Lara's Shadow - Lara Croft in Trouble - Part 1


by Scoobykah


Walkthrough by Akcy


Story:  Lara received an order, about finding a certain artifact called the "Redball".  It's believed this artifact supported the magical powers of Merlin. Lara found a note at the suburb library about where the artifact is located.


Kills 20

Pickups 12

Secrets 1


Go to the first room and shoot the two little spiders. You can get up on the broken column by the move described in the readme; jump+down. Once up shoot three bats. There aree three openings, go in the middle and reach a small library, once inside a dog appears behind you, shoot it and collect the items: two packs of flares, one is on a pedestal, the other in the bush in the far right corner.  On the other pedestal are the revolver and lasersight. Back to the previous room, turn right, you reach a pool, get the flares and the crowbar from bushes in the back of the room, jump in the pool and pull the lever. Go back to the previous room and continue forward in the third opening. When you jump across a bat wakes up behind you. There are three rows of spikes in the corridor, the first is yet inactive, the second operates as usual, the third turns on when you have gone through it. You can dash but that comes with a small injury, best if you stand on the closer side of the spike tile and do a sideflip, the new backflip animation apparently influences Lara's collision area, so that doesn't work.


Go on, the door you opened is to the right, behind it get through the slicer, pick up the shotgun in the right corner and pull the lever. Come back out, the next door on the right is opened. You can jump over, the spikes here work downwards, it's possible to go that way too though, on the other side take the scroll named Roll. Come out and continue to the right, down the stairs. Where the stairway separates spiders will attack from both directions. They lead to the same place, down in the middle place the scroll, and continue through the nearby opened gate.


You reached an intersection, there's a hanging ball in front of you above the pedestal, shoot it, you can use either the revolver or the shotgun, it opens the secret in the library. If you're interested go back there to see something strange behind the opened bookshelf, there's no chime but this is the secret. Go back to the intersection where you shot the ball.


At the intersection go to the right, in the next room shoot two dogs, and continue toward the stone face. In the middle of the passage there are openings on  both sides, in the left one you find the 1st Trident, go by the wall because the spiked walls only come out till the middle of the room (bug?). Continue towards the stone face, drop in the water and swim back under the passage. In this underwater section you find ammo toward the left behind a corner, and a lever toward the right behind some greenery. Meanwhile 2 crocodiles attack, swim back to shore to take care of them. The lever opens the door at the back of the right section, there's an airhole too if you need it. In the end of the passage pick up the 2nd Trident, swim back to the face and place them on the statues in the corners. They open an underwater gate in the other room in the middle of the passage leading here.


Go there and swim through, in the next room you can get out of the water in the middle, then jump on the shore and shoot the spiders. There's a dark opening in one of the corners, drop down there and follow the passage to a room, shoot the spider and pry the Golden Star out of the wall. Go back out, climb the ladder, jump across and go through the corridor with spiked walls. Go back to the intersection where the shootable ball was.


This time go in the other direction, you get in a big room. From here you can go on exploring if you like, you'll find a few more vases to shoot but that's about it. Place the star in a receptacle, doesn't matter which one.