Digsite Complex


Level by Ankhrae


Walkthrough by Ankhrae







Large Cave

Items: Flares, small med pack, buckshot.

Key Items: Crowbar.


Begin this level by collecting the flares just ahead (this level can be dark in many places). The other three items listed above are to be found scattered within the cave, the only essential of which would be the crowbar. Once you've found it, proceed through the gate.


Central hub

Items: none.


This small room connects a few new areas to explore. It's up to you what order you explore in, but take my suggestion and proceed forward to the water pool.


Water pool

Items: Shotgun, buckshot, small med pack.


At the bottom of the pool, turn left into a small opening. At the end you will be in a dark area with a door and a small opening          with a breakable target. Shoot it to open the door. Inside is the shotgun, take it [SECRET 1]. Return to the hub. Next, proceed down the dark passageway into the cavern.



Items: Small med pack x2, Large med pack x2, Grenade Gun Ammo, Buckshot.

Key Items: Ancient Keypiece, Digsite Complex Key.


Make your way into the cavern. Directly ahead, at the bottom of the way, there is a ledge to jump/climb to. Drop down the opposite side and proceed into the back for a Large Med Pack and Grenade Gun Ammo [SECRET 2]. To get out of this small section, you will have to climb out of the side and down over the slopes (requires climbing into crawl position). Now use your raiding skills to proceed to the area with the lit beacon (take care the spike pits). Next to the beacon lies the Digsite Complex Key. Near this key you will also find some ledges, upon which sit some buckshot. After making your way back over the      spike pits, take note of the high path to the left. Climb up onto it and make your way up the side of the cave (pick up the small med pack). In the alcove at the path's end there is a plinth, with the Ancient Keypiece on it. Take this - you will need it. Return to the ground opposite the flame beacon, past the spike pits. In this area you will find a Large Med Pack on a ledge. Once you have both key items and       the supplementary items you require, return to the Central hub. It's time to proceed through the blue double doors.


Digsite Gate

Items: none.


Break the barriers and proceed left through the door.


Pit Room

Items: Buckshot.

Key Items: Armoury Key.


Not much to describe here. Of the several pits only two are without spikes, but rather prizes (buckshot and Armoury Key). Use whatever method you desire to avoid getting impaled and come out with at least the Armoury Key (you will want some firepower in Level2). Since you cannot proceed through the black gate, take the opposite door from the pit room.


Storage Room Alpha

Items: Uzi Ammo (.45 ACP), Flares.


Dispose of the SAS guard and retrieve the Uzi Ammo. At the back of the room there are some flares. Open the door with the Digsite Complex Key. Proceed, open the other door and kill the other SAS guard. Be careful of the fire beacon. Fire is hot. There is also a door on the left you cannot open just yet. At the end of the corridor, you have two choices. A regular door to your left, or the Armoury to your right. I suggest the latter.



Items: Lots of ammo, some Uzis and a Grenade Launcher!


Break the barrier and all of the crates and have fun stocking up on this bountiful supply! You may notice a door you cannot open yet. You will find the Grenade Launcher behind it [SECRET 3]. You may want to return for this later once you have the Weapon Token (I will simply redirect to this section once you have it). Now return and go through the other door, where you will see an SAS guard keeping... well, guard.


Storage Room Beta

Items: Archaeologist's Notes, various useables.

Key Items: Digsite Key.


Once the SAS guard is dead, break some crates and get some more items. You will also find an Archaeologist's Notes. Reading them will give you some insight into what's been happening at this digsite. Now look up. At the end of the room with the jump switch, you will see a ledge you can jump up to, to shimmy into the crawlspace. Do so, and drop into the small room. Pick up the Digsite Key that has fallen from the hook on the wall. Be wary of the skeleton. You will be unable to kill it at this moment in time, so make a swift retreat. Back through the crawlspace, you should drop down onto the jump switch (if you haven't already done it). It opens the door in the corridor just outside. Within lies a Large Med Pack [SECRET 4]. Proceed back to the black digsite gate. Open it with your new key.


Deep Chasm

Items: Large Med Pack

Key Items: Weapon Token


Once opening the gate, you will notice a ladder to your right. Ignore it for now, as you may want to acquire the Grenade Launcher first before heading up. Proceed down the tunnel to the deep chasm (short flyby sequence). Make your way to the bottom (there's a large body of water to safely drop into). Somewhere in this pool of water you will find the Weapon Token (presumably one of the expedition team dropped it while making his descent). It could be difficult to locate, but once you have it, climb out of the water. You may see an opening; don't proceed through it just yet. Instead, attempt to climb back up the chasm. There is a Large Med Pack on the central pillar. You should see an opening on a ledge just above this pillar. Make your way up to it; this is the tunnel back to the top of the chasm. Proceed back to the armoury for your Grenade Launcher.


