LB Advent Calendar 2012 – The Golden Helmet

Level by Eelkemama

Walkthrough by manarch2

Conveyor Belt

After the starting cutscene go left and through the opening in the side room. Head N to the end and use the torch as a lever. Now return to the starting area and to the start of the large slope. Look up left to spot a jumpswitch that has suddenly appeared, use it and the slope turns into a conveyor belt. Jump onto it and it will carry you upwards, head to the crossing and the door behind you closes. Head E in the courtyard and go to the left side of the plant under the left cross. Spot the Revolver in the wall and take it with you. Head to the SW corner of the garden and spot the movable block under the lantern, then push and pull it inside the building and finally in front of the opposite W opening.

The Pool

Climb on it, turn facing E and jump up to use a jumpswitch. This opens a door behind you, push the block away and enter the new room. Climb down into the dry pool and pick up the Lasersight in the NE corner. Climb back out, then head S and use the lever to open the last door at the crossing, but don’t return there yet. Combine Revolver and Lasersight and face the high NE block row in this room, and aim for the left side. Shatter the glass cube and a block raises, climb up to the blocks and use the button to flood the pool in this room. Look up to spot a monkeyswing and use it to get to the SE blocks. Drop in the hole and follow the passage to use the lever which opens a door on the other side of the pool. Return and climb out of the hole, then jump into the pool and climb out at the other side.

First Smaragd Piece, Sword

Pick up Revolver Ammo and climb the ladder to the right of the pool to the top and use the jumpswitch; this lights a wall torch for later. For now enter the newly opened room. Notice a missing item in the right passage, then head into the large hall and open the two sarcophagi for more Revolver Ammo and a Large Medipack. Head to the SW corner and open the trapdoor in front of the slope, drop down and take the first Smaragd Piece. Now climb back up the ladder and head to the NW corner of this room, climb the greenery into a high room and pick up a Readme (“Search for the Helmet!”) and a Sword. Climb into the NW crawlspace and crawl to the end to trigger a cutscene with a jumpswitch that magically appears on a wall.

Secret Detour

Climb back out of the crawlspace and down the greenery. Head E through the room and back in the pool room, go right around the pillar and use the magically appeared jumpswitch. A horse statue in the courtyard where you found the Revolver moves away revealing a hole. Get there through the pool and the crossing, drop down the ladder and find an Encyclopedia of Secrets for Secret #1, then climb back up the ladder into the courtyard and head back to the crossing. Enter the S door and head upstairs. There are two paths now – you can take either of them first.

Slope Jumps

A camera shot shows you a swinging ball, notice this as you need to shatter it soon. Jump to the NW slope and jump over the slopes, eventually grab the ladder and shimmy left, backflip on the next slope and jump on. When you reach the slopes near the W wall, take a weapon and shoot the ball to open the door at the end of the slope sequence. On the last slope, jump at the very last moment and grab the edge of the doorway. Climb up and at the end of the passage pick up the Skeleton Key as reward. Return to the opened door and stand-jump holding Action to the right hand block. Go to the SE side and jump to the crevice, shimmy left and climb up around the corner. Pick up Secret #2, an Encyclopedia of Secrets, and finally jump in the pool. Either jump back to the block near the crevice, then to a platform where a block lowered and then to the entrance or spot the door in the N wall (also if you didn’t manage the slope jumps earlier) and at the crossing swim right to use the underwater lever, then turn and swim straight at the crossing and climb out and the trapdoor closes behind you. Run upstairs again.

Alternating Platforms

Open the left door with the sword button, then spot the crawlspace in the NE corner and behind it use the floor lever to open the gates in the previous room. Get back there via the crawlspace and head through the opened gates. Dive in the pool and pick up Secret #3, an Encyclopedia of Secrets, near the middle of the W wall. The only brown panel that can be opened is NE, swim up and climb out and back into the room in front of the gates. Re-enter through the gates and now concentrate on the central alternating structure. Step back and time the run-jump so that Lara lands on the platform when it appears, then run onto the central tile which is safe. With the same technique you can get to both S and E side and use a lever each there, when both are used return to the entrance of this room and a gate has opened in front of you. Take a Torch with you and get out of this room; if you didn’t get the key before, throw it in front of the W opening.

