Incredible Adventure

Level by Maciej Malec (July, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Start with a flyby of a helicopter and end Lara at the bottom a slope. When you get control, go to the north-east, climb a rock, and pull a jump switch. Get down and go to north-west corner. Crawl under some low rocks into a cave. Kill two bats and enter the open door at the back. Jump the boxes and use the floor lever. Exit the room and the cave and go south in the start area to find some steps. Go up the steps and get into a pool. Swim into the west underwater tunnel and pull up in a dark room. Go to the north-west corner and climb a ladder. At the top go to the east and when the fire is off, slide down and jump to grab a ledge and pull up. Go south and use the rope to get to another ledge. It is difficult because you cannot go to the bottom of the rope without catching fire. Slide down about half way and make several pushes before you jump to the ledge. Go west, slide down and jump to the next ledge. Then it is a simple slide down to an opening.

Enter another room with fires and go left up the ramp. Monkey swing to the west ledge and be careful of the fires. Go north and use the rope to swing over to another ledge. Go east and jump to the east wall to pull a jump switch. Get into the water and swim into the tunnel. At a branch, swim south through a transparent tunnel and pull up into a room of boxes. Go south and climb a ladder into an open courtyard. Kill the three dogs that attack you. Go to the west wall and climb another ladder up to a balcony. At the top go north and onto another balcony to use a floor lever. Notice the closed door and the fireplace. Exit and find the big doors are open so enter the room. Hop on a side box and then to the bookcase and go west. Get on the rear bookcase and at the middle, turn around and pull up to another balcony. Go to the south-east to enter an opening and follow it. At the end, use the floor lever. Return to the first floor and go back outside to the courtyard. Enter the open gates to the east. Go left and follow the ramp, pass a closed gate, and finally ending in a room with boxes. Use the floor lever in the south-west corner and get a cut scene of a door opening in a roof area. Go back down to the courtyard and climb the ladder to the west again. The big doors are closed but a door has opened in the south-east corner. Enter there and kill two dogs.

Go east pass the big doors, jump over a rat, and climb the ladder in an alcove to you left. On the roof, kill four bats and enter the door you opened. Use the floor lever and return to the balcony. Go north to the fireplace and the door there is now open. Pull the jump switch on the north wall of the bedroom. Notice two more big doors. Get back to the courtyard and into the big gate. Go up the ramp and enter the open gate. Inside the room, pull another jump switch. Go down the ramp, up the ladder, go north back into the bedroom. The big doors are open so enter the large room. In the north-west is an alcove with a globe. Pull it out and place it on the black circle. You get a cut scene of a big door opening. Exit here and the bedroom and go south and east to the open door. Follow the stairs down to a corridor with some closed gates. Kill a dog and shoot out the barricade at the end. Dive into the water and go to the bottom to a temple. Swim north and pull up into another temple and closed gate for air. Dive in again and swim north through an opening. Pull up and use the two floor levers and hear a gate opening. Swim back to the above water temple and go through the open gate. Go south to kill a scorpion but find nothing. Return and follow the north branch. Kill three scorpions before you reach the end.

Pull out the movable tower piece. Get inside, kill a scorpion, and go down the ladder. Carefully use the two floor levers when the fires are out and hear something opening. Climb the ladder at the east wall. At the top enter a room. Pull the dead guard out of the way and pick up a shotgun. If you shoot the vases, they just vaporize but leave nothing. Get into the outside area and notice the closed big gates to the east. Climb the ladder to the south. Look east and jump the crevice on the wall there. Shimmy left as far as possible and drop in front of a door. Open the door and kill a dog. Notice a closed gate on the wall. Go to the south-west corner and find another door. Open it, kill a dog, and continue to another door. Open it, kill a dog, and use the jump switch on the north wall. Go back outside and the big gates are open. Hop on a box to the south for red shotgun shells and blue shotgun shells. Get down and kill a scorpion. Go to the north-east corner and hop over some boxes and into a crawl space. There is nothing on the boxes but enter the crawl space in the east wall. At the end, drop into a room and pull a jump switch on the north wall. Exit back to the box room. A hole has opened in the waterfall. Climb onto the box in the water and jump into the hole.

Follow the tunnel and the crawl space into another outside area. Kill a dog and open the door in the north-east. Go inside to see a closed gate and kill a dog. Exit and open the door in the north-west. Go inside and climb the ladder into a room. Shoot the barricade and jump over the balcony to the roof on the south side. Shimmy to the right and pull up. Carefully jump down over the skeleton and the gate opens. The skeleton is now on fire. Push the button on the east wall. Exit and go south to open a door. At the end of the room open a white door. Ignore the man at the desk. Go to the end of the room to press a button on the north wall. Go back to the room with the ladder and climb back up. The door to the east is open. Go inside and kill three bats and press the button on the south wall. An earthquake starts and ends with the sound of something dropping. Get back down the ladder and the boxes have dropped revealing a passage. Enter the passage and get the secret sound but no secret. The floor is deadly and there is fire on the columns.

Run, jump, and grab to the east column and pull up. Run, jump, but no grab to the north to land on a column. Go west and the flames on the columns and in front of the door are out. Jump the column to the door in the north-west. As you land there, many gates open in a tunnel. Sprint down the tunnel as the gates drop behind you. You are outside again. Approach the helicopter and the level ends by crashing to the desktop,