab the edge and pull inside this balcony. Press the switch to open the main mansion door and safely drop down to the ground. Head W, locate and press the switch that will open the exit gate, then go through and reach the opening mansion.

Once inside the mansion lobby, head W to enter the kitchen. Open the freezer and press another switch to open the attic door. Get back to the lobby and go up the stairs, find the opened door and enter inside. Go up the stairs to reach the attic, take from the NE corner some flares. Head S and shoot the vases for small/large medipacks. Climb the block and light a flare, reach the SW alcove and pull there a very hidden switch (will show only after you've pulled it). Leave the attic and get back to the lobby, head W to find the door you opened and enter the dining room. Locate a switch NE next to the flower pot and press it. Exit the room and head N, enter the swimming pool. In both sides wall there is an alcove with a statue inside, climb into the far NE alcove and press the switch.

The door that leads to the basement is open now. Go down the stairs, and turn over toward the boxes. Shoot the vases for small/large medipacks, then climb the boxes SW and look for the Yellow Key. Keep looking around and better climb the middle boxes E. Drop left for flares and climb out. Then drop right and once again pull a very hidden switch. Exit the basement, then go up the stairs and follow the hallway until the end. Find the W opening door and enter Lara's bedroom. At the SE corner you can turn a book that will open a red door S. Go through into the bathroom, take from the shower grenade gun super ammo, and from the next bath grenade gun flash ammo. Press the S switch and exit the bathroom and the next room.

Follow the hallway S and enter the opened door. Inside the room locate and press a switch NW, turn around and go through the opening door E. In the next room turn another book NW and exit the room. Get back to the lobby and take S hallway, at the end pull another hidden switch. Follow the hallway back and enter the N opening treasure room. As soon as you pick up the Dagger of Xian a door will open. Go up the stairs and follow the hallway again, find the opened door at the top of a short stairs. Inside the alcove press the switch and return over to the basement. Go through the E opening gate, shoot vases for small/large medipacks and some flares. Then head over to the boxes, climb the short one SE, and next to this box pull another hidden switch.

Make your way back to the attic, a door W should be open now. Enter and press the switch to open the door and exit to the balcony. Collect the Maze Key from the SW corner, then back inside the room and deep in the SE corner press a switch to open a gate in the maze. Make your way outside the mansion, then N and use the key. Enter a simple maze, take L, R, L, L and through the opening gate. Pick up flares and drop into the hole, follow a short tunnel and exit. Press the switch to open a door somewhere in the mansion. Then make your way out from the maze. Remember you still are carrying a yellow key! Well, it's time to use it. Take the walkway W back to the training race and follow it until you reach a yellow keyhole. Open the gate and enter a SECRET room. Pick up Shotgun, Uzis and Crossbow with ammo.

Make your way back to the mansion. Go up the stairs and follow the hallway to the end. Enter an opening alcove and get the Blue Key. Make your way back to the basement and use the key to open the gate N. Enter inside, collect flares next to your feet, then climb the boxes NW and get the Bundle of Keys. Exit the room and take the E opening gate. Reach the S keyhole and use the keys to open the gate. Get inside the room and climb the E boxes just to find the last hidden switch. Go back outside the mansion and head over to the E opening gate. Once you go through this gate the level will get to the end.