Burning Floor

With the Torch in your hands head back to the pool room (back to the crossing, then left) and light it on the wall. Now return to the stairway where you just came from and head down to the trapdoor; to the right of it you can use the Skeleton Key. Throw the torch on the wooden floor and it eventually burns. Drop down and pick up the Silver Key from the corner. Push and pull the block in the middle of the room, climb on it and jump out. Exit this area and head upstairs, then back to the crossing near the conveyor belt and left into the pool room. Get to the other side and return into the large sarcophagi hall. Place the Sword in the receptacle and head in the new passage.

Mirror Room, A Bunch of Items

Enter the left passage at the crossing. Ignore the lever for now and go left to the hole in the wall, grab in and get the Diamond. Return to the crossing, then head straight and go to the far right corner of the room. Pull out the block once, go in the just revealed passage and find the Fire Key. Open the small door in this room and you find yourself in a mirror room. In the mirror you can see Flares (you can pick them up already at their corresponding place) and the second Smaragd Piece which is yet on fire. But you also can see only one knight in the mirror so in reality you have to shatter the left one; the fire goes out and you can take the quest item with you. The other (right) knight holds a Stick in the mirror, so go to him and take it with you. Head out to the crossing and left to the large hall. You might remember the missing item in the NE corner of this room; combine the Stick with the Diamond to form the Scepter, then approach the pedestal facing SW and place it.

Timed Raising Blocks

The door near where you found the Diamond opens, so head back in the W passage, go left and to the open door. Again ignore the lever for now and run onto the stairs. Dive into the water and swim in the passage in the NW corner. Use the underwater lever and a book appears in the SW passage; swim there and pick up the Encyclopedia of Secrets for Secret #4. Swim SE, climb out and while still on the stairs use the Revolver or Pistols to shatter the four vases in the N alcoves (can be done after the timed run too). This opens the door on the W balcony, but now you need to get there. Activate the timed lever, hop back and run-jump on the edge of the nearest raising block. It’s best to do a continuous jump sequence so try to never stop while taking run-jumps over the blocks, using slight left or right curves to land at the near edge and being able to run and jump further. It’s not very hard and I assume after a few tries you’ll be on the other side. Pick up Revolver Ammo and enter the open door.

Fire Passage, Yellow Crystal

Go to the W end of the room passing a long fire corridor and two pillars blocking the way to a wall lever on the slope, then head right and spot a keyhole for the Fire Key. Place it and the two pillars in the middle of the room explode, revealing the lever. Approach it and use it; a princess is moved along the fire passage, deactivates the fire and vanishes in the wall. Now you can run safely across the formerly deathly trap. Pick up the yellow Crystal at the end of the passage and return through the corridor, then left and exit this hall. Dive in the water, climb out SE and head back upstairs. Head straight at the crossing and afterwards head right, combine the two Smaragd Pieces and place the just formed Emerald on the receptacle to open the door in this room. Head through.

Colour Puzzle, Purple Crystal

There are three passages with six levers each; behind each lever is a different colour and below them a trapdoor. When you pull a wrong lever, you’ll fall through the trapdoor and have to pull a lever, then climb a ladder upstairs again. The right solution for this puzzle can be found above the entrances of the passages:

Right passage – Green
Middle passage – Blue
Left passage – Red

So you have to pull a lever in each passage – exactly the one which fits to the colour above the entrance. After the three correct levers are pulled, the purple Crystal appears at the right of the trapdoor; take it and the door at the end of the right (green) passage opens. Head through (when you have both other crystals, the door closes) and reach another outside area.

Courtyards, Blue Crystal

Ignore the two doors to your left as well as the pool for now; just head straight passing the dog courtyard to your right. There are two strange wall structures; the lower parts of them are actually two pushable blocks – just push them to the near wall and the double gate opens nearby. Enter the room and go right around the corner to find Secret #5, the fifth and last Encyclopedia of Secrets. Climb one of the two ladders to either left or right of the door and on the high balcony pick up the blue Crystal. Climb back down and exit this room. Head to the opposite wall and place the three Crystals to open the small gate in the right hand fence.

