Dholavira Surroundings

Level by Forger

Walkthrough by manarch2

Pool Room, Two Secrets

You start this level in a room with a keyhole and a closed door; remember it for the end of the level and drop into the hole in the floor. Exit the new room through the only possible exit and kill two soldiers. In the rear part of the pool room you can find the Uzis and a Large Medipack. Dive into the pool and swim through the opening, ignore the airhole above for now and swim further into the room, then into the gap in the floor. Follow the passages to eventually find gold bars for Secret #1. Return all the way and now swim up through the airhole and climb out. Kill two eagles and use the lever near the close-by door for a shortcut back in the previous room. Now go into the far right corner (looking from the shortcut door) and jump backwards onto the higher slope, then again to grab the ladder and climb up for Secret #2, gold coins. Drop back down carefully, then approach the only yet closed gate on the wall to the right of the shortcut exit.

Jungle Maze

Use the lever to the right of it and it opens. At the crossings go left, straight, left, left (kill an eagle), straight and right to find a Rusty Key. Go further, at the crossing left and again left; here youíll encounter another snow leopard you then need to kill. Drop into the hole, at the other end climb out and pick up the Silver Key and a Small Medipack. Return through the passage, climb back up, then go right, straight and follow the winding path. Shoot a snow leopard along the way, then pick up the Small Medipack, finally use the Rusty Key at the end to open the nearby door. In the next room use the lever to the left of the entrance to open up the next room, another snow leopard might attack now, enter and pick up a Small Medipack and Shotgun Ammo to the right.

Returning to the Start

Go left now, run up the ramps and climb the ladder. On top use the platforms to be able to hoist up to an even higher ledge, then use the ladder to climb to the top level. Run to the end of the jungle-like passage, climb the small block and jump up to grab a ledge facing left. Climb some ledges, then a long ladder and on top use the lever to open the door; donít forget the gold skull for Secret #3. Slide down the slope behind the open door, pick up a Large Medipack and drop through the hole to eventually fall into the pool at the start. Return to the starting room after climbing out of the water, use the ladder to climb up. Place the Silver Key in the receptacle you noticed a while ago and enter the passage. When you progress, the statistics show up and the level ends.