Upper Town

Items: Buckshot, Uzi Ammo, Flash Grenades, Med packs, .44 Magnum Rounds, Super Grenades

Key Items: Ancient Keypiece


When you return, you should proceed up the ladder, simply backflip off it onto the ledge. You may have noticed the opening in the top on your way up. You can climb up here now. Kill the SAS guard and collect the supplies in this building. Once you have what you need, open the door and leave. You will soon come upon daylight, and a small section of a town. Once you emerge from the tunnel, head left and look up. You may notice a crawlspace in the stone wall. Climb up to it and collect the .44 Magnum Rounds and Super Grenades [SECRET 5] (Super Grenades will be useful in Level 2). Now proceed to the second half of the town, where you should notice a large portion of the ground's stonework has been destroyed, revealing the bare earth. Suspicious. Go ahead and take the Ancient Keypiece; I'm sure nothing bad could come of it... If you have the Grenade Launcher, this part shouldn't bother you. If you didn't acquire it, leg it. If you have both Ancient Keypieces and all the weapons you could be content with, it's time to proceed. Descend the Deep Chasm once more and proceed through the opening on the lowest tier of dry land.


Temple Entrance

Items: None.


There are two Semerkhet bulls guarding the entrance. You may want to save, this can be difficult. Remember not to let the bulls get behind you as you put the Ancient Keypieces into place. If you get slammed against a wall it's an instant death. Get both pieces in and run through the open door. You will slide into level 2.







Horus' Door Room

Items: Small Med Pack


A skeleton will be the first monster to greet you here. If you didn't get the Grenade Launcher you will just have to avoid it for the first segment. The west door's switch is above it. Climb the ledges and jump to it. Simple. The east door's switch is actually a pulley. Climb the ledges, jump to the ladder and backflip into a small room. There is a casket which you can shoot for a small med pack. Activate the pulley and now both doors are open. It makes no difference which order you do these.


Water Room

Items: Large Med Pack

Key Items: Eye Piece


Don't run through at normal speed. If you do, the bird blades are impeccably timed to swipe you just as you run through, most likely killing you. Proceed with caution. Jump into the water and swivel 180 degrees. You should see a small opening. Swim through and take the Large Med Pack [SECRET 6]. Climb out of the water and open the Sarcophagus for the Eye Piece. Once you take it, you will be attacked from behind by a Harpy. Kill it. Now you should take a regular run and jump back through the door, avoiding the blades. Start your run just after the blades come together.


Monkeys, Slopes and Shimmies room.

Items: None

Key Items: Eye Piece.


Consider this room a small agility test. The only difficulty comes in how dark it is. Jump onto the small platform to your left as you enter, with the monkey bars above it. Strike a flare just before climbing across (to save flare time, do a run and jump to bypass half of the crossing). Get to the end of the bars. Make sure you still have your flare lit, that you're not too close to the left edge and face out toward the left. You are about to drop onto a slope, jump at the last moment and catch a ledge on the opposite side of the room. If you fail, the fall won't kill you if you have more than half health. If you catch the ledge, proceed to shimmy left. You will run out of flare before you reach the end, but that's okay. Your goal is lit by torchlight anyway. Climb when you can and take the Eye Piece from the Sarcophagus. Return to the first room (there is a ladder at the bottom of this room, fear not). Open the door with the Eye of Horus and open the sarcophagus just ahead. It contains a plaque with a, presumably, recently written message intended for you personally. It seems the owner of the temple does not take kindly to visitors. Prepare for a battle ahead.


The Pit

Items: Flares, .44 Magnum, .44 Magnum Rounds, Buckshot.


3 Large Scorpions and a Fire Wraith. There is a pit of water to deal with the Wraith, but I would recommend attempting to deal with the scorpions first. They make it very difficult to get back out of the water pit once you're in. They also have clear shots with their poison stingers. This room forces you into a close quarters combat situation with 3 of the toughest creatures from TR4. If you didn't grab the Grenade Launcher and the Super Grenades from the first level, expect to take some damage here or abandon the fight altogether (you can stay up on safe ground). There are three corpses in this room. One of which on the ground level has a .44 Magnum [SECRET 7] next to him (looks like it didn't help him much here). There is also some buckshot on the floor, as well as some flares on an upper platform, along with a corpse and some .44 Magnum Rounds. You will find a jump switch above the platform with the flares and corpse on it. This switch opens the door in the far corner to your only escape route. (I HIGHLY recommend disposing of the Fire Wraith before leaving this room. You will not find any more water for a while). Jump from the center mass of land to the ledge and shimmy over so you can climb up. Strike a flare and take a standing jump from the edge.



Items: none.


As you jump into your escape route you should see a drop at the end of the slope. There are spikes at the bottom, so it wouldn't do to fall now, would it? There's a ladder, so your safe option is to just hold X (or your keyboard equivalent). Once you're up, you can choose two paths. The right will take you to an entrance that is sealed (and two dogs). You will need the Ba and Ra Cartouches', so ignore this room for now. Take the other path instead. You will come upon a large room.