Block Puzzle

In the new area you can see a crowbar door and a place to use a beetle to the left, so go find them now; also notice a ladder on the N wall leading to a currently closed door and a gate to the left of that ladder. Go E for now and spot a princess suspended in a glass cage, behind her are two pushable blocks on the floor level and also two on the higher level (the ones with purple lighting). Go to the high right block and push it in to reveal a lever. Pull it and the door up the ladder you spot earlier opens. Don’t go there yet though as there’s still work to do with the blocks. Look up N in this area and see a hole in the ceiling, you need to get there with pushing the other high block next to it. So first push and pull the two lower blocks in one row to the left high block so that you can pull it out twice, then go around it and push it one last time. Finally you can climb on it and jump up through the ceiling hole. A standing jump won’t work, so you’ll need to run-jump, but no need to grab the edge though. In one of the niches in the middle of the room you can find the Crowbar, then go SE and shatter the box to pick up the Mechanical Scarab Key. Climb back down in the courtyard and then get up the ladder on the N wall.

Tile Jumping

When heading through the passage Lara will look on a lantern, use binoculars to light the rear part of this passage and see a painting on the wall which will be the solution of the next puzzle:


Climb down in the room through the narrow crawlspace and you can see a cutscene of an opening door, but it closes when you step on the wrong tile. Use the painting to jump to the correct tiles and the door will stay open, eventually you’ll make it inside the doorway. If you want you can try out finding a shortcut. Climb up the ladder and backflip over the gate onto the platform. From here jump to the NW ledge and run around the walkway to pick up the Mechanical Scarab. Go to the end of the ledge and drop backwards off the ledge and grab the edge, shimmy left and climb up in a small alcove. Pull the rope and a block raises under the exit, drop down and climb out of this room as you’re now able to. Drop into the central courtyard.

The Boulder

Go to the SW corner of this area and open the door with the Crowbar. A flyby shows you a boulder on top of this room which has to be transported to the NW hole; to achieve that, pull the lever in the SW corner to release the boulder and a second one in the first E side alcove to open the trapdoor. With both levers pulled the boulder rolls onto the hole and an underwater door in the pool near the start of this level opens. Exit this area and outside go left.

Using the Scarab

Combine the Scarab Key with the Key and put it on the marked tile on the floor and it moves into the building. The gate in the NW corner of the courtyard opens – head through, pick up the Scarab and also the first Amulet in a left passage. Now head back out to the courtyard again, then S through the gate in the fence and approach the two doors. Open the right one and use the Scarab again to let it move through the narrow tunnel, then exit, open the other door and run to the end of the passage and pick it up again – this works in two directions. This opens a door back to the colour puzzle room in the S of the courtyard. Head through and get back all the way through the sarcophagi room to the pool.

Final Courtyard

Dive in and spot the open door in the SW corner and swim left at the junction. Use the underwater lever in the far left and a ceiling trapdoor at the W end opens. Swim there and climb out, then place the Silver Key in the receptacle. Enter the outside area and go straight W to the other side and pick up a Torch from the pedestal. Go SE and light it on the campfire, then head to the N wall and light the elephant trunk to lower the block left hand. Throw the Torch away – you don’t need it anymore – and enter the passage. Press Action on the pedestal and the grabbing opens a trapdoor in the NW corner outside, return there, drop in and pick up the second Amulet. Go to the end of the tunnel, turn around and use the jumpswitch to open a door somewhere else. Climb back outside.

The Golden Helmet

Now head into the NE corner of the yard (right of the entrance). Here use the floor lever to release a boulder in a small pool which triggers a raising block. Go S and place the two Amulets and go around the building to find and enter the just opened door in the fence. Enter the smaller yard and go to the N side of the NW pillar to spot and use a jumpswitch. This raises a second block in this area; climb on the lower block, then jump to the higher one and jump into the high opening of the building. Head through the hall; a message shows up when you found all secrets. Pick up the Golden Helmet at the end to finish this level.