Hidden Relic


Level by Adela Jelinkova (Forger) (September, 2012)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


You start by sliding down a slope. You stop on a platform over a large area with water pools. There is a closed door on the right ledge corner and ladders on the far wall. Jump onto the platform to the left and run and jump into a water pool. Pick up the Guardroom Key from the middle inside the underwater structure. Pull up and climb a ladder. Go to the left and notice a high opening in the corner. Continue left to the corner and pick up a small medipack and shotgun shells. Use the Guardroom Key in the key lock. You get a screenshot of that door opening on the far side ledge.


Follow the ledges and enter the open door. Slide down a slope and jump over the spikes. You land in a large room with a skeleton on the floor. Run to the left and up the stairs. Ignore the right corner corridor for now and go left into a kitchen. Go to the opposite corner and enter a bedroom. Press the button on the wall in the left corner. You get a screenshot of a trapdoor dropping. Exit the bedroom and kitchen and now follow that corridor. Run past a closed door and continue to the end and find the open trap door.


Climb down a ladder into a large room. Run through the only exit into a small room. Hop onto the ledges and pick up eight shotgun shells and a large medipack. Press the button on the wall to the left of the entrance. You get a screenshot of a door opening. Exit here and climb the ladder. Go down the corridor to find the open door. You enter a large room containing a large central structure with a clock. The exit is in the opposite corner.


But first, go left and jump onto a short block. Pull up onto the large structure in the corner. Drop into the hole in the corner. Follow the corridor to a larger brick wall corridor. Run up a ramp and stop about half way up. Get a small medipack and grenade shells from the alcoves on both sides. Continue up the slope and climb the ladder. Pull up into a room and dive into a water pool. Pick up the Gold Dragon secret from the bottom. Get out and run down the only exit corridor. Jump into an upper corridor in the left side wall. Pick up M16 ammo from the floor.  Slide down the slope and jump over the spikes. Drop into a music room and pick up a large medipack near the left wall. Exit in the corner and drop onto the ledge near where you started.


Follow the ledge to the open door again. Slide down and jump over the spikes again. Follow the corridor again and enter the room with the clock again. This time take the exit in the opposite corner. Continue and enter a large room with large grey walls. Go left and run up the steps and loop around to the left top ledge. Go to the end and ignore the side corridor for now. Jump over the room and pull up onto the far ledge.  Continue ahead and jump over onto a second far ledge. Drop into the area behind the ledge and go down the steps to pick up the Silver Dragon secret.  Go up the steps and drop into the room with grey walls again.


Run up the steps and loop around to the left top ledge again. Go to the end and this time, enter the side corridor. Run up the steps and enter a room with sloped floors. Jump the slopes into the far upper corner and pick up the Jade Dragon secret from the floor. Exit back to the room with the grey walls. Now go onto the ledges on the other side of the steps. Enter the side corridor and follow it. Run up the steps and jump over the floor gap at the end. You can climb the left ledge and follow it to the end but there is nothing to find.


Go to the right and enter another room. There is a closed gate to your right. Go to the opposite corner and climb the wall ladder. Pull up and follow the corridor to the end. Safety drop down the slopes. At the bottom, climb down the ladder in the corner hole. Enter into a large room with many large columns. Go forward and exit into an outdoor area. Run into the far right corner and dive into a water pool. Swim down the underwater corridor. At a T-junction swim to the right. Swim over some posts and then upward to eventually surface. Pull up into a large room with four sets of closed doors. One set of doors has a key lock.


Run around the ledges and stay close to the sets of doors. One of the four sets of doors will open. Hop into the corridors behind the open doors. Press a button on the wall and the closed door at the end of the corridor opens. You can exit back onto the ledges and notice that the set of doors opposite are open. However I ran through the new open door at the end of the corridor. Run through a room and drop into the water. Swim down and over the posts again and up to surface in the room again. I did this route just in case it triggered something or there was a switch to find.


Enter the other set of open doors and follow to a small room. Move the grey moveable block from one corner into the alcove in another corner. The black door in the back wall opens. Enter and go to the right. Run up the steps and jump a gap at the end. Push the button on the wall. Either safety drop from the nearby slope or run back down the steps. Exit back to the pool area and notices another set of doors open to your right.


Run through the corridor with many cat statues and stop before the grey floor. The floor tiles are breakable tiles over spike traps. Run down one set of tiles to the ladders at the back wall. Be sure to save some floor tiles for the return trip. There are no spikes at the bottom of ladders. Climb either ladder, and shimmy to the side at the top and into a room. Go to the center and climb another ladder. Pull up at the top and hop onto a ledge. Pick up the Shaft B Key from the floor. Return back down the ladders to the breakable tiles room. Run over the tiles and back to the pool room.


Go across the room to the last set of closed doors. Use the Shaft B Key in the key lock to open the doors. Lara said NO a few times before using the key. I guess I was positioned badly. Enter and run forward to a room with many large tall columns. Go up the steps to the left and grab the crevice in the wall. Shimmy to the right and pull up onto a corner ledge. Pull up onto a higher ledge and jump into the room. There is nothing on the columns but there is a strange colored wall panel in the far right corner behind the columns. If it is a crawlspace I could not get in.


Go to the center block in the upper room. Pick up flares from the top of the block. Go behind the block and push the button to open the gate in the wall behind you. Enter the room. Run to the exit in the far right corner and the level ends.


I never found any need for the weapons or the medipacks that I found.