Agility Room

Items: .44 Magnum Rounds

Key Items: Cartouche Piece 1.


Yes, the fall is high. Don't mess up. Take a run and jump at the first platform. Despite its appearance, it isn't a slope. You can now take a run and jump at the platform directly ahead. Angle it so you will be facing forward off the slope, but leave yourself enough reaction time to actually make a jump. Jump at the last moment to get the next platform. Now activate the jumpswitch. Climb the ladder to the start of this room and make the jumps again. When you hit the last platform jump, instead, over to the ledge and shimmy to the crawlspace. Get in and head over to the sarcophagus. Get the Cartouche Piece to open the door below. Crawl out and shimmy far to the left and drop down to the elevated platform. There is another platform just beside this one. Jump to it for a better shot at the door. Before doing this, however, there is one final secret to be found. Face east on this platform and look to the wall. Can you see the opening? Take a run and jump. You may have to hold X as you approach the alcove to avoid Lara hitting her head on the top and falling out. Pick up the .44 Magnum Rounds [SECRET 8]. Now jump back to the platform and head through the newly opened way. You will notice a door ahead opening as you approach it.


Ahmet's Arena

Items: none.

Key Items: Cartouche Piece 2.


The door will slam behind you. This is a familiar wall hole puzzle, except the timing is ruthless. You must be very quick to avoid catching fire. It doesn't really matter, however, as there are no consequences for jumping into the water. Simply find the tunnel and swim out. If you do so, you will be in another square room. Just go through the only open passageway and follow the corridor up. Be careful of the drop at the end. Also take note of the wall switch in the room above Ahmet's pit. You will need to activate this from the second platform up, which is only accessible from the top. It opens the door in the second square room. Once both switches in Ahmet's pit are activated the door will open, releasing Ahmet. Dispose of it and retrieve the Cartouche Piece from the pedestal. Now make sure you activated the jump switch above Ahmet's Pit. You will need to have that door open. Swim back to the second square room and proceed through the opened door to the final puzzle room, the Pyramid Room.


Pyramid Room

Items: Large Med Pack, Small Med Pack.

Key Items: Ra Cartouche.


The Flyby sequence will basically highlight what needs to be done. To reach the pyramid at the top, you will need to pick up the Timeless Sands from the hole in the wall (dispose of, or avoid the skeleton). Place it in the statue on the opposite side. This will activate a raised block on the platform behind you. You can now reach the monkey bars. Swing across to the alcove and drop down. Activate the pulley, which will raise another block. Now you can reach the pyramid. The hatch at the rear of the pyramid is the only one that is open. Take the Ra Cartouche to hear the familiar Tomb Raider theme. It also activates a rope. This rope is needed to reach the jump switch above the entrance, which will open the door that slammed behind you in Ahmet's Pit. With this jumpswitch activated you can now backtrack and make your way to the sealed entrance.


Throne Room Entranceway

Items: none.


You will need to climb to reach the puzzle item holes. As you entered this room, there would be a block directly on your right (not the sloped one). On its opposite side there is a ladder. This is where you get access. For the first hole, jump over to the sloped block, climb up and pull the jumpswitch. It will raise a block. You can now jump straight up to the first puzzle hole. For the second, you will need to climb back up the first block and jump into the alcove near the sloped block. Jump up onto the monkey bars and swing to the other side of the room. Get to the crack in the wall. Drop down and shimmy all the way to the second puzzle hole. With the door open you can now proceed to the temple's boss.


Throne Room ~ FINAL BATTLE

Key Items: Ornate Handle, Hathor Effigy.


You must defeat both of the guardians, as they will drop a puzzle piece each, without which you cannot open the door to escape. The boss at the throne is invincible. All you can do is avoid heavy fire whilst trying to tackle his guardians. If the big boss is rooted to the ground and is beginning to charge up one large attack MAKE SURE you avoid it, or shoot him with the Magnum or Shotgun before he gets a chance to fire it. It is a homing attack and will set Lara on fire. It will end your game right there and then. Once you have killed the guardians and acquired the two pieces for the Portal Guardian, head back and into the alcove opposite the door. Place the Portal Guardian and turn your heels for the door.



Items: none!


As soon as you pass through the door and try to make your escape, the big boss sets all hell loose. The entire temple shakes with an earthquake and he progressively sets four Fire Wraiths loose on you. If that's not enough motivation to high tail it, the music should get you going.


Move it or lose it!


Make sure when you take your final leap out of the cave you are veering off slightly to Lara's left. If you aren't bound for a safe landing in the water when you jump you will not finish the level. Instead you will fall to your death. I'm afraid this doesn't count - try again.