Level by Tarik King (Larabiker301)


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



After the opening flyby, run forward toward the N structure.  Veer to your right for a small medipack on the raised patio.  Note the E ramp for later use (once you have the keys for the Jeep) and head for that N structure.  Approach the entrance and engage the ninja who pops out at you. 


Enter and pick up the uzi ammo he dropped.  Go around to your right and pick up the flares at the feet of the Pharaoh statue.   Go the other way and follow the passage into a large room.  After the flyby, eliminate two ninjas and locate the shotgun ammo in the SE corner.   Go to the W side of the room and flush out two more ninjas.  One drops a small medipack.  Locate the flares behind a pillar near the NW corner and note the closed door requiring two artifacts you don't yet have. 


Climb up onto the block against the W wall, hop up left to the adjacent ledge and jump up from there to grab the monkey bars.  Embark upon a lengthy monkey swing across the room, taking the right path when you come to a crossing (taking the left path will have you going around in circles).  You will eventually reach the E side of the room, where you can gain access to the upper ledges.  Take the large medipack from the plinth in the SE corner, then proceed along the ledges toward the opening in the upper E wall.


Jump between the flame blowers and proceed up the ramp.  Enter the nearby crawl space and grab the SHOTGUN.  Get back out and jump up onto the W ledge.  Walk forward and surprise a ninja whose back is turned to you.  He drops the CAROUCHE PIECE 1, so if you kill him in the same spot where you first encountered him, he'll most likely drop it onto the ledge below.  Hop down to where he was and see a pile of torches in the far corner.  Leave them for the moment and locate the small opening in the W wall.  Jump there and crawl along the passage until you reach a ledge surrounding a lower room.


Safety drop down and shoot the jars on the raised tiles.  Pick up the uzi ammo, two cases of shotgun shells and the grenade gun ammo.  Pull out the pharaoh statue and move it onto the marked tile in the opposite corner of the room.  The N gate opens, so enter and push the floor lever to open the S gate.  Go there and take CARTOUCHE PIECE 2 from the plinth.  Use the pole to get back up, and back flip to the ledge (Lara's belt should be even with the ledge). 


Crawl back, jump E to the ledge and take a TORCH from the pile.  Jump W to the ledge over the flame blowers and hop down to the ramp.  You can light the torch with one of the handy flame blowers, but it's not easy.  You need to station Lara with one foot against the corner of the face tile and angled toward the flame.  Jump NE to the ledge, then hop down NW and from there to the floor.  Go to the NE corner, drop the torch for now and push the floor lever to open the adjacent gate.  Enter as the gate slams shut behind you.


You're standing at the edge of a deep pit.  Use the ropes to get across.  It doesn't matter which way you choose to jump, because you can shimmy past the pharaoh statues to the other side once you get there.  Take the small medipack from the SE plinth and THE HAND OF ORION from the NE plinth (cut scene of the previous gate opening).  Use the nearer rope to jump to the opening in the S wall for a large medipack.  Take a running jump NW to the W ledge and exit to the main room.


Retrieve your torch and go across to the NW corner.  Drop the torch momentarily and combine the two cartouche pieces to form the BA CARTOUCHE.  Insert it in the left receptacle, then insert the Hand of Orion in the right receptacle to open the door between them.  Leave your torch here for now and enter the next room. 


Run around the pharaoh statues and go all the way across to the middle of the N wall and find the UZIS on a raised tile.  There's a scorpion running around the surrounding trench, so kill it.  There are monkey bars to nowhere spanning the room, but retrieve your torch and locate an uneven block under the SW corner of the monkey bars (a block that reportedly did not exist in the earlier version of this level).  Hop onto the block and back up onto the raised corner.  Hop onto the bridge and follow E, jumping over the gap and coming to an unlit wall torch.  Light it to open a door down below.  Throw the torch down and safety drop to the floor.


Locate the open E door and slide down as the door closes behind you.  Three gates open upon your arrival, so quickly push the floor levers in the N, S and W alcoves while three mummies stalk you.  The E door is now open, so run past the mummies and down the stairs.  Continue into the shallow water and kill two crocodiles.  The mummies aren't afraid of shallow water, however, so you have to keep moving.  When you get into waist-deep water you're safe.  Pull up into the S passage and follow around the corner.  Shoot the ninja and pick up the uzi ammo he drops.


Come to an opening that overlooks a partially submerged room.  Hop down NE onto the bridge and run to the far end.  Turn left and take a running jump and grab to the ladder on the central pillar.  Pull up and approach the flame-protected plinth.  Turn around and note the jump switch on the bridge support.  Go back and take a running jump S to activate the jump switch.  As you drop to the ledge below you hear the sound of a door opening.  Turn around and take a running jump N to the ladder.  Grab it and shift around two corners to the N side.  Climb down and when you're near the bottom take a back flip to a platform in the (deadly, by the way) water. 


Take a running jump into the N alcove and push the floor lever.  This turns off the flames guarding the plinth, so stand one step back from the alcove's edge and take a standing jump back down to the platform.  Jump to the ladder, shift around two corners to the S side and climb to the top.  Pull up and approach the plinth.  Take THE HAND OF ORION as the gate opens to the accompaniment of Lara's theme music.  Enter the N passage and light a flare so you can see where you're going.  Pause to pick up the flares and encounter a ninja around the next corner.  Pick up the uzi ammo he drops and listen for the hacking cough of a nearby mummy.


You'll find crossbow arrows at an intersection.  Continue W along the passage until you reach a slope.  Slide down forwards and jump off at the bottom.  Jump off two sloped blocks in succession and land on a safe block.  Face W at the W edge and jump to the next sloped block.  Jump off with a hard right curve to the next block, jump to the next block and finally a jump to the safe block in the SW corner.  Now a running jump N to the sloped block and a final jump to the NW alcove.  Push the floor lever to drain the area of the deadly water.  Safety drop to the floor and exit W.


You enter what appears to be an amphitheater.  Run across to the W opening and go left up the ramp.  Follow to a high opening that overlooks the amphitheater.  Jump NE to the ledge and spot the jump switch over the E entrance.  Use the pole to climb down to the ledge below.  Run forward and take a running jump past the pharaoh statue to active the jump switch.  A rope is lowered from the ceiling, so run up the ramp again and jump NE to the ledge.  From here you can reach the rope with a running jump. 


Swing forward and jump off to land on the N ledge.  Turn left and run toward the pharaoh statute.  Take a long running jump SW to land in the upper W opening.  Run forward and grab the shotgun ammo at the corner.  Quickly draw your favorite weapon and shoot two approaching scorpions


Climb the ladder in the S wall.  More deadly water.  Take a running jump SE and push the floor lever.  A door is opened SW.  Take a running jump to the platform in front of the opening, then jump S into the opening as the camera angle changes.  Run up the ramp to the top, slide down and enter the crawl space.  Pick up the CROSSBOW at the corner and continue to an opening.  Drop down the other side and find yourself outdoors once again.  Turn around and engage the four ninjas that are firing at you.  One drops a large medipack, another drops the JEEP KEYS.


You remember where the Jeep is, way back in the S area beyond the sand dunes.  Hop in and drive it N, then E toward that ramp you noted at the beginning of this level.  Jump the ramp and continue a short drive through the cave that's not particularly strenuous.  When you reach the obvious end, get out and insert your Hand of Orion to open the exit gate and end the level.