TR Revelations IV - The Curse of the Sword (Demo)

Level by Roli

Walkthrough by OBig, translated by by nemrike from


Go to the chain on the right side of the building. Climb up higher than roof level facing the corner of the roof. Press forward+jump to jump on top where you can pick up the 1st Golden Star.

You can jump in the water from here but donít stay in it for too long unless you enjoy croc teeth in your bum. Kill the crocodile, just to be safe, then go to the left of the building. Watch out for the fireflies because they will bite you if you get too close. Only these ones are hostile, their friends throughout the level wonít hurt you. If you want to acquire the flares they are guarding run through the bugs by the wall then quickly jump in the water and swim until they leave you alone. You can go back to them after this and pick up the flares. Go in the cave and go right by the bars. You will find a gap in the dark. Stick your head in it, but only for a second because a hungry croc will want you as his breakfast. Finish him and leave the hole for now, we will come back later. On the opposite side from the gap you can pick up a small medipack. Go up on the flight of stairs now.

There is a pool on the right side of the room and a closed cell in the wall front of you. It harbors our secret. Shoot all 5 of the destructible pots in the room to open the gate then pick up the only secret of the level, the Gold Skull.

Go up on the next flight of stairs but watch out for the poison arrows. If any of them hits you Lara will need a medipack otherwise sheíll totter like a drunk. :) You should save at the top because the next task is timed. Pull the lever, turn back then run down the stairs. Jump over or roll under the arrows while running. Jump in the water and swim in the small chamber on the left to pick up the Crowbar.

Now you can go back to the gap with the now-deceased crocodile. Crawl through the opening, pick up the flares then turn around and try to catch the ledge above by jumping. Climb up then go until you reach the opening looking above the previous room. You have to be very careful with the poisonous arrows again because you will need a medipack if you get hit even once. Jump on the pillar in the middle then continue to the opening on the left. Climb up to the small room then jump quickly to the level above from the rise on the floor. You have an unfair advantage on the gorilla from up here, make use of it. Get the 2nd Gold Star out of the wall with your crowbar.

Go back to the start of level, jump in the water and swim to the entrance on the other side. Keep left in the cave. You will find a crawlspace. Guess what, a bloodthirsty croc is waiting for you again. This one is not as alert as the last one, but after about 3 crawling moves it will come after you and bite you in the ass while you are trying to get back out to be able to kill him in the open. There is another way of doing it though. Donít forget that there is a new move on this level: crouch+sprint. Do this once in the opening, turn back and then do it again to fight the crocodile swiftly, like a boss. Anyway, once you finished him put the golden stars in their holding place and a gate will open. You can go in and pick up the Colosseum Key.

Turn back, go through the opening and continue your journey through the cave. Watch out, vampire bats might harass you Ė kill them all. You will reach a ravine with water at its bottom. If you fall in you can swim to the large body of water at the start of the level but a croc will try to take a bite out of you. Therefore you should try to avoid falling in. :) Instead, walk to the right side, skid down the slope, grab the ledge then grab the opening in the wall while falling. Climb in, crawl through the passage and you will find yourself in a corridor.

Focus your attention on the passage to the right first. Remember the ďstep-jumpĒ if you canít seem to jump over the trap. To do this move take one step forward then let go of the walk button and jump. Use your key in the lock then jump back over the trap, and over the next one to the room on the opposite side. Pick up the small medipack before you jump in the water. Swim through the moving spears then watch the path of the bubbles when you are swimming through the underwater passage. This will gain importance in a moment. Climb out of the water then jump to the corridor above. If you observed the bubbles well you know what lever to pull now. Itís the third from the left. Kill the appearing rats then climb up to find the next Colosseum Key.

The key is in the belly of a certain rat so you will find it where you killed it. Use your key right away. The corridor fills with water and you will be able to climb out on top, at the entrance of the Colosseum. The gates are still closed though. You can see the lever that opens the gates but you cannot reach it yet. Go left and find the movable block in the wall. Pull it out then move it so you can climb up to the first level. Go right then climb up in the crack in the wall by the corner. Push the down button so Lara turns around and catches the ledge behind her. Climb up and go above the entrance. You will find another movable block there. Pull it out then make it fall down by pushing it from the opening you pulled it out from. Climb down and move the block under the lever. Pull the lever to open the gates of the Colosseum.

