Mini Adventures Tinnos

Level and Walkthru by Tombraider95

Secrets: 1/1

Note = I hope to have kept the style of TR3 through atmosphere and gameplay.


Retrieving the first mask

You start by sliding into the main area. Once you step in the light you will be attacked by a dog, so kill that first and then travel to the south west corner and collect the Small Medi-Pack.

Head over to the pool of water and collect the Large Medi-Pack before jumping in. The water is freezing resulting in Lara not being able to stay in the water long, so make sure you are fast. First you need to pull a lever in the water and to do so without losing any health face the wall and do a back flip into the water where you will end up facing the lever. Quickly pull it and get out of the water.

The best way to do the next bit is to have Lara's back to the wall and do a forward dive into the water and swim straight through the tunnel and collect the Tinnos Mask at the end. Quickly return and you should have only lost a little bit of health if done correctly.

You now have a choice of 3 doors that lead to different tasks. The Earth puzzle is on the ground floor, and the Water and Fire are on the top floor. Once all 3 tasks have been completed, access to the Air task will be granted for you to collect the last key. All task rooms need a Tinnos Mask to enter and contain a Key inside each for the final room.


Earth Room

Place the Tinnos mask in the slot and walk into the room. Jump down onto the ledge bellow and climb the ladder to the left. Collect the Wide Shotgun ammo and push the boulder down onto the ledge below. The boulder will lower the block to the right so make you way over being careful with the boulder.

This part is timed, so pull the lever on the wall, roll run and jump over the slope and run into the right corner, roll and then save. Depending on where the boulder is you might have to wait a couple of seconds for it to move out the way. Run and jump onto the boulders ledge and then onto the middle column and then onto the trapdoor before it lowers. A couple of tries might be needed for the angle to be right.

Pull the lever here to raise a trapdoor higher in the room, but its not timed. You cant reach the middle column from here so light a flare and drop down into the dark. Go to the North West corner for some flares and then climb the ladder up to the central column.

Secret 1/1: Before climbing the ladder explore the pit watching out for the falling debris and the dog. You should find an alcove which contains the levels only secret of a Large Medi-pack, Rocket and a Rocket Launcher. Rockets are rare in the level so use them wisely. (Its recommended to save some for the final boss.) Once you have collected the secret a Tinnos Creature will arrive, so kill it before climbing the ladder.

Once up the ladder, jump over to the ledge opposite and again climb the ladder to reach the trapdoor. At the top platform pull the lever at the side to release the ropes and then shoot the Wasp that appears. Jump onto the trapdoor and use the rope to reach the alcove on the North wall. Pull the lever inside and use the rope to swing back. Collect the next Tinnos Mask and the Earth Key inside the open door. Beware a Guard will appear once inside, so kill him and collect the Shotgun from him. Jump back to where the boulder was and use the second rope to swing to the exit.


Getting to the Second Floor

In the north corner push the blocks out the way to find the switch. Pull the switch to raise the block and quickly jump up and use the slopes to land on a flat ledge. Shoot the bat and be careful of the boulder that will fall on the right side. In the North corner collect the Large Medi-Pack and be aware of the guard that is lurking below, he will also drop Uzi Ammo.

Collect the Torch in the bushes and use the flame to light it. You need to light 4 torches to raise the trapdoor in the South corner. Make sure you light the two torches on the top floor before jumping down because you wont be able to get back up with the torch, however there is a second one just in case. When all 4 torches have been lit return back to the upper floor and use the trapdoor to reach the Fire and Water task rooms.


Fire Room

Place the Tinnos Mask in the slot to open the door and then shoot the Guard who will drop the next Mask. After the flyby jump to the middle platform but be careful of the fire. From here jump to the window ledge and collect the Shotgun Shells. Jump down to the lower platform and pull the block to reach the lever. Pull the lever to disable the fire on the platforms in the centre, but the statues will now be alight. Use the ledges to pull the lever in the middle which turns off the fire on another platform.

Jump across to the other side of the room and use the block to pull the lever; this will raise a block in the pool. Now push the block on the fire platform which will open the gate. Pick up the Fire Key and shoot the Wasp that appears. Use the block to reach the exit.


Water Room

Use the next Tinnos Mask to open the gate, and jump down into the water below. Pull the underwater switch to raise the block which will allow you to reach the ladder. Once at the top turn around and use the jump switch to open the door in the water. Make sure you have full air before swimming through. At the first junction turn left and keep left where you will reach the next Tinnos Mask. Continue swimming and pick up the Uzis at the end, and then return back for some air.

This time go right instead at the first junction and then turn left and pick up the Rocket. There might be a slight current at times. With the Rocket pickup behind you swim left and pull the underwater switch. From here swim right and pick up the Water Key before returning back for air. Use the ladder to return to the main area.


Air Room

Once all three tasks have been completed the gates will raise allowing you to reach the Air door. Climb back up to the upper floor and jump over to the new ledge. Push the block to reveal the puzzle slot and the Air door. Use the Tinnos Mask but before entering pick up the second Torch on the upper platform. If there isnt one left you will find another inside the task room anyway. Light the torch and return to the task room but beware of the closing doors as soon as you enter. Turn your movement correctly to pass through and then drop the torch on the floor. Travel north and a Tinnos Creature will appear so shoot him before picking the torch back up.

The maze area is quite small so you wont get lost but find the 3 torch holders to light to open the trapdoor. Be careful of the closing doors while exploring. If you didnt have any torches left travel to the South West corner to collect a spare one, but you will have to deal with a Wasp and another Tinnos Creature. In total you should find a Small Medi-Pack, Uzi ammo and some Shotgun Shells. Once the 3 torches have been lit, climb the ladder into the room above. Jump over the ledge and save your game. Pull the lever on the right wall and quickly turn and run through the open door whilst avoiding the 2 boulders. Once through shoot the bat and collect the Small Medi-Pack and the Shotgun Shells. The door will reopen once inside so pick up the Air Key, but this will release a Wraith so quickly run back into the main area and extinguish it in the water.


Boss Battle

Use the 4 keys to open the double doors in the main room. Once inside the flyby will reveal Sophia Leahs return guarding a second version of the Eye of Isis. You can either shoot her now with low ammo, or do the gameplay first (recommended). Collect the Large Medi-Pack on the right and use the central platform to jump over the other side. This switch is timed so save your game and pull the lever, roll and jump back across and onto the raised block. Once you have got up onto the next level shoot the Wasp that appears from Sophia and pull the block onto the pressure pad to open the trapdoor. Climb up and shoot the next Wasp that again appears and then push both of the boulders down onto the pressure pads in the acid. This will raise a block in the centre allowing you to use the zip line.

Once on the other side collect the Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo before throwing the switch. The room has changed allowing you to run around with more pickups to collect. You should find 2 Rockets, more Shotgun and Uzi Ammo and a Small Medi-Pack. Shoot at Sophia with all the ammo you have whilst being careful of the flame below. Once she is dead collect the Eye of Isis and use the raised block to exit the level.