Level by Shader

Walkthrough by manarch2

See below for a map of the level.

I: The start.

II: In here youíll trigger a mummy and at the end a falling block that will kill you if you donít go away, so itís best to avoid this passage.

III: A pool; if you want you can take a swim in here, but there is nothing of interest here.

IV: You can find the Shotgun and 2x Shotgun Ammo in this corner.

V: Approach the central structure and it explodes. Kill the demigod (itís the only enemy in this level you can kill, so donít hesitate to use heavier weapons) and take the Gate Key with you he leaves.

VI: Pick up 2x Uzi Ammo. You have to get down here; the most health consuming way is by jumping or running off and grab the crevice of the SW hole; drop and grab the lower one and shimmy left on the block. Make your way down and use the switch, then stand-jump into the hole and first pick up Flares and a Small Medipack, then in the rear part a Gate Key. The area gets flooded; swim back out into the tower and to the crevice you once used to get down. Swim through the narrow passage to find Secret #1, the Revolver, Flares, a Small Medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Now swim out and climb out again.

VII: Pick up the Uzis.

VIII: Watch out Ė a nasty dead-end! When you enter the passage with the Large Medipack a stone will block your way, and youíre stuck forever in here.

IX: Place the Gate Key you have in your inventory Ė thereís only one even if you found both - and the door opens. Head through and this is the end of the level.