Go under the archway on the right. Watch out for the gorilla attacking you when you reach the back room. Pick up the flares once you put him down. Observe the sphere on the ceiling of the dark room. It has to be shot. But there is no movable block here. Well, in the outer room you can stand on one of the pillarsí mounting and shoot it while jumping. A rod comes out of the wall if you are successful. But you will need one more of these later. Do you see the levers in the forefront? You will have to pull these in a certain order. Go to the court facing the entrance. Up and to the right you will see roman numerals on the wall: IV, II, I, III, V.

There is a dark room on the opposite side from the entrance complete with a similar sphere, but it is harder to aim at. Pull the fourth lever from the left. Outside a pillar will rise next to the wall, run and climb onto it quickly, find the sphere by looking through your binoculars then shoot it while jumping. You will see the third and final rod come out of the wall in a cutscene when you get it. There is alternate way to move the spheres. If you are handy with your two grenades and you are able to blow them up right under the spheres the mechanism can be triggered. So the rods are out. Weíll have to complete a timed challenge before we can use them. :)

Go back to the levers and save. You have to pull them in the order the roman numbers suggest but you cannot wait until each cutscene finishes, otherwise you wonít have enough time. Jump sideways during these intervals so you can pull the next lever just after they end. After you got all 5 run to the same pillar as previously. From there jump to the first platform, turn right and do a running jump to catch the next platform then the next one in the corner. You have to turn again and do a running jump onto the wall. Donít stop yet, run to the left, up on the stairs to the opened gate. It wasnít that bad, eh? :) If you save when climbing up ledges there is less chance for failure.

Inside the building on the right side jump up and pull the lever on the wall so you can go inside the cage and pick up the Torch.

Go back to the courtyard. Itís best to throw the torch down then drop down from the ledge. Go right to the dark room with the second sphere. Light your torch then go towards the entrance. You will find a rope in the left corner. You have to light it on fire carefully, trying to avoid getting burned by the cage. If you do it well a gate will open up high at the opposite side from the entrance. That is where youíll have to go with the help of the pillars and rods. Another platform opens that will help you get back to the area that had the cage with the torches for later.

Climb up on the ladder next to the entrance, turn around and do a running jump to the first rod. Spin and jump and you are on top of the first pillar. The next rod is a little harder; it might be best to do a ďstep-jumpĒ from the far side of the pillar. So after one step let go of the walk button, jump, then catch the rod with the action button. You find yourself on the next pillar after another spin and jump. Do the same for the third one then do a curved running jump to the opening in the wall. Itís easy to get to the open gate from here. After going inside youíll find a large medipack to the right and the Door Key if you jump behind the debris on the left.

Go back down to the yard. Your ankles might hurt a bit, but you can make it. Jump back to the last pillar and drop down from its ledge. Go to the previously opened platform now. Can you see the sloped rock? Hang on its side, jump, and Lara will grab the platform. You are back on the upper level. Use the key in the lock on the wall that will unlock a door behind an opening on the wall just above it. Climb up and go through the open door.

Deal with the unfriendly gorilla and go through the room. When you reach a corridor you will find three fire-spitters. You will have to reach inside all three because there is a hidden switch in each one. A bat might give you trouble in the process. Two of them raise blocks and the third one activates a rod between the blocks. Climb up on the one closer to the entrance, do a running jump for the rod then jump up to the higher block. Climb up, jump in the water, swim through the corridor into the cave and climb out to the rock at the end. You are by the top of a building. Climb down, but watch out for another angry gorilla. After killing him go to the main gate of the building which will open before you. Suspiciously easy, donít you think? Circle the cage on the right and if you notice Lara will stare at something. It is a key inside on the floor that youíll have to pick up. You will be stabbed to death by spears though, if you try it. So you will have to find a switch that de-activates the trap first. You couldnít? Donít hurry, take it slow! This is the key. :) Step inside the cage then quickly back. Wait for the spears to come out and retract, then you can pick up the Main Door Key.

Go outside and open the gate with the two levers on the wall. Go straight then right, to the shore. You are at the start of the level. Go up to the building, open the door with your key and this concludes this smashing demo of this smashing level.